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  1. Well the option is not a bad one completely, as then it would be much closer to those in Bella Vista and Bentonville, and not that far away from Fayetteville at all. I hear from a lot of people that live in Bella Vista and Bentonville (not as much as from BV) that the distance is just too much. Without knowing what kind of impact that type of move may have on Dickson Street, I think it's just safe to stay with the present location, and make it better.
  2. Move it to Rogers!!! j/k I voted for the same location, just expand if possible. It's been a great success so far.
  3. Today at 10am was the Grand Opening of TJ Maxx in Rogers at the Promenade. For those of you that frequent the one in Fayetteville often, I think you will welcome having another one close by, especially because it seems to be featuring better selection, newer checkouts, and wider aisles. It was definitely a mad house there this morning, and people were grabbing things (especially purses it seemed) like they were free, with the checkout line wrapping all around the inside of the store. I had a chance to go in, fight the crowd for 10 minutes, check things out quickly, and dash out of the
  4. The Pines I just joined yesterday, but have been keeping up with the forum for at least a year now. I posted an intro in the Introduce yourself thread
  5. Hello, I have been a guest visitor to this forum for at least a year if not more, and I am not really sure why I didn't join before now. It's been wonderful to read all the new whispers and news on NWA and AR developments in general, I appreciate everyone's time and effort in sharing this with the public. My name is Sara, and I live in Rogers, but work in Fayetteville. My husband and I moved from LR three years ago, and have never looked back. For six years now I have been a Broker that works directly with condominium developers, and our family has completed several developments bo
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