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  1. fotoman311


    Construction has started on this in a big way... Biiiiiiig. I'd think they must have at least one or two large tenants lined up. Not sure what would go in here exactly, but it looks like a large distribution center. If it were some sort of manufacturing, it would be a pretty massive facility and you'd think it would have gotten more press due to the number of jobs. View from Walker Ave: View from 4 Mile:
  2. fotoman311

    234 Market Mixed-Use Project

  3. fotoman311

    234 Market Mixed-Use Project

    That's great news!
  4. fotoman311

    Grand Rapids Then and Now

    The one on hall was moved from the original Union Station on Ionia when it was torn down. I could swear I've read a feature article on it's preservation that gave some of the backstory on how that happened, but I can't find it in a quick search. I did find this photo from when it was on Ionia, on pg 5 of this PDF.
  5. fotoman311

    Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    I think I made my statement poorly. What I'm saying is that I don't thinking making the meters free would have any effect on the number of cars parking in an Ellis lot. It wouldn't "hurt his business" if the meters were free. If there is an open meter spot within walking distance of where someone wants to, they will park in it before choosing to parking in a garage, whether it is free or cost $2/hr. Because of the limited nature of the on-street parking spaces, if you make them free for 2 hours, you're going to reduce turnover in those spaces and essentially drive MORE traffic to the garages because there will be less on-street spaces available. Or, people will just drive around more, looking for an even harder to find free parking space and increasing congestion.
  6. fotoman311

    Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    I don't understand your logic. Are you saying that people currently pass up an open metered spot to park in an Ellis garage, because the meters cost too much? I haven't observed this to be the case, and I can't see it happening.
  7. fotoman311

    Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    Are we reading the same "Urban" Planet message board???
  8. fotoman311

    Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    Any non-profit organization has the this "total platform" "given" to them. That's one of the beautiful things about The Rapidian.
  9. fotoman311

    Eastown Flats - 1400 &1415 Wealthy St.

    I rode by this yesterday. I also really love the physical presence this adds to the streetscape when looking down toward Wealthy. I still think the street-level facade of the North building is really terrible. I think that's the part I'm most disappointed with.
  10. fotoman311

    New projects in Monroe North

    You mean like in a parking lot next to 50 Monroe?? *fingers crossed* haha... The modern proposed design I recall seeing actually seems in line with what I would picture a Hilton-type brand building.
  11. fotoman311

    New projects on the West Side

    It's a satirical commentary (from a satirical website) expressing Dave's disappointment at the delay in this development due primarily to protests from the existing neighbors.
  12. I work occasionally at the Grand Rapids Bicycle Company on E. Fulton and this Saturday we rented three bikes to some beer tourists from Chicago so they could go ride the White Pine Trail. They were staying downtown at the JW Marriott and walking and using Uber to get around.
  13. fotoman311

    One Fulton Square (at Carlton)

    "Gee, I wish I had a generic, ugly gas station instead of this." -- Nobody. Ever.
  14. fotoman311

    1340 Monroe - Apartments or Commercial Renovation

    A friend who works for Display Pack said they were moving to a former Wolverine Worldwide distribution center up a little south of Cedar Springs. If you take the White Pine Trail north of Rockford, you cross a dirt road and there's a big hulking building on your left. He said they are going in there. He didn't mention a timeline for the move, though.,-85.5546739,1644m/data=!3m1!1e3
  15. fotoman311

    158 Weston SW - Arena Place Mixed-Use Development

    I'm so sad that this amazing work of art is now staring at a giant blank wall. I wish they could have tried harder to do something cool with the alley space.