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  1. Holy Beer Dinking, Batman; our pal Mike Brawley better be ordering some extra holiday quaffs...
  2. Move it to Lakewood along the new extension of the Stewart Creek Greenway. It would certainly be a fit historically.
  3. Good luck turning left out of there...
  4. ^^^ so the six acres includes the creek...? I could easily imagine that any prospective buyer would also make a play for Area 15.. adding that property to the deal would really make this a game changer.. Though in doing so, it would seem that the TFK Recyclery days would be numbered. Sad.
  5. What a sweet difference when a few power lined are buried...
  6. My apologies for not giving credit to whoever posted this a while back, but nevertheless... a grand idea and a beautiful design.
  7. ^ it'll be even better when it's extened to Lakewood Ave..& Rozzelles Ferry Rd.
  8. Open Streets 704 is this afternoon from 1-5:00. The Route goes from Latta Park to Blue Blaze. Lots os opportunities to quench a thirst.. http://openstreets704.com/route/
  9. Marvin Ellison< Pres. & CEO, lives on Eagle Glen, a chip shot away from Quail Hollow.
  10. http://www.talkdeath.com/cemetery-overcrowding-leading-europe-recycle-burial-plots/
  11. I still have not seen a conceptual drawing of the rail trail that passes thru the Convention Center... given the narrow passageway for the Blue Line, I'm at a loss on how the trail will go from Stonewall to MLK...
  12. I second Brevard. The upper section of the Davidson River beyond the fish hatchery, is full of deep, bone chilling/born again swimming holes..
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