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  1. Sweet. Do you use them for the Savings? Or the Trust? Or both?
  2. When I first saw this on TV, the Marshall Park fountain and concrete arch bridge is what jumped out, otherwise I might have missed it. After studying the image, I noticed that the CMGC looks pretty much like it does in the real world other than the signage photoshopped in. Skye also stands out, although it is partially obscured by a building added that doesn't exist. The most interesting change is that the top of the One Wells Fargo jukebox is chopped off. I guess when you're showing a shot of a fictional city on a TV show (The Young and the Restless) you want to alter the actual city used?
  3. Soooo, haven't posted anything in years, but caught this out of the corner of my eye when my wife was watching one of her soaps. I rewound, snapped a pic, and here ya go. My apologies in advance if this has already been posted, but hopefully most of you don't have soap operas playing in your house ...
  4. The Catalyst tower crane is being taken down today and the pieces taken over to the office tower site where a second tower crane is rising. Perhaps this is an omen of a faster pace on the office tower progress ...
  5. Could be, but I thought that the office building already had a crane up. Maybe a second is needed? I haven't been by there in a while.
  6. The SolarPark project is getting some Observer coverage. Sketch online looks to be similar to what has been posted already. I can't wait until the October 20th rezoning public hearing. Wonder if there is a helipad on top for rogue helicopter pilots ... and if the famed magnolia tree will have to come down ... Observer article
  7. Indeed, take a stroll by Avenue to see some Novare exposed concrete ... Switching gears, another weekend has passed and the Catalyst tower crane still has not been taken all the way down. It also seems to me that work on the exterior of the building towards the top has slowed. Since this is a Novare building, I've been giving them the benefit of the doubt so far, but am curious why the tower crane hasn't come down yet.
  8. I had a similar experience at the East/West Station a few months ago. Someone had hopped down on the tracks and a voice came over the loudspeaker and told them to get back up on the platform. No train was in sight, so I assumed it was coming from the control room. I haven't been lucky enough to run into the guy handing out bottles of beer.
  9. Does it seem odd to anyone else that US (or any airline for that matter) is adding flights given the financial situation of the airline industry?
  10. As usual Mo, great pictures, especially the sunset one!
  11. Great song! Much better than the sound of the washer spinning that I'm listening to now ...
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