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  1. It's a shame that that nice Celanese building is just sitting there going to waste. Even if they had to tear down the building, the location is great. Especially with South Financial, Hubble, and the new hotels going in behind there. Seems like it would be a perfect place for the type of development they had planned. Hopefully they can get the environmental issues worked out...
  2. That would have seemed to make more sense. But I think you're right. It will be a destination just by them being there.
  3. From what I hear, Ruth's Chris is going to the Crown Plaza location. Don't know how Crown Plaza managed to pull that deal off...
  4. I think she was looking at upcoming or already underway projects, not current locations.
  5. That's the last I heard. I haven't heard of anything at the Crowne Plaza location. I did call Ruth's Chris to see if I could find out where they would put their new location. The lady told me that they didn't have any plans for new locations in this area. The only thing she showed in SC was for Myrtle Beach. It could be that I just didn't talk to the right person though. I think she was just the gatekeeper.
  6. I think it's going to have a FedEx/Kinko's, Alltel, and a few smaller businesses.
  7. I haven't been back there in a while. I didn't even know they were working on the road! I think you're right, it will help ease the traffic. It'll be good for the businesses back there too (present and future...)
  8. The steel is finally going up on the outparcel in front of Doc Chey's. Hopefully that means that the Ruth's Chris deal is finalized...
  9. That's good to hear. We need something different than the typical restaurant there. Something along the lines of Ruth's Chris seems like it would be a good fit.
  10. Thanks for the info. I knew they were handling the leasing, but I didn't know if they owned the property as well. The whole Point project sounds like a great idea if they can keep the access as open as possible. That Greenridge nightmare is insane!
  11. Does anyone know who owns the outparcel that Fleming's was going into? I checked County tax records, but couldn't come up with anything...
  12. Fleming's has just backed out of the deal to move in to the outparcel in front of Doc Chey's. Anyone know who will replace them or where they will go instead?
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