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  1. I'd like to echo Recchia and throw in my support for living near the Providence/Pawtucket line at the top of Blackstone. I've lived here almost a year and I've felt safe in my neighborhood and love the proximity of the Blackstone path. There are a number of good restaurants within walking distance and a Shaw's grocery store I walk to sometimes (although that I would only do in daylight) as N. Main can be sketchy after dark. The rest of Providence is an easy trip down N. Main, Hope, or Blackstone Blvd depending on whether you want to end up downcity, Thayer/Wickendon, or Wayland, respectively
  2. Hello, I am sorry to do this, but I vaguely remember a post that mentioned a decent coffee shop that has free internet . . . after searching around for the post for days I still can't find it. Was I delusional? I need a place to work on my writing and Starbucks (while perfectly fine) is a bit cliche. Cotuit, please delete this whole topic if I'm being completely redundant. cheers, Emily
  3. Amazing as usual You seem to be at your best when you're finding the beauty in that which most overlook.
  4. Hello! I just wanted to thank everyone who gave me valuable input/advice on how to find a place to live while I'm on internship starting in July. I found a cute furnished house for me and my roommate; it's located near the junction of Blackstone Blvd and Hope which is very convenient. Thanks especially to Cotuit and Garris! -Emily
  5. Cotuit - I like the photos. Tight streets might make for tough commercial area street shots (as Garris has commented on), but they're perfect for the "aisle of cards" signage you have shown us.
  6. Thanks ML! I will be in Providence this weekend to find an abode for the coming year -- my camera will be at my side so perhaps I can actually post a Providence photo to the Providence Photo forum! For now though, here's another shot taken in Chicago.
  7. Here goes nothing! This is the view from my apartment facing southeast-ish toward the Hancock building. Thanks Cotuit! I used photobucket. Enjoy your new camera. -Em
  8. I have the photos posted to an msn group website and I attempted to use the IMG code button to add the location. I got an error message and then suddenly it had posted my "reply". Now, I'm guessing I screwed up and hit something that posted it, but I'm not sure how to get around the error message about "dynamic tags" not being allowed.
  9. [Anyone seen Napolean Dynamite?] Gosh! I'm a freakin' IDIOT! sorry, I promise never to attempt to post with a photo inserted again.
  10. Hi Garris, I have a few photos of Chicago that I took recently (you inspired me to break out my new digital camera - only two months old). I feel like an idiot, but I'm not sure how to insert them. Do I need to have them posted on a website first? -Emily
  11. Are you trying to make me cry? Thanks - better to be shocked now than unable to pay the heat bill next winter.
  12. Thanks for the reality check. And for the tips.
  13. Oh, and Cotuit, I hope you really were joking!
  14. Does anyone know if ~$200 a month (in the cold winter months) is outrageous for heating costs for an apartment on the east side? It seems expensive to me, but I live in a high-rise in Chicago where we use radiator heat that's cost is included in my assessment. Thx!
  15. Oh, no!! Wait. You own a place on Federal Hill. Meanie.
  16. No problem. It's a three bedroom (with one bedroom that is better as an office) that I would be sharing with one other person. Rent is $1250 with one parking spot. High ceilings (of course), hard wood floors (of course, of course) and a porch/balcony. Big kitchen. 1 full bath. New gas heating system. Thoughts? I think I should have put Gano down instead of Tabor. It's actually almost on the corner of Governor and Preston.
  17. Can't get there from here. -REM Hi. I recently joined the forum and posted some questions about moving to Providence. Thanks to everyone for the helpful responses. I have found an apartment that sounds like a good deal and seems to be in a great location, but . . . I can't fly out to look for an apartment until late April. It will be gone by then! Does anyone know what Preston street is like? Preston is about halfway between Wickendon and Angell streets and the building is between Tabor and Governor streets. Thanks, Emily
  18. You are a doll to post those. Thanks. I just had a ringing endorsement for the Wayland Sq neighborhood from another source - a friend's husband who lived in Providence for four years. I'm glad I have a starting point for my apartment search. -Emily
  19. Garris, do you have any pictures of the Wayland Square neighborhood? Beautiful photography. Are you all digital? I finally turned in my old pentax and bought a digital camera. It's a wonderful feeling of freedom - not being scared to take a chance on a shot for fear of running out of film - but I could feel myself getting sloppy, losing that thoughtful calculation of the elements in a frame. -Emily
  20. I appreciate the advice. One of the other things I'd be looking for is proximity to a good running route and I had heard that Blackstone Blvd is good for jogging. Thanks - Emily
  21. City-smart enough to know that I don't want to have to walk two blocks from a parking lot to my "garden" level apartment with groceries in my hands at midnight THx
  22. I'll primarily be working at Butler Psychiatric Hospital, as well as Rhode Island and Memorial Hospitals. Parking at those locations is set up for me. Safety (esp for home parking) is a definite concern since I may be needing to come and go (alone) at odd hours. My sister will probably live in my condo in Chicago for the year. She's just out of college and will pay my assessments while I'm gone, but I don't have the heart to charge her for much more than that! Having her rent my place is such a plus as far as maintenance and security go. Your Federal Hill places sounds great! How fa
  23. That was fantastic Garris, thanks so much. My budget itsn't entirely worked out yet - they (Brown) will only be paying me around 20K for my fellowship. Luckily I have some savings that I could use to supplement my *gasp* income. So . . . with or without a roommate (which I haven't had for 7 years) I would want to be spending no more than $900 a month - ideally around $800 (with some amenitites included). I have lived in Chicago for 7 years now and bought a place here. I want to try and keep it while I rent in Providence. I'm torn between budget concerns and the fact that if I'm only
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