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  1. the new vern barry building will connect the old dwelling place buildings ot he new building via a 4 story curved glass atrium. the new building (between the tiny titty) will have 2 levels of underground parking and alot of glass also. i still cant see it tho i have the rendering sitting here on my desk. should be intresting....
  2. vern barry building going up in april between tiny bikinis and the dwelling place lodging on division. all new artist lofts and such. damn i do know everything
  3. upscale? whats with all the mall outlet stores? abercrombie is upscale? only in northern michigan. jesus. to get a nice pair of jeans and shirt i still have to drive 2hrs. gr will never change... i'll be waiting in line next to a guy with a hunter orange snow suit on, picking up ice fishing supplies....
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