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  1. The water tower is being preserved and relocated from the Hammer Mill site to the Van Buren site.
  2. The gold-ish windows were replaced over a year or so with blue tinted ones.
  3. Another Nashville crane going up in SoBro bordered by 1st, Demonbreun, 2nd, and Malloy (across 2nd from SoBro tower)
  4. Latest progress...almost ready to pour concrete for floor at street level
  5. Here's a pic from my office window across the street.
  6. The crane has added 2 segments to itself today!
  7. Base of tower crane is being installed today. http://flic.kr/p/qbrys8
  8. The street in the view is 4th ave and Madison is just off to the left of the building.
  9. I live on Madison across from Vista and while I initially did not like the building, I have grown to love it. Lets not talk about the almost 2 years of construction, Argh. The intersection at 5th and Madison and Madison St have changed a lot for the good in the 7 years I have lived there. More people are living around me and walking around the neighborhood. Saturday morning is a great time to sit at Red Bicycle and watch people out and about.
  10. One level of the skybridge is the apartment gym. The very top level is open outdoor space. Not sure about the 2nd level.
  11. It's blasting day! Felt the rumble from my office across the street. https://flic.kr/p/oy7kqJ
  12. Few photos from my office across the street... https://flic.kr/p/okukj4 https://flic.kr/p/oBYVFK
  13. The event is a concert protesting the honkey tonk diner to keep honkey tonks on Broadway.
  14. I work across the street from this site and while I am excited about the building, I am not excited about contruction noise.
  15. So much for building atop the existing one-level structure. It is currently being demolished.
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