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  1. Finished: Move-in was delayed at Hub apartments until building got city approval Wednesday afternoon
  2. RustTown

    The Abbot

    This one has been under construction for some months, now. Found some new rendering for. The Abbot This is overlooking the rooftop deck: Some more newer renderings:
  3. The Hub on Campus East Lansing is nearly complete. They are currently doing final inspections and touch-ups. July 6 https://www.facebook.com/pg/HubOnCampusEastLansing/photos/?ref=page_internal July 26 https://www.facebook.com/pg/HubOnCampusEastLansing/photos/?ref=page_internal August 9 https://www.facebook.com/pg/HubOnCampusEastLansing/photos/?ref=page_internal
  4. Recent construction pic: https://twitter.com/GillespieGrp/status/1162777804137742337
  5. The Target has been super-busy since opening. Landmark (above Target) opened last week: New Landmark apartments in East Lansing cleared for move-in; Hub still needs city OK
  6. Great season so far: https://twitter.com/lansingignite/status/1162537853861158913
  7. Guess we're getting the new name of the old Oliver Towers under renovation: Capital View. https://twitter.com/WielandBuilds/status/1154164527526764544 Originally constructed as a public senior housing and office space for the local housing commission in 1971, it was set on fire by a disgruntled resident in 2000 and was vacant until last year when a local developer decided to renovate it into 96 market-rate residential units.
  8. https://twitter.com/LandmarkOnGrand/status/1152941680405991425
  9. This is some nice, modern infill in Woodbridge. Boutique condo development to soon break ground in Woodbridge Speaking of Woodbridge infill, something more traditional soon to go up: Construction to begin soon on Woodbridge townhome development Back downtown... A new look for the planned renovation of 511 Woodward: https://twitter.com/kirkpinhoCDB/status/1146102848813457411
  10. Update on 8th Street Row in Elton Park nearby: https://twitter.com/DetDevelopment/status/1150796178176585730 A smaller development updates from Detroit Development News twitter: https://twitter.com/DetDevelopment James Place Lofts - 11 for-sale condos in Brush Park The Corner - 111 apartments and retail, Corktown, old Tiger Stadium site. The Towns at the Corner - 35 for-sale townhomes around the corner. North End infill - 12 new homes and 7 rehabbed directly east of New Center 7.Liv - 7 Mile and Livernois, Northwest side - 10 apartments, and 20,500 of commercial space Finished product:
  11. The ribbon-cutting for the downtown Target was today, though it doesn't open to the general public until Sunday: https://twitter.com/CityofEL/status/1151482406563717121
  12. Third times the charm, I guess. A major redo of two of the four corners of downtown Okemos just south of the Meridian Mall was approved last week by the township board. Developers have been trying to get this done for years, but could never quite get the project over the hump. As I understand it, some construction equipment is already on site. Meridian Township green lights development to create a downtown Okemos The buildings will contain 205 residential units and about 53,000 sq ft of commercial space (the figures in the article are incorrect detailing an slightly older version of the project). Here are the site plans and elevations: http://www.meridian.mi.us/Home/ShowDocument?id=18877 "Block 3" to the west was originally included in this redevelopment, but may still be an eventual phase of this project.
  13. Ha! I was wondering what the noise was. lol
  14. City officials got a tour of the complex, today. Here's the alley entrance of the Target: https://twitter.com/CityofEL/status/1148587678939701248
  15. Brick-work wrapping up on the podium of the Newman Lofts at Center City in East Lansing. This one turned out better than the renderings, in fact. https://twitter.com/CityofEL/status/1139147243557203968 Behind Newman Lofts in Landmark we finally get an opening date for the Target in the ground floor: July 21. https://twitter.com/LandmarkOnGrand/status/1139184015678889985 From about two weeks ago: https://twitter.com/HarborBayREA/status/1133478696587845633
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