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  1. Not sure if you all are familiar with Airbnb, but I've been excited to see the offerings in Greenville grow over the last few years as this has quickly become my preferred way of exploring new cities. Lately I've heard a few rumors that Greenville Airbnbs are getting shut down. Was hoping someone on here knows more info or can explain the issues with renting out your personal property. Is this a zoning thing? Something about competing with hotels? I'm sad to hear Greenville might not be Airbnb friendly. Anyone else heard about this?
  2. That's what I assumed. Instead of fielding 200 individual questions, just get everyone together in the same room.
  3. FYI: "Six-week Main Street resurfacing project scheduled to begin Aug. 24. The City will hold a public meeting to share project details Aug 5, 5-7pm, City Hall, 10th floor. http://ow.ly/zG0v8"
  4. Methodical Coffee for the BOA building. Opening in September. I'm very very excited about this for Greenville! http://methodicalcoffee.com/
  5. Not sure if this is the best place to put this, but there's a new development on this side of town. A Printshop co-op for artists just opened its doors across from Greenville Lofts on Smythe street. My husband is one of the founders and they're running a Kickstarter to raise the last piece of funding they need. GSA story is here: http://www.gsabusiness.com/news/51673-printshop-launches-kickstarter-campaign Kickstarter link is here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1156313250/the-printshop?ref=home_location I think this will be a really nice resource for local artists!
  6. Lib

    The West End

    There was some action at the Claussen Bakery today. Anyone know what's happening there?
  7. What is currently in the old courthouse buildings?
  8. Two new grand openings happening in The Village of West Greenville tonight, with more exciting things coming down the pipeline. Really excited to see the artists and business owners in the area making some huge progress and putting Greenville on the map in the process. Opening tonight Matthew Campbell Studios (https://www.facebook.com/events/372383732878788/permalink/378645435585951/) and Zen House (https://www.facebook.com/ZenHouseAtPendleton?group_id=0)
  9. Lib

    The West End

    I think the original intent was to have a restaurant there, but for whatever reason that space has been empty since construction. From what I understand, Sempra will be in the old Bounce space.
  10. Lib

    The West End

    OOBE moves its headquarters there this week. They'll be taking that floor and the one above it.
  11. Anybody know the story behind Sully's? I haven't been in yet, but judging by their site, everything looks really well planned and executed. I was expecting it to be a chain, but I'm thrilled to see it's just the Greenville location. Whoever is behind this has done a fabulous job. I can't wait to get out there and support them!
  12. This will get some peoples blood boiling: http://m.wyff4.com/news/Proposed-rules-will-keep-food-trucks-out-of-downtown/-/17443906/19185368/-/rk35p3z/-/index.html?utm_campaign=%5BLjava.lang.String;@477fb6cc&utm_medium=%5BLjava.lang.String;@11ba2fc0&utm_source=%5BLjava.lang.String;@5694ef57 I think it's pretty ridiculous. Food trucks require foot traffic by nature of their business model. Adding a 250-foot rule from other restaurants would make it virtually impossible to run a food truck in Greenville. But I think that's the point. My gut reaction is that this 'citizen task force'
  13. Lib

    The West End

    New event space in the Old Cigar Warehouse! http://www.oldcigarwarehouse.com/ I've been curious about what was going on with this space and I think an event venue is a great idea!
  14. Personally, I think it's a fantastic improvement to the plain building that's there. It has so much more character and I think it looks appropriate for the setting. Foodwise, we'll see what Table 301 can come up with, but in my opinion, they rarely disappoint. Much more excited about this idea than some of the other 'restaurants' (aka Tilted Kilt) that have an eye on Greenville or the halfway thought out restaurant concepts that get submitted.
  15. Also, the little abandoned building (wasn't it Hair Hut or something?) next to QuickTrip appears to be getting new life. It's been painted grey and looks like work is being done inside too. Any ideas what it will be used for? I've always thought that little building had some great potential!
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