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  1. I'm hearing demolition has yet to start, by SHL Architects did put another rendering on their site of the office tower portion of this and another of the pedestrianized Farmer Street "alley."
  2. Lmichigan

    Redevelopment of Brush Park

    Bedrock's Brewster-Douglass redevelopment plan was approved by the city council, today. The redevelopment project calls for: 913 units of housing (648 rentals/265 for sale) An 80-room hotel 19,000 square feet of ground-floor retail A new early childhood education center 3.2 acres of open space The breakdown of the housing units: 60 percent apartments (average 800 square-feet) 12 percent "town homes" (1,800 to 2,200 square-feet) 11 percent big walk-up apartments (1,600 square-feet) 7 percent "duplettes" (900 to 1,100 square-feet) 5 percent "stacked flats" (1,000 to 2,000 square-feet) 5 percent back alley apartments, called "mews flats" (800 to 1,400 square-feet)
  3. Lmichigan

    Detroit General Development

    An update on City Club Apartments CBD Detroit. This will have 288 units, 2-levels of underground parking, and retail. I believe they've already signed a gourmet market and pet store for some of the retail, and are in the process of signing some restaurants. July 30 - City Club Apartments CBD Detroit Kirk Pinho Renderings:
  4. Lmichigan

    Hudson Block | 800 Feet & 58 Stories

    Almost over...(photos from Kirk Pinho): This means we'll likely see grading of the site and cleaning out of the tub start next month, which may put them ahead of schedule of drilling/driving of piles and concrete pours for the foundation, which were scheduled to start in the Fall.
  5. Lmichigan

    Redevelopment of Brush Park

    We're getting some numbers of all of his development, finally. It appears there are at least 2,000 units of housing either under construction of planned in Brush Park. From Crain's Detroit Business:
  6. Lmichigan

    Center City District - East Lansing

    The Target at the base of Landmark on Grand Rvier is coming along more quickly than planned: East Lansing Buzz Glass is about to go up, and then Target can begin interior build-out.
  7. Lmichigan

    Redevelopment of Brush Park

    We get an update on Brush + Watson, today. It's actually three different sub-developments: Brush + Watson: Brush House: Brush 8:
  8. Lmichigan

    Chemical Bank Headquarters

    Early renderings show a building as ugly as sin that they will hopefully revise, but Chemical Bank is moving its headquarters from Midland to Foxtown in Downtown Detroit. Tanya Moutzalias | MLive.com The 20-story tower will not only be home to Chemical Bank, but have luxury condos, parking and retail. It's tentatively scheduled for a 2-and-a-half-year construction. To better place this, it's a block from Little Caesars new headquarters. The District Detroit
  9. Lmichigan

    Redevelopment of Brush Park

    We get the second proposal for the former Brewster-Douglass Housing Project from Bedrock: http://www.crainsdetroit.com/article/20180726/news/666991/gilbert-plans-913-residences-in-300-million-plus-development-at-former It will include 913 units (648 rentals, 265 for-sale) of housing : It will also include 3.2 acres of open space, 19,000 square feet of retail space, 60,000 square feet of early childhood education space, and an 80-room hotel. More than that, the street grid will be reconnected. This is all in addition to Bedrock's neighboring City Modern project, which is selling like hot-cakes.
  10. Lmichigan

    Center City District - East Lansing

    The Grand River Avenue building is now officially Landmark at Grand River: http://landmarkongrandriver.com/
  11. Lmichigan

    Fitzgerald Revitalization Project - Northwest Detroit

    Yes, it was a very sloppy story in which they created a "problem." It's crazy to me how detailed the story was, and how little it actually addressed any major problems. It was this huge investigative story and the conclusion is basically "A complicated project with hundreds of different pieces spread over an entire city neighborhood didn't go exactly as planned." Well, no sh%t, Sherlock. That's the story?
  12. This was revealed a few weeks, ago, but it appears the city has now formally announced the plans and its details for this expansion project in Lafayette Park immediately east of downtown. They expect to break ground early next year and be completed by the end of 2020.
  13. An interesting project is taking place in the Fitzgerald neighborhood in northwest Detroit. The neighborhood includes Marygrove College and is just west of University of Detroit.
  14. Lmichigan

    Hudson Block | 800 Feet & 58 Stories

    General contractor Barton Malow has finally gotten this on their social media platform, which means we're getting closer to actual construction.
  15. Lmichigan

    Center City District - East Lansing

    Looks like this is now called the Newman Lofts. http://www.newmanlofts.com/