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  1. dxfret

    Nashville International Airport

    Passenger wise Memphis (MEM) is very weak. There are only 85 total flights per day on all of the carriers flying there. Service to the west coast is miserable.
  2. dxfret

    CBD/SoBro/RutledgeHill/Rolling Mill Hill Projects

    That is just one of many big box office towers along 6th Ave built in the 60s-70s. Tenants typically are law, advertising, finance and entertainment firms. Bear Stearns had it own tower on Madison Ave. Lehman Bros was in a similar bldg in 7th Ave.
  3. dxfret

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    Another prime building spot is the current large parking lot at Church Street and Bank Street, between 1st and 2nd Aves.
  4. dxfret

    West End Summit

    Over the past 12 years the entire city and region have exploded with all kinds of growth and development. During this boom era the biggest debacle of all has to be Alex S. Palmer and his repeated failures to do anything with this prime site. Palmer’s greed and poor decisions caused HCA to quickly walk away. He also had to sell his namesake office building (formerly known as Palmer Plaza) now named 1801 West End Ave. In the annals of Nashville development this must rank as the single biggest failure. Here’s hoping the Propst group has much more success.
  5. dxfret

    Nashville International Airport

    I’m unable to find any nonstop flights between SJC and BHM on any airline. All scheduled flights on this route require a stop or change of planes somewhere. Doubtful BNA really needs a nonstop to San Jose since the Bay Area is already well covered with multiple daily nonstop flights to SFO on United and Virgin America/Alaska, and nonstop to OAK on Southwest
  6. National Life & Accident Insurance Company
  7. dxfret

    Nashville International Airport

    Southwest Airlines set to announce new nonstop service between BNA and Oklahoma City this morning
  8. dxfret

    JW Marriott - 385' - 34 Floors

    Clearly Marriott has very recently refreshed and updated the logo to emphasize the JW. Looks very modern and the sign fits the new Nashville building very well.
  9. dxfret

    JW Marriott - 385' - 34 Floors

    Drove by there today and the JW MARRIOTT sign is clearly visible from quite a distance. I could easily read the letters from the Rolling Mill Hill area. Seems the right size and will be even more visible when illuminated.
  10. dxfret

    Nashville International Airport

    The strong passenger growth and the new improvements at BNA are positive signs for Nashville and the region. The British Airways nonstop to London Heathrow will bring even more.
  11. dxfret

    Will American Airlines return to Nashville as a Hub?

    Southwest Airlines doesn’t officially have “hub” cities. They refer to them as “focus cities” and BNA already has that status with well over 100+ flights daily. Even with the new terminal additions there are not enough gates to support a true hub operation. I expect at least one of the ultra-low cost carriers (Spirit, Allegiant) to start some flights here, but most airlines don’t want to go up against Southwest and its dominance at BNA. With its record passenger growth BNA is already very well served.
  12. dxfret

    Will American Airlines return to Nashville as a Hub?

    No way American would do that with Charlotte already a huge hub. BNA is exceptionally well-covered by Southwest Airlines which operates nonstop flights to pretty much every major US city (except Portland OR, Hartford and Indianapolis). BNA is a focus city for Southwest and they use Nashville as a connection point due to so many flights here. I recall reading that Southwest alone will operate 111 daily flights at BNA this summer when they add 5X daily nonstops to Atlanta, ending Delta’s monopoly on that route.
  13. Highly, highly doubtful about this one. It is indeed sad that two of the tallest buildings in downtown Memphis (100 North Main and Sterrick Building) have both been abandoned for years and are literally falling apart. The cost of rehab would be hugely prohibitive and the northern end of downtown is like a ghost town Memphis is also a weak convention and tourism market which would seem to be yet another strike against such a hotel project.
  14. It was the Hyatt Regency Nashville.
  15. dxfret

    Green Hills/Belle Meade Projects

    The new Dillard’s in Green Hills is just a big, windowless box built on top of a parking garage. It is certainly ugly from the exterior and the interior is no better. It’s still the same Dillard’s quality, with way too much mediocre merchandise filling the aisles in a new building. They appear to be fewer customers since not being connected to the main mall makes access difficult. One of the many reasons why work is happening fast on the extension to the mall.