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  1. Hotels in GR seem to be doing very well this year, which should still give some hope to this project. Here is an article from USA Today earlier this week which in the 2nd to last paragraph speaks to GR's recovery... not sure I understand the quote though, 2 concerts don't cause a 24% increase in year-over-year rate. (and how is Vegas' 23% more than our 24%?) http://travel.usatoday.com/hotels/post/2011/07/hotel-rates-fall-in-santa-fe-as-wildfire-scare-lingers-/176858/1
  2. The co-branding has worked well with a number of cities that they have tried it in. One in particular that I think would work well on the site is a Hilton Garden Inn / Homewood Suites. Hilton opened the first of this combination in Baltimore's Inner Harbor last summer. The HGI is 183 rooms and the Homewood is 165 suites. http://baltimore.homewoodsuites.com/
  3. YES! I think this is a great development for the NW side. I like almost everything about the design (especially the roof) and the little grass strips because I think it fits in with the medians along North Monroe. I mirror the concern about the East side becoming even more of a service alley and would like to see the other renderings to check that out. Build it... thank you GR for not holding this one back!
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