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  1. Actually, it is my understanding that the lake is stocked for the sole reason of keeping mosquitoes at bay.
  2. Ok... maybe Irene wasn't the first, but she was pretty damn busy that day. .."Hundreds of people crowded The Open Kitchen because owner Steve Kokenes had promised to sell mixed drinks for 5 cents until his five cases of alcohol were gone." A well-written, deep-dive article on the politics of how it all came to pass. .. https://www.charlottemagazine.com/how-charlotte-got-liquored-up/
  3. Irene Whiteside was laid to rest today.. She supported her family ( on her own) as a waitress at The Open Kitchen for 33 years. She served the first mixed drink in Mecklenburg County. It was a BIG DEAL. https://hankinsandwhittington.com/tribute/details/227638/Irene-Whiteside/obituary.html#tribute-start
  4. Chandler has been learning to ride his bike this week. Yesterday, he rode 10 miles.
  5. maybe a few of these, perhaps...
  6. ^ could there possibly be a correlation between a resistance to funding Medicaid Expansion/subsequent Physician interactions & hesitancy to COVID vaccinations in NC ?
  7. CLT Bike Camp being multimodal, again. This time to Raleigh to actually camp in Umstead State Park.
  8. Your Friday supplement. Check out kid #3.... an awestruck urbanist, for sure.
  9. Bike Camp is off to UNCC to visit the Botanical Gardens for lunch. Teaching our kids how to be multimodal, early.
  10. Al-be-marle - gateway to the Uwharries. https://businessviewmagazine.com/albemarle-north-carolina-community-driven-purpose/?fbclid=IwAR1BixoSlm2DnqAlq8SKcrRhP9hEP0cDMGoHvAoyVJ3OtM7PYSpB6w2e-4g ..and this. Dinner on Main. Catered by Off The Square, a jewel of a restaurant. https://www.facebook.com/Dinner-on-Main-1075365425818029/
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