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  1. http://www.tennessean.com/apps/pbcs.dll/ar...S0202/808150415 The decision is in....lets put off making a decision
  2. Instead of a new thread I figured this would tie in best here http://www.nytimes.com/2008/08/14/us/14streetcar.html Nashville used to have street cars; one was routed from Percy Warner Park, down the median of the B. Meade Blvd, up West End to downtown. I always wished this could be returned.
  3. From the City Paper http://www.nashvillecitypaper.com/news.php?viewStory=62085 IF I am going to be for this, I would want the May's to pay for the bridge and all intrastructure concerns. Also, since this is a clean slate how about going beyond LEED - rainwater collection, solar power use, perhaps wind tubines. This could, almost, be a selfsustainable build
  4. There is another point to bring up; flood plane. Is MTC in a flood plane or flood way? If so, the Corp and FEMA will have to sign off on this and that is a big hurdle. I know in Ashland City there are several pending lawsuits involving the City, FEMA and citizens over floodplane issues.
  5. Sooo, I guess to the Indians when James Robertson showed up to build a log cabin on the Cumberland River it was sprawl to them? I read somewhere where Nash still has over 100k zoned Ag...Starwood would have made a nice campus for MTC. How about the Fairgrounds? Stiner Lift (or whatever the metal place is downtown) We have touched on Metro Center. I searched Realtracs.com for land within Davidson Co within 50-70 acres. There were seven shown, most expensive was 1.2M, least was 500k. I am sure there are more properties out there. Given this, MTC does not need to be placed where i
  6. First - a link to a story in todays Tennessean: http://www.tennessean.com/apps/pbcs.dll/ar...T0301/807280319 Suzilla - MTC is advertised as being more upscale, corp HQ type of place. If you recall when MTC first advertised it linked in names like Belle Meade, West Meade, ave income within 5 miles, etc. Having the ONLY bridge directly to MTC coming from Cenntennial Blvd does not fit the "image" Yeah the prisioners are locked up but...still not too attractive entrance to the new downtown.
  7. Nashville has had locations to attracted HQ's in the past 20 yrs - Metro Center is the main one - some came, most left. You mentioned "Value of life" and I would argue that Williamson Co offers much more than Davidson Co does (crime, schools, shopping) Not only are compainies looking at a building to move into but what the County offers - Williamson Co is perceived to have much better schools than Davidson Co. What "incentives" does Williamson Co offer over Davidson Co? Also, look at where the bridge might go - Cenntinnal Blvd - prisions and industry which may bring crime over or ma
  8. Has Mr May turned over the rest of the land to a conservation? IMO if MTC gets built the extra land he owns surrounding the build will eventually be developed. Also, what about all the vacant business property already downtown? (ATT is 1/2 empty now) and business leaving downtown to move to MTC (80% of moved business are internal to Davidson Co - 20% come from outside) so would business just be moving from one plot to another? Metro is trying to pay for a Convention Center downtown - how can they expect to pay for schools, police, etc in MTC?
