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  1. Does anyone know what happened to Carolina Chocolates?
  2. Thank you all for the recent postings of which companies are hiring. I didn't actually think I'd find a job lead on this site but I'll take them wherever I can find them. I know statistics, news reports, and rankings don't always reflect the situation on the ground, but I've been looking for work for some time up here in the upstate and I wonder if my experience might point to a trend we haven't seen reported on yet: Spartanburg has a damn good job market. Better, actually, than Greenville's if you're looking for work that doesn't require specialized training. Unfortunately for me I live i
  3. Yeah, I'd still like to see Southwest come in to GSP. I still happily fly on Southwest, too. One problem at this point that can even be plausibly tied to maintenance, and Southwest will face probably billions of dollars in lawsuits (or just one lawsuit) and that'll be the end of the company. They know that. I know that. I'm pretty happy to fly with them. More options at GSP is definitely a good thing. Now what I really want is for American Eagle to declare GSP a new domicile for pilots so I won't have to commute to Miami...
  4. Hey, that's pretty nice looking stuff. I've always thought Mobile deserved more recognition--not for its skyline so much as just for the fact that it's a nice place. I make it a point to stop there whenever I'm heading east or west on I-10. Any plans for some downtown housing a la Charlotte, Tampa, Jacksonville, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, and so forth? Mobile could be the real engine in Alabama.
  5. This town is gonna be jumpin' in another few years. The Art Center Lofts are already completed and have residents in them. (They're not near as nice as they look from the outside though, and their view is of the underside of I-275 bridge; my place is much better.) I was in the courthouse square today and looking east, toward Grand Central and, presumably, the Four Seasons, there's a big gap in the skyline. It will be nice when that gets filled in. There are LOTS of places in the center of downtown that are just ripe for some infill, but I suppose that's still many years away. FYI, I
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