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  1. Well in my opinion VA Beach is just starting out. The city has been around a long time, but it is just now starting to act like its own city rather than a suburb of Norfolk. There is a lot of work to do before it will even be close to what Norfolk already has. Give it 30 years and it will be alot better.
  2. Sorry for not answering. I'm in Seattle right now visiting my son. I honestly don't know much about it yet. As far as do I think it's real, yeah. So far everything that the person has told me about what is in the works for TC has come true. I will do my best in the next couple of months that i have left in the area to find out more info.
  3. A birdy at my apartment complex told me that Breeden plans on building an apartment tower at the town center also... They are upgrading our apartments right now to be the lower scale brother of the tower.
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