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  1. My interest here has vanished. Good luck with your discoveries!
  2. I'm thinking that It's all fallen apart. But it's too good of an idea and concept to fail. These people will fade away, a new group will buy the lot and build. Doing nothing costs money... if they had money they would do it. If they were doing it , we would know. But it will happen. I think we all know that. If thats flip-flop,that's the way it's happening. I'm thinking 10 years out. But if your question is :" What do I know?", Well the answer to that is absolutely nothing!
  3. Goodstein purchased the land. Gathered people and companies '''''which are the most key ingredient. Goodstein is in some kind of communication with the city. Goodstein moved the tenants out. Goodstein accomplished the abatement. Goodstein demoed the buildings. The city wants centennial towers. Commercial buildings in city centers are the most stable in our economy. Money is comming back to these properties first. Sam Zell say's it's happening now. ( chairman of the largest commercial building leasing corporation in the country) billionaire. Richmond is growing...... economy
  4. I don't think discussions are going on. I only heard the boys there and it was guessed they were headed to the 5th floor. Maybe the developer has been called on the carpet to answer questions... maybe not. If this building was going anywhere everybody would know ! Anybody building a building in this market would is as popular as a movie star. And the RTD would be focused on it.
  5. Most likely there never was a building. Some developers just buy property and get it ready with prep and zoning to sell. This would explain the photo over 1/2 the block in the begininng. This was advertising! Nothing has made sense since if they intended to build.
  6. So; The plans have been sumitted, the city planning and development office has passed the concept. The building commissioner has approved it. I know Wilder is O.K. with it. They have a building permit. And financing is all set. By the Way, Where is the financing comming from?
  7. I think the developers are all bubbles and squeaks and they are in a Cup of Sticky !
  8. Could they possible be vying to team up with the city/state to build the tax department on the 5th street block?
  9. They could be in the frying pan !
  10. Here is something : Goodstien's lawyers were at city hall planning development office.... they may be there right now.... 9:41a 4-17 2008. What they are discussing about the building, I don't know. They may want to build something?
  11. evaporation.... . The city needs a little park. Where did the millions of dollars go?
  12. I'm going to go out on a limb here : I'm going to go with the assumption that nothin is happening.
  13. Sounds like that. I think he is looking for a big payday !
  14. Someone talked to Barbie Cox ... (the B of SB Cox ) He said " I hope we get paid." and he said. " I think the city was insisting that the demo take place." since the city did so much work to disconnect the the utilities. The building on the corner of 5th street was shaken during the demo and cracks appeared. The owner is not happy.
  15. August.... I hear. Parking lot to remain pocketed on each side as it is now.... ( unfinished as it appears to be more easily removed later) Presales have to take place. What a miracle that is needed now... hope it comes in !
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