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  1. Are there any active development plans for the land between Monticello Ave. and Armistead Ave., between 14th and 16th St.'s?
  2. How possible is it that this project is experiencing "Granby Tower" issues?
  3. Looks the same as it has the past 34 years to me. When did they add on?
  4. NEW! Sunday Acoustic Concerts on the Waterfront With Hunter Hughes Part of New Waterside Events Program Free and Everyone is Welcome
  5. For Immediate Release: This Weekend Inside Waterside Festival Marketplace, Downtown Norfolk ...all activities and shows are free Friday, July 10 Friday Family Date Night 5 pm - 6:30 pm: Here
  6. The Gym is not moving. It is expanding with an additional location to be better able to serve those who work in the downtown towers. The Gym Downtown Waterside Fitness Studio The Gym Downtown has opened a 2nd location inside Waterside on the first floor. During our introductory period
  7. Not "on Boush", but at the corner of Boush and College Place. Entry faces College Place. The site I was told about was formerly a convenience store that closed when The Market opened under HH.
  8. You are being much too posiitive. The E. Princess Anne property is very close to the Broad Creek neighborhood to the east and not far from the continually revitalized Church St. corridor to the west. Don't recall much if anything very new in that stretch in well...forever...so this is a postive to me. If the rent is managable for those who need a lower level, and if all the other apartments are too high and keep increasing, they may have a niche to fill. With the other, good to see something begin to happen in the Fort Norfolk area. It's obviously a tough time for any development acti
  9. Other side of Boush....where the little convenience store used to be.
  10. Someone told me that Machismo is moving to corner of College Place and Boush. Is this old or new news?
  11. The key is what you said. This a starter line. It is not a magic trick that will be the best light rail in the country the very first day. It needs to be expanded sooner rather than later to the Oceanfront, to ODU, to the Naval base, to the airport, to Greenbrier, and to the Peninsula. It will take a long time but thank God Norfolk has started the ball rolling.
  12. I am very pleased to see that Virginia will apparently very soon become a place where smoking is no longer allowed in restaurants. While I am not interested in debating that, I am interested in what impact there will be on our Norfolk restaurants. I suspect that a few establsihments that cater to the heavy smoking and drinkers may have some troubles...perhaps serious troubles, but I think overall more restaurant business will result because people will no longer have to worry, wonder or perhaps avoid certain restaurants because of the concern with smoke.
  13. What is an unbias opinion piece? 10th graders giving a professional writing advice? How many in that class write for the VP now? Last I checked, Kerry is still drawing a paycheck.
  14. I understand the purpose you state, but since this thing is right on the edge of the field, chances are some folks are going to want to party and watch the game too to some degree. As presently designed, that flexibility will only be avaialble to those very close to the rail by the outfield. What I would suggest would require starting out a few feet higher in the back and then just drop down one or maybe two additional levels with perhaps two rows of "high tables" on each level. Just as is done in the main ballpark, ADA compliance can occur on the upper level.
  15. I wonder why it was designed to have just one level. It seems it would have been wise to have two or three. Just one step up for each level and so many more could be out there and actually be enjoying themselves and see the game too.
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