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  1. I didn't know about this project, so I Googled it and found this rendering. I'm pretty sure the glass tower to the left is Metropolis and it looks like Bulldogs will remain.
  2. I recently noticed that this surface parking lot on the NE corner of Peachtree & 7th is fenced off now. Does anyone have some details?
  3. Elan Westside Apartments Passed by this project while I was over in the Westside neighborhood (NE corner of 14th & Howell Mill): This is what it will look like when completed:
  4. Does anyone know the status of the Meeting Park mixed use project in Marietta: http://beacon-park.com/index.php The website seems a bit dated and Google Maps just shows a cleared area.
  5. Does anyone know the current population (estimate) and square mileage of the 10-county designation?
  6. Dallas and Houston don't surprise me since I've heard that they have an even greater "car-hugging" culture than Atlanta. The stats on Seattle, however, do surprise me. It's true that Seattle has a smaller metro population and more people probably live in their downtown so they can bike/walk, but still...I wouldn't have guess that Atlanta would score higher. One thing I do notice from the chart is that all of the cities proceeding Atlanta on the list are strong mass transit cities. Position #8 (Atlanta) seems to be the dividing line...interesting. As always, thanks Martinman for th
  7. I agree that this info is no cause for celebration, especially since these other cities offer viable alternatives to the traditional car commute while ATL is lacking in this respect.
  8. Looks like we finally have a name for this one...Park & 12th: http://www.parkand12th.com/
  9. Thanks for the link to the tour...looks like a lot of projects will come online in the next couple of years. Speaking of MA, anyone going to the meeting next week (Dec 4)?
  10. How can the owner afford to hold on to a piece of property like that w/o maximizing usage and profits? I mean, the property taxes must be killing them, no?
  11. Does anyone know if development is planned for the block between 10th/11th and P'Tree/Juniper? It seems like so much is going on in that corridor yet that particular block remains run down and underutilized...any info?
  12. Does anyone know what the name of the project is going up on the east side of Piedmont Ave, between 11th and 12th?
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