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  1. exactly! My first thought was why not just make the walls vertical with a flat roof and gain SO much more living space?
  2. My friend posted this on Facebook the other day. What the ???? How was this approved and what a horrible design???!!!! Apparently it's on 44th near Division?
  3. seems like this project hasn't made much progress. Are there issues they are dealing with?
  4. I like the exposed block. looks like it's only partial wall and not an entire hallway
  5. I don't think a large housing development is the right fit for that area at all unless it included retail and restaurants which this doesn't appear to have.
  6. couldn't agree more. and also the 196/131 interchange. It's horrendous
  7. The rendering looks much taller than that. Is that 70ft. from the ground or from the top of what the tower is built on?
  8. I love it. Wait....is this some kind of sick April fools joke?
  9. that equals less than $100/sf. New homes are typically way more than that right now.
  10. Rivertown definitely needs to figure out a solution fast. I love the idea of a main street concept. Especially with condos or apartments above it. IKEA would be great for that area but typically IKEA likes to make their stores stand alone and not part of a mall. Are there any that are part of malls?
  11. is there a link somewhere these renderings were posted?
  12. wow that is awesome! has it been completed? Do you know any details on it? Who was the architect and builder?
  13. omg that new design is hideous. The original is light years better
  14. jthrasher


    Is anyone in this forum involved in this industry locally or at the state level? Please contact me, I'm interested in getting involved and have some questions/ideas.
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