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  1. I have tried to go a few times over the months since it opened and the wait was always crazy long so we just left. Haven’t tried in awhile though so it may be better now.
  2. Cypress Social by the guys behind Petit & Keet is set to open mid august. Also, word is Sobo is being redone by a group of successful LR restaurant veterans. Maybe it will actually work this time. I can’t recall the name I heard it was changing to though.
  3. Gearhead was a remodel. They are back open. I went in yesterday.
  4. Is this going to be Amazon's largest FC? From searching I can't find any that are larger and at 3M SF this may be one of the largest if not the largest.
  5. Ernie Biggs is showing that it is Leased. Saw the sign in the window a few minutes ago. Wonder what it is.
  6. Anybody know what if anything is going in at the old Andina location on 3rd? There is paper up on the windows and I saw some guys working going in and out the other day. Maybe they are just clearing it out but it looked like they were doing some renovation.
  7. And United has direct to Denver. Took it on a trip to LA last week. A direct to LAX would be nice.
  8. Anecdotal I know but I have been to the bar area many times in the last year. I haven't even thought about or been to the restaurant in 10+ years.
  9. I just read it as nothing was confirmed so they couldn't say but it was in the future plans. Surely a senior UA rep wouldn't come to the airport talking about this stuff and not have some at least tentative plans for LR. But stranger things have happened. If it wasn't for a couple of specific cities I travel to frequently I would have already switched to AA. And may still yet anyway.
  10. Thanks for sharing. I am exclusively an United business traveler due to their hubs, routes, and flight times compared to the other options. I had read they were moving to larger planes with more amenities in a national article some time ago but this is the first I have seen of it in relation to Clinton. I actually booked a flight yesterday and I changed my flight time to a less desirable one due to it being on an ERJ170 as opposed to an RJ145 just because of the first class option. But still no WiFi. I have actually been looking into switching over to AA due to this but may wait it out and see now. While I don't have a business need I would love a direct leisure option to NYC and I could use a direct occasionally to LAX. I know LR has had those routes before on the larger airlines but don't recall why they went away. I assume it came down to load and they just weren't filling the planes? Maybe it was just seasonal? But I would imagine even if it was seasonal that if the planes we full it would have meant they made the service more permanent.
  11. The streetcar will be free beginning December 21 through all of 2019.
  12. Any idea what is going on in between CJRW and Soul Fish? It is now boarded up and looks like there may be work going on.
  13. The Chili's is open and the signage is up across from it and work appears to be underway on the Chick-fil-A and Burger King. It was packed when I was there Monday. I have been flying more than usual lately and the airport is generally full and almost all of the flights into and out of LR are at or near capacity. I would love it if we could get a NYC direct back.
  14. I didn't know that about the proposed direct service to MSY way back. Maybe when the new airport opens there early next year (I think) someone will pick it up. I am down there often and hate having to connect. I wonder how full the Glo flights were before it went under.
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