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  1. that looks nothing like Steak-n-Shake. I love the new look.
  2. This is going to look SO much better when it's done. Fantastic improvement
  3. Thank you! Getting those shots is incredibly difficult and requires a special lens designed for architecture. You can't get back far enough to capture the entire buildings in one shot so these are multiple shots pieced together. I've never seen a shot of the Pantlind from the front that includes the entire building so I'm glad I was able to do it. The shot makes it look like the building is so much further away from the side of the street from where the photo was taken.
  4. some more shots I took this past weekend. Seeing the streets so empty is strange but it's great being able to shoot from the middle of the streets without worrying about getting hit or blocking traffic.
  5. I make my living as a professional photographer. Here are some photos I took recently during the quarantine. Don't give me crap about not staying home. I'm out walking around for exercise by myself. Having nobody around makes it easier to get photos I normally wouldn't be able to get. I'm trying to take advantage of this time .
  6. Here's a shot I took last weekend
  7. I don't think it's going to last long at all. There's a scare of a new virus every 2-4 years. This will die down soon enough and while it will effect some traveling it's not going to be big enough to slow down any plans for improvements here at GRR.
  8. Is this a new rendering? That big glass section isn't in the renderings I've seen earlier in this thread
  9. I agree. I could be wrong but on the renderings it does seem that a good portion of the original concourse is changed. There is a lower section closer to the main building but the area with the low roof seems like it would be much shorter compared to what is currently existing based on the scale of the renderings. Hopefully thats the case.
  10. The renderings I've seen and posted earlier in this thread show quite a bit of height increase on concourse A
  11. maybe those space will rent for less for that reason
  12. that is looking really badass. Can't wait until it's done.
  13. The costs listed for some things seemed extremely high. Almost 200k for a garage with a living space that doesn't even have a full kitchen seems absurd. Thats way more than value added to the property I think as well. Anyone else feel some of those numbers seem high?
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