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  1. I could think of a dozen other message boards that would make a believer out of you!
  2. I'll give you that on the PR side. Frankly, any reporter taking something off a largely-anonymous website and running with it without checking it out is a little frightening, but I am sure it happens.
  3. Well, if the media's not digging around, then they can't cover things, and then there are complaints that things aren't covered, which I have seen in other threads. It can't be both ways.
  4. After we bought the house here we started getting offers for mortgage insurance. They were coming at the rate of two or three a week, all quoting information from public records. They started getting clever, too - putting 'em on pink paper with verbage like "Urgent: Response Required" and such. Thinking folks might be falling for it, I stuffed about two dozen of 'em in an envelope with a nice letter to Mike Cox in Lansing asking why there's a "do not call" list for telemarketing, but buying a house opens you up to this? Nothing ever came back from Lansing, but last week I got a
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