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  1. mad_park

    Panthers New Team HQ and Facility

    Wonder what the guys in Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, NE, etc all do with their practice facilities way out of downtown? Think those owner pay for shuttles?
  2. mad_park

    Panthers New Team HQ and Facility

    The facility will be too nice NOT to use it for summer camp as well. Other teams who have invested heavily in practice facilities have stopped traveling away to training camp.
  3. mad_park

    Charlotte Tech News

    Did they ask him how many would be in India?
  4. mad_park

    New Panthers Stadium in 2022?

    You aren't building a dome for just one game. You are building it to go from the current ~12 ticketed events per year to something close to the 60 that Atlanta hosts in MBS.
  5. mad_park

    New Panthers Stadium in 2022?

    Not as bad as continuing to throw public funds at the current stadium. A dome can be used many more days a year and opens up the type of events you can host. Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta hosted 60 ticketed events its first year. BofA is lucky to host a dozen.
  6. mad_park

    Another bar/restaurant bites the dust

    The restaurant describes itself as a place “where foodies flock for authentic Mexican cuisine and cocktails.”
  7. mad_park

    Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction

    Aside from paying Cintra, wouldn't they have to reengineer things for either of those options? If both lanes are free, won't they have to be upgraded to support tractor trailers and integrated into the current two lanes rather than as a separate road with places to get on/off? Same question for moving it to one free lane one toll lane - which seems like would be more expensive vs just making them both free lanes.
  8. mad_park

    210 Trade | EpiCentre

    Anyone else been following the “roofietop 210” story on reddit?
  9. mad_park

    Another bar/restaurant bites the dust D&D Uptown and Stonecrest are closing as well.
  10. mad_park

    Another bar/restaurant bites the dust A spokesperson for Dean & Deluca's corporate office in Kansas City said the company had not expected the Phillips Place closing and that "it's becoming a legal action." Anyone know the scoop here? Seems like they would have to be pretty late/far behind on rent to have the doors locked.
  11. mad_park

    Another bar/restaurant bites the dust

    Wu's Cajun Seafood has closed...from the announcement it sounds like Bottle Cap Group will open something else in this spot.
  12. mad_park

    I think they were banned from r/Charlotte on reddit.
  13. mad_park

    SouthPark neighborhood Projects

    Would they really have all of these tenants on board at this point when they haven't started with planning commission or moving dirt?
  14. mad_park

    New Panthers Stadium in 2022?

    Retrofitting HVAC into an open air stadium would be a nightmare. Would prob require a good deal of infrastructure work to just get enough electricity to the site to power it.
  15. mad_park

    SouthPark neighborhood Projects

    Southpark Proposed Projects City releases potential Southpark area pedestrian improvements.