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  1. ^ and don't leave out the Oakwood neighborhood and the resurgence that is happening along Person. Very 4th Ward(ish), but much, much larger.
  2. ^ is it an illusion or is the oculus on a slant ?
  3. will someone please just bury the friggin power lines.
  4. ^ sensors are embedded in the bike lanes and there are ped counters on the sidewalk. The newly paved portions in the photo show where the linkages went..
  5. A Summer bike camp for kids ( 9-4:30 ) is now open for registration. It will meet for three weeks this year with one week from three of Charlotte's neighborhoods, NODA, Camp Green, & Plaza Midwood. Check it out and pass the link along to friends who have kids who would be open to exploring the city on two wheels. "Geared for young riders who are eager to gain independence, learn new skills and build confidence on their bikes while exploring our amazing city! Riders will learn the essentials of safe riding, bicycle maintenance and route planning and will be able to practice riding techniques in a safe, supportive environment."
  6. Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus's train is making it's swan song.. Quite a run.
  7. ^ that's hilarious on its own.. but that the Plaza Midwood Bus Club even existed and THEN used the Thirsty Beaver for its clubhouse, has the makings of a Netflix worthy series..
  8. ^ photoshop can be quite the tool. sorry about that.
  9. ^ and of course Atlanta's # 1 ranking ( I-285 & I-85) is proof positive that adding more capacity ALWAYS resolves traffic woes..
  10. We're # 85 & 91, .....Hey !!! ( cheer along if you wish..) ..and climbing.
  11. ^ could've been allergies.
  12. Photo was taken from the top of what was the very new 32 story Jefferson Pilot Building, now Well Fargo.
  13. the road going north & south is College. The large building in bottom left is the "new" Trade Mart which was demolished for the new convention center. The overpass in the upper left was the former Independence Blvd and the infamous Deadman's curve. South Blvd. starts just above it.. The Query-Spivey-McGee feed store is at three o'clock on the corner of College & Stonewall .
  14. around 1971 when the southern terminus of College was at Morehead.
  15. Please, please, please bury these power lines.