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  1. We recently flew to Dallas and the C concourse is certainly improving nicely. BTW, has anybody flown through Love Field lately? It's an absolute dump, from the terrible conditions of the bathrooms to the overall general look of the terminal. You would think Southwest would be doing more to improve the appearance of their gates, but there's no sign of it. We also made a stop in Birmingham and I was actually impressed, at least the Southwest section. They have some nice comfortable chairs for Southwest fliers with computers at each gate that I don't think they have in Nashville.
  2. I might have missed the details about who will pay for a bridge, but knowing two TDOT employees, one who is a bridge designer, they both laugh at the idea that TDOT would be able to foot any part of the bill for a bridge like this. With the federal funds being slashed repeatedly they're struggling to fulfill current projects, let alone undertake new ones. I was told that the budget for the completion of 840 will nearly exhaust the budget for new construction this year alone.
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