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  1. A lot more ppl are searching the net for The Vue so maybe they will get more contracts soon!
  2. Also, don't forget with these prices you don't get a deeded parking space. A space uptown goes for generally 20k. Anyone who is looking to buy should strongly consider The Avenue as you have owners looking to offload "bad investments."
  3. The sales office is currently being moved inside the building as well.
  4. Would any of you want to BUY in a building where there are renters?
  5. I have heard they are going to make them apartments. Look for something official soon.
  6. A Costco there would be great! The designer center was a fantastic place.
  7. Correct, you The Vue is right there if you are on your balcony. The property value of those units facing The Vue have been hurt.
  8. With Wachovia layoffs coming soon and nobody able to get a loan (easily) they are having a terrible time selling units.
  9. What is the latest on 210 Trade? Have they stopped construction? Are they still suing each other?
  10. I don't think sales have gone as good as Novare had planned. With that being said I don
  11. I have also heard they were looking for more funds. IMO the units there are too expensive for the current market. Maybe all of this will lower the costs of the condos.
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