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  1. Lmichigan

    Lansing area development updates

    Metro Place: Demolition started this week on the old YMCA Building on Reutter Park in the south end of downtown. The new four-story building will include 175 loft-style apartments and around 7,000 square feet of commercial space. I'm going to miss this old building. Matthew Dae Smith | LSJ
  2. Lmichigan

    New McLaren Greater Lansing Hospital

    This one passed it's last hurdles last week, which included variance requests and the vacation of two streets in the technology park. Now all that's left is the site plan review. This one will be 158 feet tall and 9 floors. This should be starting construction very soon.
  3. Lmichigan

    Highway and Road Construction Updates

    Phasing, as mention in August:
  4. Lmichigan

    The Hub - East Lansing

    October 5: https://www.eastlansingbuzz.org/single-post/2018/10/05/Construction-Update-10-5-18 This one has had soil issues which has delayed it a bit, but they've apparently solved them.
  5. Lmichigan

    Center City District - East Lansing

    September 29: https://twitter.com/CityofEL/status/1045656791307218944
  6. Lmichigan

    Michigan State University development

    Photos courtesy the MSU Infrastructure Planning and Facilities department: https://twitter.com/MSUFacilities Business College Pavilion expansion - September Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Building - June & July Solar carport project - April STEM Teaching, Learning and Interdisciplinary Research Facilities - August
  7. Lmichigan

    Hudson's Site | Up to 912 FT & 62 Stories

    Hudson - Building Program by NewCityOne, on Flickr Is there not a way to preview a post, here?
  8. Lmichigan

    Gordie Howe International Bridge

    Though serious prep work has been ongoing on this one for months, the official ground breaking for this bridge was held today in Windsor: Gordie Howe bridge construction timeline may be accelerated, Trudeau says Specs: Six automobile traffic lanes, 3 Canada-bound and 3 American-bound + 1 multi-use path along its east side 1.5 miles in total length, 0.53 miles main span Cleared for 816 feet, it's two towers will make it the tallest bridge structure the United States and in the Western Hemisphere as a whole, and among the world's tallest bridges. Lane configuration: Route: Ports of Entry: New I-75 Interchange with the bridge:
  9. Lmichigan

    Hudson's Site | Up to 912 FT & 62 Stories

    The Free Press had a bit more on this. Bedrock confirmed for sure this is going higher than 800 feet. We also learn that they will be applying for a foundation permit next month, so that will be the start of construction, which makes sense given that it won't be too much longer this month before the site is fully cleaned out. A photo of the progress on the debris removal from the site as of Tuesday: 48307
  10. Lmichigan

    Hudson's Site | Up to 912 FT & 62 Stories

    More news on this one. They height has been increased yet again, though they will not decided how much above 800 feet it will be until January. With the current core design, it can max out at 912 feet. If they decide for a total internal redesign, who knows? At 912 feet, though, it'd have the highest roof of any building in the Midwest outside Chicago. I think the Key Tower in Cleveland currently hold this title. Really, I just like to see them say 'what the hell' and make this a supertall. Gilbert's Hudson's site skyscraper may grow to 912 feet in height Kirk Pinho | Crain's Detroit Business The prep work is still on schedule. The debris pile, which had to have been at least a half-a-story thick across the site after demolition, is nearly gone which mean they can start foundation work soon.
  11. Lmichigan

    600 East Michigan - Urban Meijer

    Meijer market, hotel project billed as 'game-changer' for downtown Lansing
  12. Lmichigan

    Park Place - East Lansing

    Right next to Park District is proposed Park Place. Plans were presented to the DDA (Downtown Development Authority) - who owns the land the developer wants to develop - last Thursday. The project hit the LSJ this morning: Developers want to bring apartments, movie theater to downtown East Lansing Park Place 1 would be a 13-stories and include a level of underground parking, ground floor commercial space, office space on the second floor and then apartments and condos above. Park Place 2 would be a 10-story building with a theater on the ground floor, then some levels of automated parking above, and apartments above that. Park Place 1 Park Place 2 The developer formally wants to submit the plans for the approval process by the end of the month. However, even if the DDA doesn't take him up on his offer to help them unload this land, he will develop the Dublin Square site on Abbot, which he owns.
  13. Lmichigan

    Park District - East Lansing

    The city of East Lansing has been trying to redevelop this prominent corner since 2002, with the major problem being that an unscrupulous developer had control over the site until last year. Having moved him out of the way, it seems that the northwest corner of Grand River and Abbot will finally be developed. The city council approved the site plan and special land use permit for this one earlier this week. What the project will include: Building A (100 West Grand River): A 13-story, 218-unit residential highrise. It will stand 150'-0" and have nearly 14,000 square feet of retail on its ground floor, 89 parking spaces on floors 2 & 3 (+184 bicyle parking spots), and then apartments on floors 4 through 13. It will also feature a roof-top deck. Building D (120 West Grand River): A 10-story, 194-room hotel highrise. It will stand 129'-6" and will have 3,290 square feet of retail on its ground floor, and 6,480 square feet of meeting space. It will also include a restaurant, ballroom and fitness center. Building C (342 Evergreen): A 5-story, 72-unit apartment building. It will stand 62'-0" and have 26 parking spots on its ground floor (+45 bicycle parking spaces). They want to begin on this by January. By then, this means you'll have five high-rises under construction along Grand River Avenue all at once with you include Newman Lofts, Landmark on Grand River, and The Hub.
  14. I'm hearing demolition has yet to start, by SHL Architects did put another rendering on their site of the office tower portion of this and another of the pedestrianized Farmer Street "alley."
  15. Lmichigan

    Redevelopment of Brush Park

    Bedrock's Brewster-Douglass redevelopment plan was approved by the city council, today. The redevelopment project calls for: 913 units of housing (648 rentals/265 for sale) An 80-room hotel 19,000 square feet of ground-floor retail A new early childhood education center 3.2 acres of open space The breakdown of the housing units: 60 percent apartments (average 800 square-feet) 12 percent "town homes" (1,800 to 2,200 square-feet) 11 percent big walk-up apartments (1,600 square-feet) 7 percent "duplettes" (900 to 1,100 square-feet) 5 percent "stacked flats" (1,000 to 2,000 square-feet) 5 percent back alley apartments, called "mews flats" (800 to 1,400 square-feet)