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  1. I'll tell you one thing..... if Dickson isn't provided a viable parking solution and the WAC is relocated, he's going to make plenty of people angry. I told him such on Facebook. The WAC and the high school should be the top priorities right now. Trees, bike trails and local artists can wait for a bit.
  2. Have you been in Hillcrest? That place should be condemned and leveled. Those people deserve better, whether its downtown or not. There is nothing redeeming or historical about that place. It is a scar on our city.
  3. Excellent zman. I'll never understand this hypocrisy either.
  4. Well, that "mindset" is enforced by the outrageous prices on these condos around here. Why would you pay $300k for roughly 1000 sq ft worth of condo when you could get a wonderful 3000 sq ft neighborhood home for such a price. These condo developers need to get over themselves.
  5. Excellent zman. Score one for another anti-whatever group who vows to block everything but has no plans of their own. Its also nice to know that I can go scream at our city council and mayor and get whatever I want. Or maybe I have to be over 50 first.
  6. This is true. The ones charged with possible expansion of the cemetery (Regional National Cemetery Improvement Corporation) are not all interested in the sale barn land. http://nwaonline.com/articles/2009/09/11/n...9fzveterans.txt Basically just a bunch of anti-student, anti-apt guys leading this deal.
  7. Parking. I'm not saying the idea isn't good, however until more parking is established in the area, IMO its nearly impossible to take any away.
  8. I completely agree. That would have been the first thing I brought up, and SHOULD be at the forefront of Fayetteville's short-term concerns. The WAC is going to have to do something soon, whether it be expand or move, and Fayetteville better be fully prepared to keep it here no matter what. The WAC singlehandedly revived the downtown area, which in turn helped revive Fayetteville. Now, its taken for granted, and strong anti-development crowd doesn't want to discuss more major changes in the Dickson/downtown area. I guess all the no-change old-timers will be happy when Dickson is a ghost
  9. Municipal WiFi can be a great asset to a city or area if its planned and implemented correctly. I have felt that WiFi in certain areas of Fayetteville would be a great thing, especially if partnered with the University, considering the number of students that would most likely utilize it away from campus. I've actually contacted the mayor regarding talking with him about this (I'm in the networking industry).
  10. Do we know when they might vote on this, and how they City Council is leaning?
  11. So is this committee and district in place and functioning, or is it all still up in the air as to whether its going to be established? I don't have a dog in the hunt perse (not a D St property owner), but I hate to see any political red-tape crap that is put in place just to stifle development and progression.
  12. I agree that this is a veiled attempt to stifle development in the area. I'd like to know the average age of the committee members.
  13. Here is the article about the meeting: http://www.nwanews.com/nwat/News/74475/
  14. We do. They're called scholarships, and they're available to anyone of any color. Do you live in America? If so, why?
  15. Go into Philly and hit Pats and Genos..... the original cheesesteak joints.
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