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  1. This forum and the many photos shared are the best way for this Nashville native to see the tremendous growth and development underway in my hometown. @markhollinalways has excellent pics and content. Many thanks from Manhattan.
  2. It’s almost certain British Airways will not return to BNA anytime soon. The pandemic continues to be out of control all over the world and the Delta variant of Covid is spreading rapidly among the unvaccinated. This is a worldwide setback, especially in the US where states like Tennessee have very low vaccination rates. It’s become a pandemic of the unvaccinated and thousands people are unnecessarily dying.
  3. Nashville is so fortunate to be home to Vanderbilt. This building is superb and an instant landmark.
  4. Somehow reminds me of a slightly updated design of Holiday Inn, once based in Memphis.
  5. This was a minor incident that happened at London Heathrow. It has nothing to do with BNA
  6. I travel weekly between Nashville and New York City. Every flight I’ve been on over the past month has been completely full, many times with standby passengers. The BNA terminal is super busy, especially the C Concourse used by Southwest and American. It seems that Southwest is connecting a lot of passengers through Nashville. The food service options are very limited right now and the concourses and gate areas are crowded.
  7. British Airways has already loaded the return of the BNA to London Heathrow nonstop flights in its schedule to resume this July. It’s currently scheduled to operate 4 days per week using the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner. This is a very positive development that shows the popularity of Nashville as a destination city. Of course, this and all international depends on government and health approvals from the US, UK and EU.
  8. Unfortunately for Memphis the issue of crime has been front and center for discussions about the city for decades now. This negative perception continues and should definitely be of concern to city leaders.
  9. No, Nashville will not become one of the country’s largest airports, or even rank in the Top 20 of US airports, at anytime in the future. There are simply far too many much larger cities, population centers and hub airports that will prevent it from cracking the top tier. United will never establish a hub at BNA even though they are weak in the southeast US. United missed that opportunity many years ago and now Southwest dominates BNA and Allegiant is coming on strong with lots of secondary destinations. No carrier will want to compete against Southwest here.
  10. United Airlines does fly mainline aircraft to BNA. Airbus A319 aircraft are used to NYC Newark, sometimes to ORD and also the SFO nonstop which will resume soon. .
  11. Yes, this area is desolate and really needs development. Anything would help. It's taking forever because of the current weak market conditions.
  12. Nashville BNA will not likely add a lot of new domestic routes simply because there are few cities that are not already served by nonstop flights. Carriers like Allegiant, Frontier and Sun Country have added numerous small markets and Southwest continues to grow its dominance with nonstops to practically everywhere. As for international service, British Airways will resume the London Heathrow nonstop as soon as governments allow. It is unlikely further international destinations will happen for at least 3 years. Leisure travel is growing rapidly right now, however business travel will retur
  13. So now MEM is hoping to reopen the passenger terminal on Saturday afternoon by providing portable toilets. It’s a good thing there are so few flights and so few passengers using this airport. Unbelievable!
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