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  1. Yeah, these things are huge everywhere. In 10 years we'll recognize and malign them for what they are: the modern incarnation of the strip mall.
  2. Any of our UP local folks go to Hendrix's final home lacrosse game of the year besides me??? Excellent matchup and the Warriors came away with their 3rd win of the season. LOTS of people were there and it looks highly likely Coach Lichtig will get his wish to see local kids playing Lax here in Central Arkansas very soon.
  3. Stormcrow

    Hot Springs

    I'm not much of a wine buff but I've always had this unexplainable urge to operate a winery and vineyard, which explains why I've done some extremely rudimentary research into what that takes. I know just enough to sound like I might have a clue but no real expertise. I prefer beer myself and used to be an avid homebrewer.
  4. IIRC, Ozarks Electric gives rebates like dividends depending upon their profits and performance. Being in a cooperative is sort of like being a stockholder. I don't remember it having anything to do with how much energy you use, don't use, or what you might be doing to conserve. However, it's been quite a few years since we were with them and my memory is less than keen on these types of details.
  5. Stormcrow

    Hot Springs

    Are you a bit of a wine buff Mith? I was wondering what types of things people thought would help to spark Hot Springs to even greater heights? It isn't like it's drying up or anything of the sort but it could always be doing more.
  6. Stormcrow

    Hot Springs

    Yeah, I'm quite certain that plays a HUGE role. While I'm certainly no true expert on wine making, I've done a fair bit of research and IMO Altus is actually not an optimal location for growing fine wine grapes in Arkansas. The elevation is sufficiently low that you don't get cool enough nighttime temps to promote sugar production. Thus the main grapes those wineries there grow are native Muscadines which make rathe poor wine. I thought main reason our wine growers were in that location was because German and Italian Catholocs relocated there because of Subiaco and that's really the only reason. We can't produce wine in the optimum locations because they're typically in dry counties! In other words, again in my not entirely expert opinion, we'll never get even a regionally prominent wine industry, let alone nationally prominent, out of Altus no matter how much we promote it.
  7. Everywhere bashes everywhere else over there it seems. Lots of subjective opinions and "feelings" and "I got the impression when I drove through" type stuff. Nice sweeping generalizations from individuals with specific agendas with little to no long term direct experience with an area. We get it here too but it doesn't seem as bad. I thought we were all on the same team personally but you sure wouldn't know it reading some of the extremely biased posts about some areas of our fine state over there.
  8. Stormcrow

