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  1. That rendering from the Courant certainly makes this tower look like a 600 footer. I dont want to lose CT's tallest to the woods of SE CT, but I will say I love the design of the tower.
  2. Cool find, thanks for sharing Tycoon. The videos are so neat...I still can't believe how massive those two mega casinos are going to be in a few years. They're already the two largest casino's in the world!
  3. Should be interesting to see what they have come up with considering Foxwoods is spending over a billion dollars in expansions.
  4. I've noticed the modular buildings before, but this is the first I've heard of a big @ss hole in the ground at the corner of Arch and Columbus. As long as something is happening, I'll take that as good news.
  5. This must be the first time in history a project breaks ground w/o releasing public renderings. A taxpayer funded project no less. If groundbreaking does indeed happen tomorrow, at least we know they'll be releasing the plans at the ceremony.
  6. So just to sum up...here's what we know about the "new" Front Street so far: -ESPN is committed to opening up some sort of attraction/entertainment/retail venue. -The first phase of the project will consist of lowrise buildings (3 to 6 stories) and will be similar to Pratt Street. -A movie theatre will be included. -Big name national retailers have shown interest (according to Nitkin)
  7. How about a skating rink/park in the 6 acre parcel known as "Front Sreet", and developing the south side of Arch street with some residential/retail.
  8. Crossing fingers... I just hope your sources are better than mine. Many months ago I was told by an insider that things were ready to take off and then nothing came of it. This whole project has been so confusing that I'm not sure anyone knows what's going on anymore.
  9. Grand Opening set for September 7th. More Info.
  10. This is going to suck so hard in the coming years. Quite a few cities our size are either building or expanding upon their light rail systems, meanwhile we'll have a brand spanking new glorified bus route that no one is going to use. For a relatively progressive state, we've got it all wrong when it comes to transportation.
  11. With Robert Stern working on this project, I'm surprised he's for the phase idea. When has the "phase plan" ever worked for Hartford?
  12. Hmmm...OK, well at least the delay this time was actually worth it. I'm still frustrated by the "phasing" of this project. The 2 phase plan could be the death of Front Street.
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