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  1. Charlotte Bike Sharing

    Given that this scrum of bikes is likely due to the popularity of the place of business ( Unknown Brewery), would it not make sense for the business ( or landlord) to replace a parking space or two with a bike corral ? Or, is this a case of the business being required to reserve a certain number of spaces for cars commensurate to the square footage of the building ?
  2. Charlotte trying to be more bike friendly

    Just to make aware any UP'ers who might have kids... this is an extraordinary program for both the kids and our community.
  3. SouthEnd Midrise Projects
  4. Charlotte Greenways - The Big Picture

    Greenways4Mecklenburg would be a start. They have set some lofty goals to which hey are also depending on significant private contributions in order to move this effort along. The disconnect occurs when those who could and would contribute $250,000 and up, are the same institutions or individuals that expect deliverable results in a reasonably aggressive amount of time, not a decade out. Along with whatever private capital can be raised, the County & City absolutely need to explore what best practices places like Wake County and the City of Raleigh employ because in another sense, this is where our competition is for the likes of Apple, Amazon, & Google employment centers.
  5. Polk State building at 500 West Trade

    Watch Buicks Travel. This certainly needs to be incorporated in some respect to whatever historical tribute that can be mustered after the dust settles.
  6. The City of Charlotte is proposing creating two protected bicycle lanes through uptown Charlotte to connect the Little Sugar Creek Greenway, part of the Cross Charlotte Trail, to the Irwin Creek Greenway on the other side of uptown. Vivian Coleman of the Charlotte Department of Transportation’s Uptown Connects study told a Charlotte City Council committee on Monday about both proposed corridors: Belk Greenway Connector. This runs roughly along Stonewall Street near I-277 from the Little Sugar Creek Greenway at the Metropolitan development to beyond the Bank of America Stadium. The route would go through Pearl Street Park and, planners hope, include developer-dedicated land from a number of projects planned or under construction along Stonewall. This proposal is for a combination shared-use path and protected bike lane. Fifth-Sixth streets. This runs along Fifth and Sixth streets, each a one-way street, with two-way bike lanes protected from traffic. The route would start where the Little Sugar Creek Greenway ends at Seventh Street and use part of the right-of-way of the spaghetti-bowl junction of U.S. 74 (Independence Boulevard) and the Brookshire Freeway. It would follow Sixth Street as far west as Elmwood Cemetery, then curve over to Fifth Street to get to the Irwin Creek Greenway. The Belk Connector info starts on page 33:
  7. So... could this CSX line theoretically connect the following : Wingate, Monroe, Stallings/Indian Trail, Matthews, Sardis Road, Rama Rd, Wendover Rd, Plaza Midwood, Brevard, Gateway, CLT Airport, Belmont, Cramerton, and Gastonia?
  8. NoDa (N Davidson St Arts District) Projects

    ^ on spot. (no pun intended ).
  9. Charlotte Off Topic

    a friend recently posted this research article that compared Google vs Apple maps and the changes that each has implemented over the last couple of years...
  10. Learning from Other Places

    Alberta Street is awesome. Tiny House Hotel, Community Cycling Center, and Salt & Straw are just a few of the gems on this bike/ped friendly street.
  11. Armchair Developer/Planner
  12. Atherton Mill Redevelopment

    Particularly with a-holes like this.. Prosecutors say Greg Wheeling, 32, was legally drunk and speeding when his high-powered Audi struck and killed pedestrian Kelli Putnam following a 2017 Panthers’ playoff game. A jury Tuesday convicted him of second-degree murder Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office When the playoff game ended and his group was about to leave the bar, Wheeling begrudgingly gave his keys to a designated driver, Ashley Campbell, for the ride to drop off friends at the I-485 light-rail station, Campbell testified. But as Campbell drove, Wheeling pushed down on her right knee to compress the car’s accelerator and make the car go faster, she said. “He said, ‘Kick it. Give it what you got. Feel what it can do,’ ” Campbell, a registered nurse and one of the six people in the Audi S4 that day, told the jury. “It made me super uncomfortable. I just said, ‘Stop.’ I think he was aggravated at me.” When the group pulled into the Shell station at East and South boulevards for a bathroom stop, Josh Siff, Campbell’s date that day, said Wheeling ordered Campbell to turn over his keys. “I’m going to drive my own f---ing car,” Wheeling said, according to Siff. Wheeling then pulled back onto South Boulevard and accelerated. Soon, Siff and Campbell testified, the Audi was traveling at 60 mph or more as Wheeling swerved in and around game-day traffic. The speed limit on South Boulevard is 35. Siff testified that as he turned to look out his side window because he was so disturbed by Wheeling’s driving, he saw a woman dressed in black appear on the sidewalk. Then there was a crash. According to WBTV, an Observer news partner, Putnam’s boyfriend Bronsyn Stewart said her body was thrown high into the air before it hit the ground and began tumbling along the road – winding up almost 65 yards from where she had been struck.
  13. The RailYard

    The insidious bull tallow, the bane of our existence.
  14. Armchair Developer/Planner

  15. Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Fall in the Queen City. Photo credit to Mark Chaney..