    Hot Springs

    I don't think we really want Hot Springs becoming like Branson. Branson certainly does very well in attracting it's share of people but it's really just a rhinestone when we'd like to see Hot Springs as a true diamond. I'm not bashing on people who enjoy Branson as there are plenty of attractions there I'd go to as well but I think most people know what I mean. I think the thing holding back Hot Springs is just what do we use that has modern appeal as a draw? We don't want it full of a bunch of country music shows, or at least I don't. On the wine industry, you are spot on. We have very good wine growing conditions here. Our soils, especially in the Ozarks, are on par with some of the best wine growing regions of the world. Our weather on the other hand is a bit tough but with diligence I think upper tier wine could be produced here. We do need to lighten up on the alcohol fright and make use of this resource.
  9. That would have gotten edited or deleted entirely so it's good he didn't. That board seems rife with riff-raff so the mods have to play the role of thought police over there.
  10. "Sunbelt" is being used to refer to cities aa geographically diverse as Pheonix, Dallas, and all the way to Atlanta. It's sort of a ridiculous blanket moniker to me. I remember when I was kid I always thought of us as being "Midsouth" because of the Midsouth Wrestling Federation. In my little world, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and maybe Louisiana are in the Midsouth.
  11. LOL, How about Farmington? Are they still pretty good at handing them out? West Fork used to be too but not nearly as much reason to have to pass through there anymore. WRT Elkins: I doubt those folks will go for a full annexation into Fayetteville any day soon while they're enjoying the lower tax rates of Elkins. They've got a pretty decent little setup there. I think they may even be in Fayetteville School District IIRC.
  12. Yep, this is what I've been told as well. On a side note, does anyone know if the new police and fire station at Murphy and Union will replace the current sites or are these additional?
  13. That's awesome re: Zero Mountain! Too bad for Johnson but the town is really an artifact now anyway and needs to be absorbed totally.
  14. Probably fairly right on the shoplifting. I for one never used the self checkout. While I can understand the convenience, I'm not one for paying to do the store's work for them. I saw it as an opportinity for them to eliminate jobs and burden the customer, something I really didn't appreciate. Glad to see them go.
  15. I was personally pretty impressed! I mean, it is a Wal-Mart after all so, for a Wal-Mart, I thought it was very nicely done. Like others I thought it felt much more calm than most any other WM I've been in even though the parking lot had a good number of cars in it.
  16. I could easily see it becoming a regional attraction. They usually are. Would that space be big enough? The one I've been too seemed to take up a LOT of space for the number of tables.
  17. The problem in my mind is that the region as a whole has not added appreciable jobs in the past 10 years that are not associated with WM. The rust belt shows us what happens when an area ties it's fortunes to a single industry. Heaven forbid WM hits some hard times in a recession and there's very little choice for the "elite" to whom the area has catered but to up and leave. It won't be a gradual transition either, it'll be fast and lethal should it ever happen. IMO there are 2 horrible manners of a decline, one being so extremely slow and gradual that no one notices and the other being a precipitous drop.
  18. There's always the concept of a merger in order to gain a more metro wide perspective. I'm sure it's come up here before but if ever there was an area in our state that needed such, it's NWA. I think the powers that be will need for the metro to decline across the board before something like this will make their radar. Perhaps this is worthy of it's own thread and maybe even a poll.
  19. I agree on 2 counts: 1) we're beginning to veer OT but this is a fairly important discusion and 2) we're likely to see more division than unity in the near future. It isn't like Fayetteville was ever all that cooperative when things were going it's way so I see no reason for the Benton County folks to be any more helpful. However, I can envision a future where the whole region suffers greatly if these guys can't come together. One thing we have face up to is that a lot of Wal-Mart support staff who helped to drive the area in the past 5-10 years don't have a great habit of putting down roots. I'm sure some and I have no idea what the percentage is but I doubt it's very high. If the real estate inventory does not get diminished in the near future and some of these folks leave without even being able to break even then it will discourage others from taking their place. If the vendors can't replace their people because no one wants to come to NWA then they'll move most of their operations to say Tulsa or Springfield: cities with a fairly low cost of living but with a bit more diverse economical backdrop, and maintain phantom offices in NWA. This wouldn't be good for either Washington or Benton County. Maybe I'm full of it but this is a possibility I foresee. Fayetteville in the least needs desperately to create a few hundred jobs out of thin air.
  20. Very cool info! I don't know if we'll hit that 700k mark by 2010 but with LM Glassfiber and the jobs places like FalconJet need to add we've got one heck of a shot. The great thing is that a good number of these jobs should be mid to upper income so that will help to raise up those stats as well.
  21. i think a small metro rail would be great for this area. I don't think the coaxing needed would be all that difficult so long as the "last mile" was well planned. Would it get funded? Not in my lifetime I'm afraid. I also agree and LR-Memphis express would be awesome but again...won't happen in my lifetime.
  22. As much as I hate to say it, I think you're right. If the area's leaders can't come together and promote the whole metro region collectively to diversify both white and blue collar job bases then the region as a whole will stagnate. My sole gripe about NWA has always been an apparent reliance on a small number of large players to provide the bulk of the income for the area.
  23. I've never been to a Krystal either but I have been to a White Castle and I can say that it was one of the most anti-climactic experiences of my life. My FIL is one of those people who crave them and swore up and down about how excellent they are. IMO, Krystal is a waste of a good parking lot...
  24. Yep, Fayetteville has one. It was initially planned to be on the west side of 540 north of Wedington but environmentalists killed the effort. Now it'll probably wind up eventually being a housing development and worse to the tiny bit of wetlands they were trying to protect by dumping a lot of lawn fertilizer into it. But I digress.. The research and tech park is now in South Fayetteville on that same grounds as HiDEC and the Genesis Technology Incubator. The city has a beautiful master plan for developing both sides of South College but there's only one building as of now and I think it only has one tenant who may eventually need the entire space. Most of the companies this is currently aimed at are locally grown and receiving excellent financial support from ASTA but most all are still in very developmental stages with their technologies. There has been some effort to get other companies to relocate to the area (most being partner firms of the startups in Genesis) but thus far none have bit at it. It's a start...but I'm not sure how well it will ever play out. Edit add: Just looked at the ARTP website (http://www.uark.edu/ua/artp/index.html). Looks like they've scaled back the master plan from the last time I saw it which was about 2 years ago. There is no longer anything on east side of College.
  25. Regardless of the political motivations and the fact it was maybe 20 years or more too late in coming I don't see anything bad about it. Fayetteville is arguably the most diverse and tolerant city in Arkansas, what's wrong with "cashing in" and doing something to promote it for what it is? I do like your idea regarding Silas Hunt. Perhaps a movement could take place to get a street named after him. The city might need to erect some banners and a small pedestal or the like so that most people could know who he was though.
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