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  1. "Northwest partners with Dutch giant KLM and by spring will fly to Amsterdam from 16 U.S. cities, including mid-sized markets like Portland and Hartford, Conn. Its executives said recently they plan further trans-Atlantic expansion." Amsterdam is a pretty large hub. 26 A-330 2 A340 22 A350 10 757 Etops 10 767s I think US could build a "widebody" international hub out of Charlotte, unless they plan to send all the new planes to Philadelphia. US has only 19 widebodies right now.
  2. If there was more room for a Charlotte-Denver flight, Frontier or Lynx would have jumped on it. TAP airlines - Lisbon Austrian airways - Vienna. KLM/Northwest - Amsterdam I think the expanded international service will be from US though, Switching lower O&D European routes that rely on connecting traffic from Philadelphia to Charlotte to expand Philadelphias international operations to higher yeilding routes. Also, a US Airways South American hub in Charlotte could be the international service. Star alliance lacks South America presence. Us Airways could have
  3. I wonder where Southwest would try to fly from Charlotte? We know it will not be Atlanta, Boston, NYC, or transcontinental flights for sure.
  4. According to the Observer, Trump is still looking at a 60 story+ Office tower, and "possibly" a condo tower.
  5. US Airways is trying out inflight entertainment systems in their aircraft next year {modeled after Jetblue's inflight entertainment systems}. the new uniforms, and new website is also coming online next year. Hopefully this is a turning point for US.
  6. http://money.cnn.com/news/newsfeeds/articl...926112007-1.htm "Over the five-day period (Wednesday, Nov. 21 through Sunday, Nov. 25), the airline's arrivals within 14 minutes of schedule (which is the measure the Department of Transportation uses to measure on-time performance in the airline industry) averaged 86.6 percent and the airline completed 99.6 percent of its scheduled flights." US Airways is the only chance Charlotte will ever have at international service, and non-stops too many destinations. I guess some people rather have 50 Southwest flights too Orlando
  7. The Heathrow flight does not leave during the European push, which means USAirways has gate space for this flight. I doubt the 767's will go anywhere for a while. THey still got quite a few years left on them, and I doubt they would be refurbishing the planes just for them too get retired... Kirby stated that US Airays still plans too add about 3-4 international destinations a year, and stated that since a lack of gate space is provided at Philadelphia, they {US Airways} would have to look at other hubs {Charlotte} to do international flying. This could mean switching low O&D flights f
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