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  1. Arkansas will most likely get our side done anyway. We have the money allocated to do it so we will be ready when Missouri decides to do their side.
  2. Not too farfetched, they could call it WAL-JET Airlines.
  3. Sure doesn't look like a starbucks. It is much bigger than a normal starbucks.
  4. Anyone know what happened to the Hallmark Store that was in the Frisco Station Mall? Seems kind of sad that we have to travel to Fayetteville to go to a Hallmark store.
  5. Good riddence to them, This country doesn't need overprice coffee. Can't believe people are willing to pay that much for a coffee drink.
  6. By the Home Depot in Rogers, I know the Steak and Shake is going up across from the Olive Garden, but a foundation is being worked on the lot before you get to the Olive Garden. Could this be the much anticipated Red Lobster?
  7. So when or where is Red Lobster going? Olive Garden and Red Lobster were both announced to be built in Rogers. Here is an exerpt from the planning commision meeting meetings (back on December 16th 2006): 1. LSDP, Olive Garden at 1716 So. 46th St. in the C-2 (Highway Commercial) zoning district -Abney 2. LSDP, Red Lobster at 1710 So. 46th St. in the C-2 (Highway Commercial) zoning district -Abney
  8. Anyone know what is being built by the Sharper Image? Looks big.
  9. Does anyone know when the Red Lobster is supposed to begin being built in Rogers?
  10. I am all for shopping online (as long as it is a reputable site). Next time you go out to arestaurant, think about what the pimple face teenager could be doing with your card when they take it and disappear with it for awhile. This is a good opportunity for them to write down all the info they need from the card, if they wanted to. Even at any brick or mortar store, all the cashiers have access to the number on your credit card after you leave the store. Sending checks in the mail and receiving statements and bills in the mail can be more risky also. Things can get lost, put in the wrong m
  11. Has anyone heard more about Joe's Crab Shack that was rumored to be built by Ruth's Steak House?
  12. Exactly!!!!!!!! Why would you build a signature Micro Brewery restaurant where you can't use it??? This place is just an overpriced O'Charleys or Mimi's Cafe. I wonder how many people went there expecting to try micro brewery beers and get blindsided by "We can't do that here, because this county is still living in the dark ages". They should have built it in Washington County. Hopefully Benton County will get the decision back on the ballot to vote for a wet county. With well over 110 "Private Clubs" in Benton County (and climbing), this is by far the Wettest Dry County in the country
  13. My family ate there on Saturday before any big rush. Was really disappointed, because this is NOT a brewery version of the restaurant (www.gcfb.com). It sells normal beer like any other restaurant, but it can't be a micro brewery since it is in a dry county. It can't even import it's beer from other restaurants. Just another reason to make this county wet as it should be. Other than that the place is ok. The big selling point to me was it being a micro brewery. I'ld rather eat at a cheaper place.
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