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  1. Mini update from SSP: Im really happy to see that the bridge is still on the table. Its one of my favorite aspects of the entire project. And those sales numbers are quite impressive.
  2. Before this, according to press releases, they had an extremely successful opening in Dublin. http://www.shelbournedevelopment.com/press_release.php?id=93 The Chicago Spire Launch in Singapore Proves Big Hit with Investors 12/03/2008 Roadshow for World
  3. A very interesting article I think everyone should read. http://enr.ecnext.com/free-scripts/comsite...le=nebuar071205 Pier Pressure May Make Or Break Spire Chicago's 2,000-ft-tall tower would generate massive loads, and some neighbors are worried 12/05/2007 By Tudor Van Hampton The Chicago Spire, slated to be the Americas' tallest building at 2,000 ft, probably won't set any world records for height. But if built, it may achieve other firsts: Longest elevator run, tallest all-residential structure, most slender profile. All this would bear on one of the most extreme tall-buildi
  4. A few images: I thought I had pics of interiors somewhere but I cant find them. There are a few more pics I want to post but Im tired and need sleep. Later.
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