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  1. Does anyone know about the Eclectic Electric Museum? Is it still available to schedule an appointment to see it? And how does one do that? I had never even heard about it until yesterday and there is very little online about contact info. Thanks!
  2. So trains will run on both sides of the James from Richmond to Hampton Roads.....I guess the only question is, when? http://www2.timesdispatch.com/rtd/business/transportation/article/B-VDOT18_20100217-215203/325042/
  3. No, Broad Street Station being used is fantasy world talk, but it would be neat in my opinion. Here's some pictures of the Hull Street Station renovation by the Old Dominion Chapter of the NRHS: http://www.odcnrhs.org/Museumproject.htm My reservations about MSS for High Speed Rail are that trains will have to go through Acca. Now, I believe I read recently that a bypass would be built for passenger traffic through Acca, is that correct? I'd love to see MSS used like they want to, but I'm not sold yet. I'm intrigued about the new station at Parham Road.
  4. Sadly, the best option may be to use Broad Street Station. In an ideal world....or maybe a fantasy world, could the Science Museum and a train depot occupy the same building? Granted, even in this fantasy world I speak of, the rail loop that made Broad Street Station so accessible for ACL and RF&P trains would have to be reconstructed. In reality, a new rail station at Staples Mill seems to be the most logical.
  5. Walmart seeks to open in urban markets, http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/8a5ffa1e-c728-11de-bb6f-00144feab49a.html Love it or hate it, Walmart attracts customers, sometimes at the expense of "mom & pop" stores, but not all the time. Living a stone's throw from the Mechanicsville Walmart, I can attest that the place is always busy. If Walmart ever decided to open in Richmond (I know there's one at Forest Hill & Chippenham, but I'm talking non-annexed areas) I could see it occupying the old Sears building on Broad Street (I don't know what's in that building now). But parking would be
  6. Hampton Roads leaders come together to get high speed rail from Richmond Main Street Station to Norfolk using the Norfolk Southern tracks from Petersburg to Norfolk. Here's the article from the Pilot online, http://hamptonroads.com/2009/10/leaders-agree-push-highspeed-rail-norfolk I wonder, will this put importance, more importance or no importance on a station at Petersburg? If I read the SEHSR documentation correctly, they are going to use the A-Line from Centralia to Collier Yard in Petersburg, aiming for a new station at Ettrick instead of coming downtown to use Petersburg's Uni
  7. Just read on the T-D's website that Harvey Hudson, who was a Richmond institution on radio, has passed away at the age of 88. He was also prominent on the PBS documentary, "Richmond Memories". http://www2.timesdispatch.com/rtd/news/local/article/HHOBGAT01_20091101-143802/303016/
  8. well, I know they've got one set to go over VA-895 for the interchange. It also looks as if they may have one go over Charles City Road, but I'm not sure.
  9. Why has there been a giant "X" flashing at the beginning (or end) of the runway closest to US 60? Or is that always there?
  10. Sonic Drive-In is commencing construction of a new location on Mechanicsville Turnpike across the road from Victory Nissan. They will tear down the former Bill's Barbecue (Mattress Discounters) building, no word on when they are scheduled to open. I think this will be Sonic's fifth location in the Richmond area in the last three years, with the most recent one opening at Washington Highway and Sliding Hill Road just north of the Henrico/Hanover line. The added benefit to this new location is it's proximity to Lee-Davis High School, and my neighborhood. Here's hoping Bojangles' opens a
  11. I'm intrigued by the genealogical center....that could potentially be a huge draw, more and more people seem to express an interest in knowing their family history. Hopefully, they'll not put all their hope in getting funding from the government, I just don't see it coming from there right now....there's got to be some big shots with money who have a passion for this. From an architectural standpoint, it will certainly draw curiosity from those passing along I-95....and if Main Street Station picks up more rail traffic, it could be quite the front door into Richmond.
  12. High Speed Rail will use the CSX Main Line through Hanover County. http://www.timesdispatch.com/rtd/business/...-223403/271778/
  13. For here in Richmond... It could have been the FedEx jet...it has a different flight path than any other plane I see coming into RIC. Plus it is huge. The military is known to do training around here and you'll occasionally see large cargo aircraft or the ones with the big radar dish on top flying around. ...and then the aforementioned Air Force One plane can be seen around here from time to time. I think they practice touch and go procedures here at Richmond. I did notice low flying military helicopters flying around Mechanicsville yesterday. Very low, with their side doors open
  14. Thanks Burt, very interesting discussions.
  15. Harris Teeter expanding VA presence... from today's Times-Dispatch http://www.timesdispatch.com/rtd/business/...-064803/186584/ maybe this could mean expanding into Richmond?
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