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  1. But the quality of players will be higher despite moving from AAA to AA. Actual prospects will be in town for full seasons. AAA had become a repository for prospects not quite good enough for MLB or veterans who the big club keeps around if they need a temporary fill-in. We were not going to see another 1994 team with the likes of Chipper Jones, Ryan Klesko, Javy Lopez, etc.
  2. Passenger traffic down 7.4% in May from 2008. http://www.timesdispatch.com/rtd/business/...-121801/277176/
  3. I was an inaugural season Speed season ticket holder. It's entertaining but quickly lost its appeal with me.
  4. The streak continues at Richmond International Airport -- 33 straight months of increased growth. http://www.inrich.com/cva/ric/news.apx.-co...03-26-0040.html
  5. Great article in today's Times-Dispatch that may bring feelings of deja vu... http://www.inrich.com/cva/ric/sports.apx.-...01-30-0027.html
  6. I was waiting to finalize my lodging. I wasn't going to book airfare without being 100 percent certain about lodging. That was finalized Thursday. When I went to bed Wednesday, airfare was the price I had seen for 5 days. Last night, it had spiked up. It's a bummer.
  7. I was all set to book my travel from RIC to Maui for April on American. Alas, at some point between Wednesday night and last night, prices soared 280 dollars per person. Now we're heading to Raleigh.
  8. Let's bring back the old T-D tournament. Admitedly, VT and UVA would not agree to a true tournament format. They already play 2 or 3 times per season. You could have a 2-day affair where VT plays VCU and UVA plays UR. Then the next day VT-UR and UVA-VCU
  9. It doesn't bother me in the least to se the Braves leave. I have thought for years that lower-level minor league baseball would be more appealing. AAA has so few real prospects that stay for any length of time. A or AA would be more exciting to me as good prospects generally stay with those clubs longer. For instance, Andruw Jones swung through Richmond for all of 2 weeks. The big club is anxious to call the top guys up once they reach the AA level, in many cases bypassing the AA team altogether and promoting directly to the majors.
  10. JetBlue's flight to FLL went up 100 dollars from the middle of last week to Saturday. I may not even go. If I do, I'll post what I booked.
  11. I'll book it as soon as I feel comfortable with Saturday's outcome.
  12. Thanks. I have been lurking on this board for a long time and decided to contribute something. I don't fly often but will be flying again in December and, hopefully, January (if Virginia Tech makes the Orange Bowl).
  13. I'm glad I flew last month. otherwise RIC would have only seen 325,999 passengers.
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