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  1. Today https://www.facebook.com/cltbikecamp/videos/499033231414068
  2. CLT Bike Camp is now in full swing. Running two camps every week til the middle of August.. Please keep your eyes peeled for these young explorers, and give them plenty of room...
  3. True story... shortly after being laid to rest in Raleigh's Historic Oakwood Cemetery. the private, non profit cemetery banned dog walkers.
  4. Stanly County would make sense...
  5. Don't forget the newly built & nearby connector to the Little Sugar Creek Greenway and a direct connection to CMC Main. Docs On Bikes !!!!!
  6. I cannot, for the life of me, see the current NCGA pass legislation requiring tarps for pick-up trucks, that would thoroughly piss off their key the key voting bloc of passive jackasses.
  7. Won't happen this Summer, but water is on its way to Union County from Lake Tillery. 48" piping just outside of Norwood along South Stanly School Road.
  8. No one ever noted a time limit in this thread...
  9. New cycle track taking shape on Central Ave. bridge..
  10. As far as I know, there is no "official" link from the Park Crossing neighborhood to the Sugar Creek Greenway. Though one very nice resident ( over the objections of his neighbors) has made their yard an access point. So, once on the greenway go under the Tyvola bridge and connect to Buckingham, (a very quiet residential rd that parallels Park) to Seneca. Then take the sidewalk along park to Heather Lane. Here, your option would be to go left down Heather to a connecting ped/bike bridge that will lead you to Scaleybark's bike lane to South Blvd.; or cross Park at the Heather Lane stop ligh
  11. Please...please ...please... one day.... https://readingterminalmarket.org/
  12. 'One small item: PTL had their HQ at the old Allen house at the corner of Park and Park Rd. Extension for a while, before moving down Park Rd to near where Huntington Farms Rd. is, then out to Ft. Mill. Forever the gypsies I guess. Wonder if you knew the Allens. (?)' Correct me if I'm wrong, but I remember PTL being on Mockingbird Lane ( circa 1977) preceding Pfeiffer College ...
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