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  1. This is some nice, modern infill in Woodbridge. Boutique condo development to soon break ground in Woodbridge Speaking of Woodbridge infill, something more traditional soon to go up: Construction to begin soon on Woodbridge townhome development Back downtown... A new look for the planned renovation of 511 Woodward: https://twitter.com/kirkpinhoCDB/status/1146102848813457411
  2. Update on 8th Street Row in Elton Park nearby: https://twitter.com/DetDevelopment/status/1150796178176585730 A smaller development updates from Detroit Development News twitter: https://twitter.com/DetDevelopment James Place Lofts - 11 for-sale condos in Brush Park The Corner - 111 apartments and retail, Corktown, old Tiger Stadium site. The Towns at the Corner - 35 for-sale townhomes around the corner. North End infill - 12 new homes and 7 rehabbed directly east of New Center 7.Liv - 7 Mile and Livernois, Northwest side - 10 apartments, and 20,500 of commercial space Finished product:
  3. The ribbon-cutting for the downtown Target was today, though it doesn't open to the general public until Sunday: https://twitter.com/CityofEL/status/1151482406563717121
  4. Third times the charm, I guess. A major redo of two of the four corners of downtown Okemos just south of the Meridian Mall was approved last week by the township board. Developers have been trying to get this done for years, but could never quite get the project over the hump. As I understand it, some construction equipment is already on site. Meridian Township green lights development to create a downtown Okemos The buildings will contain 205 residential units and about 53,000 sq ft of commercial space (the figures in the article are incorrect detailing an slightly older version of the project). Here are the site plans and elevations: http://www.meridian.mi.us/Home/ShowDocument?id=18877 "Block 3" to the west was originally included in this redevelopment, but may still be an eventual phase of this project.
  5. Ha! I was wondering what the noise was. lol
  6. City officials got a tour of the complex, today. Here's the alley entrance of the Target: https://twitter.com/CityofEL/status/1148587678939701248
  7. Brick-work wrapping up on the podium of the Newman Lofts at Center City in East Lansing. This one turned out better than the renderings, in fact. https://twitter.com/CityofEL/status/1139147243557203968 Behind Newman Lofts in Landmark we finally get an opening date for the Target in the ground floor: July 21. https://twitter.com/LandmarkOnGrand/status/1139184015678889985 From about two weeks ago: https://twitter.com/HarborBayREA/status/1133478696587845633
  8. Finally an official update on this one. Why we don't even get monthly updates is beyond me. Anyway, they've encountered some problems having found old pieces of the Hudson Department Store foundation, which has wrecked some drill bits. I'd wonder why it seemed to be taking so long for steel to get to the site. Skyscraper construction hits pieces of Hudson's foundation The article also mentions the specs of the foundation: 74 of 105 caisson holes have been drilled for the 9-story portion. They say they'll start on the 50 to 60 caission holes for the tower portion in August, but watching construction, they've already drilled some on that side of the site. In fact, the first one they drilled was on the tower side. We also learned they've had to drill down 120 to 140 feet to hit bedrock.
  9. Thanks. Though from the old pictures, the Helmer Building was one of the two (the slightly taller one) at 37 Ottawa. Was just kind of curious who or what 50 Monroe was originally built for before it was taken over by the Grand Rapids Refrigerator Co. In any event, I love what they did with the complex. I love to see these "de-skinnings." They recently completed one in Bay City of the Crapo Building, and you look at it and by our standards you wonder why the heck they ever covered it. lol https://www.jeniferacosta.com/legacy
  10. Looks like the hotel has their grand opening today: New 130-room AC Hotel by Marriott opens in Grand Rapids I had a few questions I hope wen're already answered (I'd skimmed the early part of the thread). First, is 50 Monroe the 127 years old one? I've seen a whole lot of different numbers tossed around for the age of the three(ish) structures. Also, anyone know the particular name of this building when it was completed and the history of its operation until it was skinned over and connected with 37 Ottawa?
  11. First steel going up: Structural steel going up at site of new McLaren hospital in Lansing
  12. 2715 Woodward broke ground yesterday: Olympia breaks ground on $70M office building, takes steps to fix public image Looks like the old Hotel Eddystone renovation will also finally start this summer: Historic Detroit hotel was supposed to be renovated years ago. Now it may finally happen.
  13. Looks like the city is very close to gaining back all of the population it lost between the 2000 and 2010 censuses: Census: Lansing's population grows for eighth straight year, hits highest point since 2005 My gut is telling me that the actual count will be over whatever the 2020 number ends up.
  14. The Target at East Lansing Center City will open this July: East Lansing small-format Target to hire 80, open in July
  15. The hote brand has been announced for this one: Courtyard by Marriott. https://www.lansingstatejournal.com/story/news/2019/04/25/courtyard-marriott-hotel-lansing/3560959002/ The formal name has also be announced for the full project: Block600.
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