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  1. Mea culpa, mea culpa... "The stadium facade features many unique elements, such as massive arches and towers at the entries, clad in building materials that accent the Panthers black, silver and blue team colors. The exterior pathways are marked by archways of live oak trees and manicured botanical garden features. The interior has been designed to feature wide and tall concourses in addition to wide seats and state-of-the-art sound, video and scoreboard systems."
  2. ^ I believe those surrounding BofA Stadium are Willow Oaks.. Live Oaks are a bit more stately...
  3. ever wonder where all those pump bottle parts are produced for Purell etal ?? https://www.alibaba.com/showroom/lotion-pump.html
  4. Thank you. Gonna go get me and my son a copy tomorrow.
  5. No phone, no food, no pets.. ( apologies to Roger Miller).. exactly when did someone set off the Neutron Bomb on South Tryon... ?
  6. From Schlosser Development's web site...
  7. Light Installations Come to the Rail Trail with “I Heart Rail Trail: Lights” Presented by U.S. Bank What: Temporary, interactive light installations pop up along the Rail Trail When: Thursday, February 13 – Saturday, February 29 Where: A one-mile stretch along the Rail Trail from Carson St. to Sycamore Brewing Internationally renowned light installations are coming to the Charlotte Rail Trail to kick off a year-long partnership between U.S. Bank and the Rail Trail called I Heart Rail Trail. The I Heart Rail Trail initiative will feature events large and small to activate the Rail Trail and enhance the experience of this 3.5-mile linear park. From February 13 – February 29, I Heart Rail Trail: Lights will feature four interactive light installations spread along a one-mile stretch of the Rail Trail from Carson St. to Sycamore Brewing. • Sonic Forest: Next to 1100 South Apartments across from Carson St. Station • Passage: Next to Post South Apartments near Bland Street • Echo: Kingston Plaza near Dilworth Artisan Station • Run Beyond: Sycamore Brewing The partnership between U.S. Bank and the Charlotte Rail Trail is part of U.S. Bank’s Community Possible initiative. Their unified giving and engagement strategy Community Possible focuses on closing the gaps between people and possibility in the areas of Work, Home and Play. They believe the building blocks of all thriving communities where all things are possible include stable employment opportunities, a home to call your own, and a community connected through culture, arts, recreation and play. Visit www.usbank.com/community for more information. The Rail Trail is envisioned to be an integrated public art experience that creates a unique, ever-changing destination, linking diverse neighborhoods in Charlotte that invites people of all ages and backgrounds to come together to discover, enjoy and explore. Full installation and artist descriptions below: Sonic Forest: An Urban Musical (https://www.creos.io/en/art/foret-sonique) Sonic Forest is a multi-sensory, interactive installation that is part of Christopher Janney’s “Urban Musical Instruments” series. The “Sonic Forest” is composed of 16, eight-foot-tall by ten-inch diameter columns each containing audio speakers, lights and photo-electric sensors. Touching the electronic trees triggers a series of events-from an original score of melodic tones, environmental sounds, and spoken or whispered expressions to an ever-changing color palette of LED lights. Everyone who walks through this instrument calls up their own “musical oasis.” The entire installation will sound the time of day each hour. A “ghost in the machine” will trigger the installation at random moments, and the installation will “play by itself’ for short intervals when no one has passed through it. Artist: Christopher Janney #SonicForest Facebook: @ChristopherJanneySound Instagram: @janneysound Christopher Janney was trained as an architect and a jazz musician. He has created numerous permanent interactive sound & light installations, attempting, on the one hand, to make architecture more "spontaneous" and, on the other hand, to make music more physical, more visual. Projects include the interactive sculptural scoreboard for the Miami Arena, Florida; “Rainbow Cove” at Logan Airport, Boston, Massachusetts; “A House is a Musical Instrument: Kona”, an 8,000-sq. foot private residence in Kona, Hawaii based on Hawaiian cosmological principles; “Harmonic Convergence”, an interactive sound/light environment in the Miami International Airport; “Harmonic Fugue” for Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas; and five US/UK tours of Sonic Forest. Sonic Forest has been to the following major music festivals: Bonnaroo, Coachella, Wireless, Electric Daisy Carnival and Glastonbury. Passage (https://www.creos.io/en/art/passage) Passage is an immersive, minimalist, contemplative and interactive artwork that explores the emotional connections we develop with light and sound. The concept of the artwork takes root in the definition of the word passage itself: the act of moving through or past something on the way from one place to another, and the process of transition from one state to another in a temporal dimension. The installation consists of 20 circles of light that form a tunnel which bystanders will go through, and a sound system. The passage through the tunnel activates light animations and sounds. Artist: Serge Maheu #Passage Facebook: @sergemaheu.studio Instagram: @semahaIlluminart Facebook: @Montrealenlumiere @experienceilluminart Trained as a computer engineer, Serge Maheu has followed a more creative path that led him into arts and, therefore, to become a multimedia director. By bringing together his experience in film, animation, photography, sound & music, computer programming, mathematics, interactivity, electronics and design, Maheu’s practice is cross-disciplinary. An avid lover of straight and obliques lines, squares, pixels and concrete, minimalist and repetitive music. He is interested in creating innovative art based on a certain digital poetry while pursuing the relation of mankind with the digital world. He’s open to fresh ideas, collaborations and new art (or non-art) explorations. Run Beyond https://www.lightart-collection.com/.../run-beyond-light... 'Run Beyond' is a work that focuses on the leap that we all have to make, sooner or later: the leap to freedom. Artist Angelo Bonello doesn’t specify what freedom that is—so it’s up to the spectator to decide. "This work is about the power of imagination; a force that is so strong that it allows individuals to overcome their fears and limitations so that they can open themselves up to other cultures, new friendships and unknown worlds," Bonello says. Artist: Angelo Bonello Turin-born artist Angelo Bonello was exposed to art at a young age. As a child he was taught how to paint and create sculptures by his teacher, the impressionist artist Sergio Manfredi. For many years, Bonello lived a nomadic lifestyle, traveling from Paris to Mexico, Hamburg to Rio de Janeiro. Since 1997 he has been living in Rome where he runs KitonB with Alberta Nunziante. Their work is characterized by a stylistic approach, based on the dimensional deformations of spaces. Echo Artist: Echo is a kinetic display of light and sound designed to capture the energy of city light. Echo stands nine feet tall with interlaced LED light ribbons and a shimmering metal base to reflect the light. The light sculpture “learns” from previous impulses and sound waves to create a dazzling and mesmerizing impact on the scenes.
  8. It appears from the rendition that this last floor is the Deloitte signage floor..
  9. It would have to be alongside of the ACWR track... I would guess.
  10. A few more lawsuits, and it's as good as sold.
  11. Today is the day! Registration for CLT Bike Camp is now open! Go to: http://cltbikecamp.org/camps/
  12. Taken by a fellow cyclist during this week's PMTNR ...
  13. SosId: 1928409 Status: Current-Active Annual Report Status: Current Citizenship: Domestic Date Formed: 12/18/2019 Registered Agent: Scarborough, Paul R. Addresses Reg Office 1807 S. Tryon St Charlotte, NC 28203 Reg Mailing 1807 S. Tryon St Charlotte, NC 28203
  14. and here too.... http://polaris3g.mecklenburgcountync.gov/#mat=552278&pid=20919232&gisid=20919232
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