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  1. Pulled from the Observer..
  2. I have no problem with this at all. Given that Oregon does not have a sales tax, this new law imposes a $15.00 excise tax that goes directly towards improving biking infrastructure and safety. It does ( in the words of Earl Blumenauer ) give cyclists some skin in the game. It is imposed on those who purchase a bike that costs over 200.00 and has a wheel diameter of 26" and greater. Our 7.5% sales tax on a 200.00 bike already puts $15.00 into the general fund.
  3. The NCNB tower was finished, and it looks like the secondary development on that block ( the Radisson Plaza) was already glassed in, so I'd put a date of 1976-77 on this pic.
  4. District 2 Councilman Al Austin would be who you would need to contact..
  5. NODA historic mill village photo exhibit opens tomorrow night...
  6. ^"hide and seek staffing" Sad, but so true.
  7. THIS ^ needs to be on a billboard within eyesight of Dena Diorio's office.
  8. CLT Bike Camp is in the middle of its first week. The beginner and intermediate camps were sold out. Kids on two wheels safely navigating and exploring all that our community has to offer. There may be no better entry that can better reflect "Charlotte trying to be more bike friendly".
  9. I know this is off subject a bit, but Area 15 and Carlos Espin are community treasures that have incubated and fostered a wide and diverse range of what are now community treasures on their own . It embraced the concept of a Recyclery more than 10 years ago and now it sells more "new to the owner" bikes than probably any shop in the State of North Carolina, and has given away more than a thousand bikes to deserving kids through their Earn a Bike program.. It also was the launching point for Not Just Coffee, another success story that I know many on this board have experienced and enjoyed.
  10. Word has it that CLT Bike Camp has sold out and closed registration for their First Wheels ( youngest riders) this month and Rolling Ready in July. There are only just a few remaining for the Hard Gears camp ( most experienced riders ) to be held in August .
  11. ^ Animal Artistry ...
  12. ..and there's this. As the frequency of departures continues to climb noise issues will too. It does seem that there are an increasing number of planes that are failing to gain a sufficient enough level of altitude to minimize the decibel level... Can anyone here illuminate the issue in regards to distance from takeoff, noise and rate of climb?
  13. Some of the hardest falls I've had on a bike occurred on the McMullen Creek Greenway when the boardwalk was damp. Even a a very slow speed, wheels would slip and result in deep lingering bruising. This looks much more skid proof.
  14. I'm predicting that the screening will take on a whole new texture as the many multiple nooks and crannies between the concrete and the screening become ideal homes to nesting birds and all the s**t that they generate.
  15. ^ Beautiful. May I repost this?