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  1. Lmichigan

    Detroit General Development

    Seven Detroit neighborhoods to get $35M boost for development
  2. Lmichigan

    Detroit General Development

    Looks like FCA will be transforming it's idled Mack Avenue Engine 2 plant into a full assmebly plant for it's Jeep brand. Since the current engine plant is only around 650,000 square feet, I imagine this will also include an expansion.
  3. Lmichigan

    Center City District - East Lansing

    Center City, December 6 https://twitter.com/CityofEL/status/1070408074358415360 And a new rendering of the internal walkway of the north building (Newman Lofts) connecting Albert Avenue to the Target along Grand River Avenue.
  4. Lmichigan

    Lafayette West - 12 Stories, 372 units

    Demolition work for this one official began today.
  5. Getting some dates on this one. Apparently, the parking lot in Block 1 will be permanently shut down Tuesday, December 4th. Early construction work (site prep) will begin the week after.
  6. Lmichigan

    Center City District - East Lansing

    Landmark and Newman Lofts, November 28: https://twitter.com/LandmarkOnGrand/status/1067765203155210242
  7. Lmichigan

    General Lansing Area Development

    The brownfield for this one was approved monday:
  8. Lmichigan

    600 East Michigan - Urban Meijer

    The brownfield for this one - as well as some zoning variances - were recently approved by various city bodies, giving this plan its final approvals. They are hoping to have shovels in the ground by March: This site is one of the more legit brownfields given the former uses of the site which include a large auto repair shop and a gas station which left underground tanks on site along with quite a few other industrial businesses that are long-gone.
  9. Lmichigan

    Park District - East Lansing

    This one's a go: https://twitter.com/CityofEL/status/1067537408416206850
  10. Lmichigan

    Lafayette West - 12 Stories, 372 units

    Demolition for the existing building on site is scheduled for next month. https://twitter.com/kirkpinhoCDB/status/1066710771067994112
  11. Lmichigan

    Redevelopment of Brush Park

    Next month's Planning Commission agenda has a few Brush Park projects making it through the works. 1. Brush House (Brush/Erskine): This is the for amendment of the existing PD (Planned Development) for 168 units with groundfloor retail and commercial space with a level of underground parking. 2. Brush 8 (Brush/Watson): This is an amendment of the PD for 8 townhome units across the street from Brush House. 3. Brush Park Form-Based Overlay District: Looks like the city is finally getting around to starting the formal process of the adoption of a Form-Based Code for Brush Park. The city has required all new developments to conform to the draft Form-Based Code for many months, now, but it's never been formally adopted. Mostly, the city has been able to do this because they owned much of the empty land in the district upon which most of the new development is riding. The new overlay zone covers everything within the Brush Park Historic Detroit plus the Brewster-Wheeler Recreation Center Historic District, and even some parcels outside the historic district.
  12. Lmichigan

    The Hub - East Lansing

    The Hub - November 21 EastLansingBuzz They are up to the fifth floor (sixth if you count the first floor mezzanine).
  13. Lmichigan

    Center City District - East Lansing

    Landmark - November 21 Landmark on Grand River EastLansingBuzz For City Center, two more floors to go on Landmark (Grand River Building); four more floors to go on Newman Lofts (Albert Building).
  14. Lmichigan

    Lafayette West - 12 Stories, 372 units

    This one has made it through approval more quickly than expected:
  15. Lmichigan

    Ford Motor Co.'s Michigan Central Station

    Local outfit Christman/Brinker has been chosen as the general contractor and historic preservationist architects Quinn Evans out of DC will do the design work. We learn that the project starts next month with a proposed 2022 compleition: https://www.crainsdetroit.com/construction/ford-chooses-christman-brinker-quinn-evans-architects-lead-michigan-central-station