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  1. Lipscomb Academy, like Lipscomb University, has some of worst architecture ever. Just plain ugly, bland and cheap looking.
  2. I believe this will be Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s newest outpatient facility.
  3. Lamar Avenue has got to rank as one of the most blighted, dangerous corridors in the entire country. Such an embarrassment for the entire city of Memphis.
  4. It’s hard for any city to compete with Nashville’s Music City Center and the staggering array of hotels and attractions offered in our state’s capital. The old Cook Convention center badly needed major upgrades. I dislike that they sold the naming rights to a Renasant, a Mississippi-based bank. Memphis will remain a smallish market for conventions, but hopefully they will be able to attract more and better conventions once Covid-19 is behind us.
  5. His photos and updates are always relevant and very much appreciated. Thank you!
  6. International air travel remains highly restricted and things are getting worse as COVID-19 spikes globally. As such there is zero possibility of the British Airways nonstop flight resuming until next summer — at the earliest. There is simply no demand right now, even to much larger markets. .
  7. This is a huge improvement. Now, if the airport could only get some flights!
  8. This looks so suburban and is very disappointing for a prime riverfront spot. The long history of this development has been nothing but downgrades from the original plan for two towers.
  9. A tower of any significant height in this very empty part of downtown is unrealistic. The developers have harmed their project’s credibility by releasing such an amateurish rendering. Street activation in this area is very weak — Bass Pro Shop has been badly hurt by the pandemic, and the renovated convention center is too far away to help. Memphis needs to focus on trying to revitalize its older central downtown core, starting with the demolition of 100 North Main and Sterrick Bldg. Projects like this one, the proposed Union Row, and the very scaled-down One Beale, are simply too much for downtown Memphis.
  10. How embarrassing for Memphis and for those involved. The proposed tall/skinny tower In the midst of all those parking lots, surely must be a joke. The city needs to condemn and raze 100 North Main and the Sterrick Bldg. — both are urban blight. If the long promised One Beale tower could never materialize in a much better location, this one is not happening.
  11. This rendering looks hideous. Lipstick on a pig!
  12. I don’t think this is correct. British Airways, along with other international carriers, continue to have very limited passenger flights to/from the USA because of COVID-19. I’ve checked airline sources and see nothing about this. In fact BA still shows no planned service to many other US cities including Austin, Pittsburgh, New Orleans. This also makes no sense since we are approaching winter which is always the slowest travel period of the year and COVID cases are currently spiking in the UK and Europe. If we are very lucky the flight may return next summer at the earliest.
  13. The Canopy Hotel is a modest improvement over the Best Western Benchmark that was empty on that corner for years.
  14. The rendering of the new building at St Jude reveals a ugly architectural design -- resembling a Red Roof Inn. With all their resources, surely they could hire better architects.
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