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  1. Lmichigan

    Hudson Block | 800 Feet & 58 Stories

    Update. Site prep work continues; photo from yesterday: https://www.detroityes.com/mb/showthread.php?23134-hudson-Site-Construction/page4 And with announcement earlier this week of the last bit of major financing falling into place, a few new renderings were released.
  2. Lmichigan

    Hudson Block | 800 Feet & 58 Stories

    The Hudson website has put up a 3D model view of the project. Here's a screenshot from it: http://www.crainsdetroit.com/article/20180507/blog016/660096/inside-former-amazon-hq2-war-room-gilberts-bedrock-makes-new-kind-of
  3. Lmichigan

    Hudson Block | 800 Feet & 58 Stories

    Thus far, most of the work has been happening underground in the 4-level garage. They first had to stablize the walls of the garage before heavy demolition could take place. Well, demolition finally began above-ground last week. A pic from Friday couresty of 48307 over at DetroitYes: This is massive work, as you can see, given the depth and surface area of the site, though, demolition actually seems to be ahead of schedule. Above-ground work wasn't expected until next month.
  4. Lmichigan

    Warner Tower - Lyon and Ottawa

    Unless they've made up the parking garage floors to look exactly like the hotel floors - which is extremely rare and hard to do - there is no way the parking garage extends under the hotel. The hotel is connected ot the garage under the office building. What's rendered are connecting halls; if it were a parking garage across the whole site they'd have simply continued the design of the parking garage.
  5. Another multi-million dollar development was annouced, today. The price figure also includes the relocation of the large Penn-Hazel operations center on the lower eastside out of a floodplain, and to the vacant GM LCA site on Lansing's far westside, the former Fisher Body plant.
  6. Lmichigan

    Warner Tower - Lyon and Ottawa

    Nope. While directly connected to it at each floor, the garage does not span the entire site.
  7. Lmichigan

    Hudson Block | 800 Feet & 58 Stories

    The tower broke ground, today. It will become the tallest building in the state. The bottom has been fleshed out, more, but the renderings still leave the top as a bit of a mystery. It does better show the overhanging observation deck, though.
  8. Lmichigan

    Warner Tower - Lyon and Ottawa

    I still can't tell for the life of me even from the aerials if the hotel is also under construction. Are those elevator/stair cores, or are they just material stacked in a similar configuration for the office building? All media I've read said they won't start on the hotel until they finish putting up the steel for the office portion, but it looks like maybe they changed plans?
  9. Lmichigan

    Freeway Removal: I-375

    After a few years of fits-and-starts, it appears MDOT is behind removing I-375 through the east end of downtown Detroit. Option #4 Option #5 Maybe new ideas are finally getting their day at MDOT. The next steps are a public meeting on Tuesday, followed by a month or two of review of the draft environmental assessment. By spring, they will either select a preferred alternative from the two refined versions of what we see above, followed by a public reveiw of that decision. Design and construction would begin in 2019 with a 2022 completion. Hopefully, they are able to pick a preferred alternative this spring to speed up the entire process. Along with turning the freeway into a boulevard, the chosen alternative for Gratiot Avenue would eliminate the largely useless Gratiot Connector just east of the I-75/I-375 interchange opening up more room for development south of Eastern Market and making Gratiot Avenue more friendly to both auto and pedestrian traffic.
  10. Lmichigan

    New McLaren Greater Lansing Hospital

    Huge development news: McLaren Greater Lansing announced this evening that they are consolidating their two south Lansing hospitals, which will allow them an even closer partnership with MSU's College of Human Medicine than before. The 9-story, 240-bed hospital will include a Karmanos Institue cancer center in addition to the main hospital, and an associated medical office and clinic building. This is big news for Lansing since MSU's College of Human Medicine had not really invested in its Lansing home and base. A big reason for this project is to allow for MSU to be able to better recruit for its home base, nationally, which it hasn't been able to do having divided itself between multiple regional hospitals They will still partner with Sparrow and such, but this will become the College's flagship campus.
  11. Lmichigan

    The Ashton Detroit

    The developer got back to me with the height of this one: to the 12th floor penthouse floors, it will be 135 feet, and the overall architectural height will be 156 feet. Though this all still subject to tweaks now that they've gotten the go-ahead.
  12. Lmichigan

    Grand Rapids Auto Parts- 1810 Turner NW

    Sounds like this, no?
  13. Lmichigan

    The Hub - East Lansing

    The Hub is currently in the approval process. While the planning commission recently couldn't reach a consensus on the project over parking concerns, the developer wants the council to schedule a public hearing for this one in December, anyway. The Hub is a 10-story building on Grand River just east of downtown in the East Village district. It contains 347 student-oriented apartments, approximately 12,200 square feet of ground floor retail giving existing tenants at the site lease options, and 158 parking spaces in the basement, on the first floor (behind the retail), first floor mezzanine, and a bit on the second floor. First floor parking is for retail customers, the rest is for residents. The second floor contains amenities for the residents which includes a fitness room, clubroom, computer lab, study lab, and theater. The rooftop deck area also contains a clubroom and outdoor terrace. Hub3 by NewCityOne, on Flickr Hub2 by NewCityOne, on Flickr Hub1 by NewCityOne, on Flickr The building will be 144 feet tall to the top of the elevator overrun. Since it's not a floor it doesn't count against the development as it relates to the city's 140-foot height limit. The roof is at 119 feet, but there is an elevated pool deck over half of it, and the deck level is at 124 feet.
  14. Lmichigan

    Center City District - East Lansing

    Site prep work for Center City District in downtown East Lansing began last week. Center City is located on both Grand River Avenue and Albert Avenue and contains an 11-story building with 273 apartments and an approximately 23,000 square foot urban-concept Target. The second building is a 10-story building on Albert, which will contain a 5-story municipal parking garage with approximately 20,000 square feet of retail space and above that 5 stories containing 92 senior citizens apartments. The alley between the site will be maintained for pedestrian access to all retail. Grand River building: Albert building: The tallest building will measure 137 feet tall to its highest point nearly bumping up against the city's 140-foot height limit.
  15. Lmichigan


    Update from late November: The first wing differs from the second in that it contains only "micro" and 1-bedroom apartments, whereas the first wing has studio up to 2-bedroom units. This wing will also contains more of the complex's amenities.