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  1. Is the spire still a go on the Children's Hospital as far as everyone's heard? Rumor I heard today sounded like they were considering scrapping the plan for it. Not sure if it's set in stone.
  2. Curtain wall on HDVCH going up... Watched it at work today. There's also a smaller crane putting steel and equipment on top of the Heart Center. From what I heard, it's most likely to move the antennas from near the AeroMed landing pad to the to top of the Heart Center. Pictures anyone? It's nice out
  3. A hard sell indeed, GRDad Thanks for the images Rizzo! Very exciting... is there a way to get our hands on the rest of the feasibility study?
  4. I got a short tour of the LHCP today, and it is absolutely incredible inside. Tomorrow is an opening event for invited guests and Spectrum employees. I believe there is also a community open house this Sunday the 22nd from 1-5pm. It's definitely worth checking out!
  5. That's a great location for it in my opinion. The large open lawn area is really underutilized with the exception of freshman Transition week and a few people playing frisbee when it's nice out. It also gives another destination at the main Rapid hub on campus located at Kirkhof right next door. The 50, 37, and 48 all make their main stop at Kirkhof, so it'll be a 30 second walk to the "Learning and Information Commons." That's a long name for a library...
  6. Impressive! Always nice to have an insider
  7. Alright, I'll take your word, but I'm frustrated when big projects are hinged on way to much parking, IMO. So, looking at this situation, do we push harder for transit to promote transit-oriented development and try to get public support, or do we wait for projects to be proposed which will expose the need for transit and wait for people to realize it themselves?
  8. The city commissioners should be doing everything they can to get the project off the ground! When will they start to see the big picture for downtown and realize that a parking spot for every individual is not feasible or sustainable? As these types of projects are being proposed, the city's got to realize that mass transit will become the primary way for residents downtown as well as bringing people in and out for concerts / events. When will they get it???
  9. The reflection in the water is great on that last one!
  10. Very nice video, Andy! I take the 50 a few times a week living on campus in Allendale to get downtown, and there have been several times this year that the bus has been at full capacity. The driver stops and tells the people at the stops along Lk. Michigan Dr. that they'll have to wait for the next one, because there's absolutely no room left to stuff people in! The student apartment shuttles, the 37 and 48, in Allendale are also full much of the day. A rail line connecting the campuses, while only a dream, would be incredible
  11. I'll see if I can borrow a camera to get some pics soon (hopefully this weekend). The large 4 story addition to Mackinac is being enclosed (large pre-cast concrete forms being delivered), the addition to Kirkhof is still underway with all the steel in place, and the Honors college in the south end of campus is moving along quickly with several residential and classroom buildings being roofed and enclosed.
  12. Fantastic news! This is very exciting, even thought the timeline is still several years away. Everyone keep your hopes up
  13. Nope, Route 50 goes straight down Lake Michigan Dr. No highway for the campus connector. Beautiful shots, GRDad
  14. Happy 2007! Hope everyone had a great New Year celebration. And I really hope everyone got more sleep than I did .
  15. Here's some pics from a few weeks ago: Sunny, warm weather...
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