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  1. What has happened to the plans to build a pedestrian bridge from the Gulch to SoBro? It seems that this was announced years ago, yet nothing has materialized. Any info?
  2. Binbin98 — I sincerely doubt British Airways would operate its daily service if the gate, arrival/departure, immigration/customs, check-in, baggage claim, lounge, etc. if the current facilities at BNA were not adequate to serve the 215 passengers on the Boeing 787-9. The space may be tight, but the aircraft does not have to be “pushed sideways” in order to utilize the gate. BA would not have upgraded from and 787-8 to a larger 787-9 if ‘‘this was the case. I’m also wondering about your statement that the police officers being really “mean to everyone” coming through. The situation is temporary as infrastructure issues are being corrected with the new construction.
  3. I very much like the design and overall look of the soccer stadium.
  4. It is never good news when one of the leading properties firms in the country decides to totally exit a market and put its resources elsewhere. Highwoods is a publicly traded real estate investment trust that owns and manages more than 30 million square feet of office space in markets including Atlanta, Nashville, Orlando, Pittsburgh, Raleigh, Richmond and Tampa. Almost 70% of its net operating income in 2018 was from Atlanta, Nashville, Raleigh and Tampa. For sure this is more bad news for the One Beale project that has already been scaled back from the original plan for two high-rise towers. They will have to rethink the office part yet again. What’s happening there today isn’t worthy of the prime riverfront site. Another set back for the Carlisle Group.
  5. No negativity towards Memphis but these are two vastly different cities. Catching up with Nashville simply is not going to happen. By every measure (economy, corporate, employment, education, tourism, conventions, etc.) Nashville is light years ahead. Nashville and it’s MSA is one the nation’s fastest-growing cities, while the Memphis MSA remains stagnant and the city of Memphis has a declining population.
  6. Southwest Airlines is rapidly growing it’s schedule at BNA and wants to take over all gates in both the C & D concourses. For this to happen American Airlines will have to relocate both its gates and the Admiral Club in Concourse C — likely to a rebuilt and expanded A Concourse. This will be at least two years away.
  7. Something definitely needs to be done about both the Sterrick Building and 100 North Main. After so many years being empty and abandoned, both structures have become huge eyesores and very large pieces of urban blight on the downtown skyline. Both have been talked about for years, yet nothing has ever materialized to save them. It would require very deep pockets for certain. The Sterrick Building is quite handsome and would be great if it could be saved. 100 North Main is far less appealing. The old, painted-over, UP (Union Planters Bank) sign on the roof really hurts the building’s appearance from any distance and some of the exterior cladding has fallen off requiring the sidewalk closures. I know of no other US city with such large downtown towers that are sitting empty for years. If even one of these was renewed it would really help activate a lot of downtown Memphis, especially the north end which is really devoid of street activity, especially at night. I fear with the coming vacancies in the Raymond James building, these two will continue to linger unused and abandoned.
  8. The Sterrick Bldg. has been empty since the mid-1980’s and 100 North Main Street has been empty for the past 5 years. Both buildings have serious issues and are deteriorating rapidly. This was documented in a photo series a few years ago in the Commercial Appeal newspaper. The costs and legal issues to rehab either would be astronomical. Both have huge asbestos and fire safety issues, low ceilings and 100 N Main has a parking structure at its base that is barely serviceable because of its small size. My guess is that both structures will eventually meet the wrecking ball as new construction would be far more cost effective. The upcoming move of Raymond James from its downtown building, formerly known as Morgan Keegan tower, will leave the building almost completely vacant. This building will also require major investment to rehab, especially the elevator system which is why Raymond James decided to leave downtown Memphis per recent commercial news stories.
  9. Downtown Memphis looks sleepy. If only they could do something about 100 North Main and the Sterrick Bldg. It’s sad to see two of the city’s tallest buildings empty and deteriorating. Things always seem to move slowly in the Bluff City. Also with Raymond James leaving its namesake downtown office tower for East Memphis, there will be even more empty office space to fill downtown.
  10. There have been consistent rumors that Delta Air Lines is planning to add a nonstop flight from BNA to either Paris (CDG) or Amsterdam (AMS) soon. This would be in line with Delta recently naming BNA as an official focus city and the large expansion of the Delta Sky Club. Any updated information?
  11. Can the moderators please take action on this thread? These random aircraft picture posts have gotten totally out of control.
  12. So......what’s the big deal about a 747 freighter landing at BNA?
  13. I agree. All this obsessive mundane chatter, especially about the daily British Airways flight to LHR, is unnecessary.
  14. So.....airline flights return to the gate all the time for a myriad of reasons. What’s the big deal about this one?
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