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  1. That's cool. Now lets hope there's some budget for beautication of some of it.
  2. Pervez...in the ballroom...with the candlestick!
  3. Considering that site prep is only just starting, does anyone else think this opening date is a bit out of bed with reality?
  4. Environmental and planning concerns are flavor of the day and everyone, including Wal-Mart are trying to appear responsive. Wal-Mart has a much more vast uphill perception battle than the others and they may never conquer it. From my brief and very unrewarding experience as an engineer in the WM system (not working for WM proper), they have spent a LOT of money on energy efficiency with lighting, HVAC units, and power demand mitigation. I'd wager that they are indeed the most environmentally conscious of all the major retailers in this regard and have done the most to trim down their carbon footprint. Time will tell if this movement can become engrained in the corporate social conscience. Being a cynic, I doubt it but I'd like to be proven wrong.
  5. While I totally agree that Wal-Mart's are a cultural void space, I fail to understand people's anti-Wal-mart stance when it comes to their competive practices. If Kroger or Harvest Foods could muster the leverage and reach of Wal-Mart, do you REALLY think they'd be any less aggressive and underhanded in pricing, hiring, and all the other things you despise Wal-Mart for? I certainly don't have such a rosy impression of corporate leaders to think that!
  6. Count me as one who just really hope Kroger decides to back out of this one. I just don't see them competing with WM and we'll have a HUGE empty building there in no time.
  7. I fail to understand what could be so trendy and cool about an Apple store as to make it a place to see and be seen... It seems like this widely recognized "fact" is as much Apple advertising as anything. I've never been to one so I'm admittedly making a judgement with no data in hand on gut instinct alone. These stores may be GREAT for Apple but it's still a tech store no matter how it's decorated or what type of lighting they use and people will go to shop and browse gadgets and software. The "new" will wear off of this just like everything else. It may also be a GREAT draw for the Promenade throughout it's entire lifetime but a hipster hangout, naw, don't see it happening. JMO... My quick and short reply was really an apparently poor attempt at humor: If an Apple store is the new cool trendy spot to hang out then my faith in the human race sinks to a new low or some such :p
  8. HUH??? If an Apple store has become a place to be seen, then my disillusionment with the American populace is certainly well founded. Or is this just the Steve Jobs party line???
  9. An IKEA would be a wonderful addition. I'll keep dreaming though.
  10. I for one would be more willing to move into the city with a school like that available.
  11. Shanghai is gone?!?!? I'm bummed...very seriously bummed..
  12. I'm sure the growth rate wow factor has a lot to do with that. LR should be primed for some pretty major growth in the next 2 years with new manufacturers coming in. Now, I realize the majority of those jobs that will be created by LM and Wellspun aren't going to be nearly as high paying as many of the jobs created in NWA but it sure can't hurt the statistics. I just hope NWA can support those things that have gone in.
  13. bchris, good to hear you're coming to the Rock and not heading out of state!
  14. Not sure if this is news anymore or not, but the old Harvest Foods location will be a Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market. Yep...a neighborhood market about a mile or less from the new Supercenter. The banner is up in the parking lot so it's a definite, at least for now.
  15. Stormcrow...been lurking for a while. City-Data regular finally decided to come over this way. Fayetteville will always be home but I'm living near the Rock now after a 6 year exile near the armpit of the east coast...Baltimore.
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