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  1. Some of the hardest falls I've had on a bike occurred on the McMullen Creek Greenway when the boardwalk was damp. Even a a very slow speed, wheels would slip and result in deep lingering bruising. This looks much more skid proof.
  2. I'm predicting that the screening will take on a whole new texture as the many multiple nooks and crannies between the concrete and the screening become ideal homes to nesting birds and all the s**t that they generate.
  3. ^ Beautiful. May I repost this?
  4. ^ am I missing something here? This sure looks like one lane of traffic going towards Bearden.
  5. This photo does not do justice to the shear number of people who were there. I have heard estimates of between 25,000 to 30,000 people.
  6. Perfect weather tomorrow for Open Streets 704. An exceptional event that showcases our community like no other.
  7. That setback/porch will have some pretty awesome views overlooking BofA Stadium.
  8. FYI... the City of Charlotte has purchased and now demolished the house at the corner of Selwyn & Park Road for an access point to the Cross Charlotte Trail/Sugar Creek Greenway. Further downstream, construction between Tyvola Rd. & Huntingtown Farms Park is well underway.
  9. if NCDOT really wants to drive traffic between the Light Rail and Amtrak, build a station at 36th. Or keep the old one and build this...
  10. Latest update is that 22 nearby homes were damaged.
  11. another one of these infernos is now in progress in Overland Park KS. In this instance, reports are that up to a dozen nearby homes are now also ablaze from hot, flying embers..
  12. To the right is the "Made in the Carolinas Exhibition Building. Built in 1923 as part of the Made in the Carolinas Industrial Exposition. Governors of both South & North Carolina were at the official opening ceremonies and were entertained by a band from Russia. The building was later converted into an A&P Grocery store.
  13. Sure would be interesting to see this as a Black & White...
  15. ^ latest rendition. CDOT still needs to work out a 7th St. bridge configuration with NCDOT.. Pilot_Concept_5th_6th_Reduced (1).pdf