  9. Todays Tennessean: http://www.tennessean.com/apps/pbcs.dll/ar...S0202/807240363 I am still not for this I do not buy into the May spin on keeping areas rural - if built it will sprawl and nothing can stop it. Who will build the schools, fire / police halls, etc? Metro Center would be a nice HQ location for a company There are way too many unknowns on this
  10. A very nice video - granted it is very one sided. Nice use of birds and green grass blowing in the wind I thought MTC was geared toward the Belle Meade folks, in the video the state the MTC will help growth on Trinity Lane and Dickerson Rd (huh?) I went for a motorcycle ride yesterday - there are plenty of spaces downtown to build a 4B development - the area below Jefferson St / Bicen Mall / Downtown - there are some new condos there but still block after block is underdeveloped. Intrastructure is in place, close to downtown, next door to a Park We drove my TSU - I didnt know ther
  11. In today's Nashville Scene the cover story is about MTC (I would have posted a link but the Scene's website is behind their print copy) The author covers both sides fairly and what could / might happen. If MTC does not get passed the current zoning does allow for 600+ residences to be build on the May property. This would be better than 40k folks going in and out on ONE bridge. Who will pay the 100M for the bridge and Brilery Pkwy work? Who pays for the services (school, fire, etc) for the residences? Also - I found very interesting, most companies do not come from outside the area
  12. "the greater good of Nashville..." Why not build up instead of out? How about Ellington Pkwy, Dickerson Rd, Madison - close to downtown, space available, interstructure in place - 4B would build a very nice center there. A bridge would remove HOMEOWNERS from, well, their homes. (Can someone start a Thread on what Metro is trying to do w. the Joy property on Music Row??) Some will bring up added tax revenue - I can bring up wasted tax spending I am for good growth but IMO I do not think Bells Bend area is a good area for this. I feel Mr. May is just looking for something he c
  13. I hope this does not get built. Nashville does not need this - why not focus on rebuilting blighted areas (Antioch, 4th Ave - the area between downtown and I-40 on the South side, etc, etc, etc)
  14. I think he means, is this growth really necessary?
  15. Is making money the real and only point to all of this?
  16. The taxes raised are all based on MTC figures. How many millions will the Govt have to kick in for a private development (Bridge, interstructure, etc) I think the 100M the Govt will be paying maybe better spent elsewhere. Why not reclaim 4th & Layfette area of downtown - remove the crime and build MTC there. Metro Center is another. www.bellsbend.org Why do people think more buildings is the answer?
  17. That is the point this area does not have to be developed, there are many other areas of town underutilized. Why not keep ONE area of a city rural? 75% of produce that Nashville consumed was grown/raised in this area, now we import from overseas (check your veggies, not all are USA grown) Why not use an area to support the arg needs of a city?
  18. Grapa, When and where will the meeting be held?
  19. The only person who wants this and owns land in the area is Mr. May. I live close and do not want another 50k commuters and the added trash / waste dumped in the river. Add this to the H2O development and that neck of the woods just got very crowded
  20. I keep hoping this development will just die or go away as so many others do. It is a massive project. I was on the Cumberland in my little sailboat last night; a eagle was flying around looking for its dinner. Just very quiet and peaceful. Nashville has other areas that are in need of restoration / developement - can one area of a City not be kept rural?
  21. "Add to the nuances that the are clear cutting and surveying on the interstate easement at Thunderbird Drive, and there is a zoning change sign up in front of the Waffle House where Cabot (? does it change names?) meets Charlotte just a block or so east of Walmart." I think the zoning sign relates to the H2O development. The tree cutting along the interstate is (IMO) to prevent large trees from falling into the interstate.
  22. Grapa I live across the river from Bells Bend. Just wondering, is there any type of development the majority of landowners would support? It seems at some point something will be developed in the "Bend".
  23. Walmart's roof is in the lower left in the photos. H2O will be to the RIGHT of Walmart / Lowes shopping center. If you look to the LEFT of Walmart you will see two wooded hills. This is where Zeitlen (sp) was going to build the tall condo tower w. a walking bridge across the Cumberland - which he passed on to try and build the residences in Bells Bend, which the community voted down. If you look to the LEFT of the two wooded hills and along the river you can barely see a dead end road and a few houses. This is where I live - 11 houses total on the Street. Here is some food for
  24. Concerning interstructure - Harpeth Valley Utilities is right next door (They are doing another expansion to their facilities, again) So tapping into treated water and waste disposal is not an issue at all. I would assume I would be able to see the taller buildings from my back yard. MTC needs to land a few Corp HQ's prior to build
  25. What about Metro Center (which was built on the North side of town about 20 yrs ago)? Wasnt this supposed to be Class A Corp center, etc, etc...now its pretty much a waste land. H2O will be (hopefully) on the opposite side of the river, downstream about 1/2 mile. I am beginning to have mixed feeling about the May development - too much, too concrete? I would like to see a video of the development.
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