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  1. I had the same problem you did. There is a discussion on r/grandrapids about that photo as well. At that time, Monroe did not go all the way through to Fulton and instead turned up Monroe Center (which was a much wider street). Here's a picture of that intersection (from that reddit discussion).
  2. There is really no way to unfairly criticize this thing. The building now has not one, not two, but three different and uncoordinated styles to it. Several years ago, the then-owners tacked on a front porch to the entrance that made no attempt to blend in with the existing (dated) architecture. So we had a 1990's bolt on. For reasons passing understanding, they have now painted most (but not all) of the tower white and purple. Mind you, they stopped at the first floor, which you can sort of see in the picture. So, floor one -- 1970's brown and beige brick; floors two through seven -- south
  3. The owners of Sun Title (located in the building just north on Plainfield -- to the far left in the picture) purchased the building and are renovating it. They went to the library to get original pictures of the building before it was skinned and wanted to reveal the original facade. Based on their current building, I would expect the finished product to be very nice. The Creston area community was impressive in how fast and hard they rallied and raised money for the Plainfield improvement project.
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