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  1. Bikeguy

    Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)

    Someone needs to attach a big carrot nose on this sculpture and hang a sign from it saying " Welcome to Oz.".
  2. Bikeguy

    Charlotte economy...

    money question... did Duke Energy maintain a financial position with Crescent? ..and if not Duke , who exactly are the major shareholders ?
  3. Bikeguy

    Elizabeth Projects (7th St, Elizabeth Ave, etc)

    ^ council.
  4. Bikeguy

    Area 15

    ..and the Trips for Kids Recyclery. ...some background on the Mural
  5. Bikeguy

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Looking at this photo, it's hard to believe that the three buildings in the center of this ( Wachovia, NCNB, and the Johnston buildings) were pretty much Charlotte's modern skyline 50 years ago.
  6. Bikeguy

    History of Charlotte

    a big-ass explosion.
  7. Am I reading this correctly ?? CATS is posting a 1.5 hour travel time from Davidson on the 77-X EXPRESS route ?
  8. Bikeguy

    TIGER Grant Cycle

    you would think that with all of the development that is occurring within the city's limits, that the increase in property tax revenues would be filling up the city's coffer.. is this number anywhere available?
  9. Bikeguy

    TIGER Grant Cycle

    My point is simply that the 7th Street Bridge will be used anyway for the Uptown protected bike lane that will connect the LSC and Irwin Creek Greenways. So why not focus our energies on this connector in the short term. Once across 7th, riders can simply go down McDowell to access the upper section of the LSC Greenway. 7th Street has more than enough room for a 2-way protected bike lane now, the Central Ave bridge will need to be retrofitted, forestalling the the XCLT even longer..
  10. Bikeguy

    TIGER Grant Cycle

    While we spend enormous amounts of capital in time and money on a whimsical bridge, we're losing sight of a cheap and quick solution on the 7th Street Bridge.
  11. Bikeguy

    Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    This pic begs the question if the new residents of Johnny Harris's River District will have the Allen Steam Plant and its industrial footprint forever in their sunsets.. ?
  12. Bikeguy

    3rd Ward Midrise Projects

    The sidewalk along Graham that abuts this property is abysmal.
  13. Bikeguy

    Charlotte Bike Sharing

    Given that this scrum of bikes is likely due to the popularity of the place of business ( Unknown Brewery), would it not make sense for the business ( or landlord) to replace a parking space or two with a bike corral ? Or, is this a case of the business being required to reserve a certain number of spaces for cars commensurate to the square footage of the building ?
  14. Bikeguy

    Charlotte trying to be more bike friendly

    Just to make aware any UP'ers who might have kids... this is an extraordinary program for both the kids and our community.
  15. Bikeguy

    SouthEnd Midrise Projects