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  1. Haha he was joking, thats why he took the picture, and then when he told me about it said, "hey i got mobile and baton rouge in the same picture! haha"
  2. Gee buckett, didn't you also have another thought in mind about that picture...some other building that it looks like?? hahaha
  3. yea i wish it would go higher too, but at this point.... i just want anything to be built my dad's current courthouse (fed. bankruptcy court) is in the old greyhound station and has no windows!!
  4. yea, they do have a nice skyline...but i say thats all they got goin for them...haha sure they have all the crap a huge city has to offer, but like said above, its too spread out, no real mass transit system, and the coast its on doesnt have nice beaches or anything...
  5. eek, i don't... my sister lives there... horribly ugly city with no great geography... whats it near?? an ugly coast? (i'd rather have alabama's beaches...) At least Atlanta and Charlotte has the Mountains near by, Chicago has the lakes, LA has coast and mountains....Dallas isnt as ugly haha.... Houston's just ick... at least thats my opinion...
  6. haha yea, i def. think its a silly idea... if you wanna live in a huge metro, move to DFW, Houston, or NYC
  7. haha thats funny.... ive googled baton rouge, sc before just to see where it was... i wish a BR-NOLA metro could form, but its improbable because of the odd geography of the cities and the lack of terra firma between them...
  8. they can start by undoing what was done: re-connect hyacinth all the way back thru from stanford to perkins/bluebonnet also making a bridge across the creek for a neighborhood north-south street in the block between perkins/highland/lee/stanford and the same between lee and kenilworth, and connect kenilworth to burbank, or maybe even thru to nicholson basically....make a better grid out of the mess we have now! haha
  9. Yea Rouzan will be great I think, and I'm very pro-TND projects, but I can clearly see why people in Southdowns would oppose it simply because of traffic problems, but its developments like this that lead to less traffic in the long run... but one way or another, adding more people in that area no matter what is still gonna increase traffic...
  10. Haha, well I don't dislike Holden, (he actually reminds me a lot of my mayor, Sam Jones, in Mobile). But yea, the growth around the LSU area is just as important as any other area of town, if not more, since it is such a revenue-generating area for the city, and is so densly populated with the many apartment complexes around, and now the planned building of a HUGE retail center at Lee and Burbank... And yes, I note that Central will have rapid expansion, and I'm all for good foresight, but at the same time, why can't they have put the same effort into fixing problems that already exist in
  11. yea i know the streams cause problems with the east-west routes, and since im a bit of an environmentalist, i wouldn't recommend doing what they did in Mobile which is diverting all the streams through the city to underground pipes or moving them to concrete canals... Well they could add service/feeder roads all along 10/12 to help east-west flow... the service roads along I-65 and Airport Blvd in Mobile are a great help on traffic North-South through the center of town, so if you want to go from one east-west route to the next, you DONT have to use the interstate! Oh well, maybe now that Ro
  12. ok wow, this is great.... for like 10 people who need to commute to Central every day... there are SOO many more worse traffic problems and new road projects that need to be completed WAY before this $60m project gets completed! liiiiike, widen Nicholson AT LEAST to Lee/Brightside, widen Lee between perkins and highland, and does no one notice there is no due east-west route south of I-12? its impossible to get anywhere on the south side of BR...
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