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  1. I rode my bike to and from a meeting downtown last night and took the bus home from an event this evening, so clearly I am a total weirdo and you can all judge me now. Saying that bike lanes are preventing traffic from being efficient isn't very true. As far as I can tell from biking and driving a car through downtown we don't actually have many traffic problems. We have rush hour for 20-30 minutes twice a day when traffic backs up in certain areas. The rest of the day traffic moves fine.
  2. I'm sure you'll all be excited to hear that all of the bathrooms are on the second floor.
  3. Glad you got a picture. I was out there yesterday, but didn't have time to stop and I don't/can't take pictures while driving. I saw some of the panels on a truck when I was waiting at the light, they were coming from somewhere other than Kerkstra. I have a class out there on Wednesday nights and my parents live out there, so I look forward to continuing to see this go up (and will try to get pictures when it's light out again). I remember riding the bus through the old trailer park when I was in kinder-garden.
  4. The only rumor I heard was that something was happening. Furniture and things have been moving around in there for the first time in a long time. I haven't seen or heard anyone in there during daylight hours though.
  5. Per the presentation at our neighborhood meeting, permit parking can be set up to be whatever hours the neighbors and the city decide on. The one in Belknap is 9 to 5 because those are they hours they were having issues.
  6. Neighborhood apathy isn't happening and they are aware of parking issues because they have worked in the area enough. At the neighborhood association annual meeting they presented the project and said they are going to provide parking spaces for residents in the lot behind Grand Coney (with a few loading spaces at the building for residents to drop things off). A few people argued that people wouldn't want to do that, but then it was kind of settled by someone saying, well if Third Coast wants to build it that way then it's their problem if no on wants to rent from them because parking is far away. Farah's Bar is planning an expansion which will up capacity and eliminate a few parking spaces. That project was presented before the Third Coast building and there was a long, long discussion about parking. There was also a presentation from Mobile GR about the possibility of permit parking on the neighborhood streets.
  7. Third Coast is going to ask for a variance on the distance to parking for this development. They want to use the lot behind Grand Coney for residents. They had a full color drawing of it at the Midtown Annual Meeting tonight, but I didn't get a very good look at it.
  8. I ride my fat bike to work in the winter. It would be nice if the lot behind Grand Coney was public. That lot is big and never full from the businesses connected to it. Even this past Friday when people were using it for parking to go to the Polish Halls it wasn't completely full.
  9. Looks to me like they are just leaving all the parking where it currently is and replacing the building with something that looks pretty similar to what's there now. A response to people not wanting changes in their neighborhood?
  10. Good, I thought she said clothing, but Carol seemed to think it was something different, so I doubted myself. More retail will be nice.
  11. Also, tea store is going into the Rad's space and Cheveux salon is moving and being replaced by something similar.
  12. He's stop in to see us next door a few times. I haven't actually talked to him, but I believe he is planning another fusion type restaurant, similar to the other, but possibly blending a different culture.
  13. Yeah, I don't think it will sell for that much. When it was up for lease the rent price was way too high also, especially considering the work that will need to be done to get the space in decent shape. The Raad's space is being worked on, presumably just to get it into a more appealing state.
  14. The former Gaia building is finally for sale instead of lease: http://mls.carwm.com/listing/1UjabdNYFn4/207-209-Diamond-Ave-SE-Grand-Rapids-MI-49506 There were a couple different people looking at it today, so hopefully someone will buy it and get to work fixing it up.
  15. They moved to a new location. I am also interested to see what moves in, since I work right across the street.
  16. Someone other than the bike shop? They're moving to Plainfield.
  17. Just for lease and the price seems rather high. Some of the equipment is left, but is extra and as far as I know not much has been improved inside. http://mls.carwm.com/listing/29849112/207-209-Diamond-Ave-SE-Grand-Rapids-MI-49506
  18. They have a fb page: https://www.facebook.com/brickandporter
  19. Yes, they have part of their operations on Oak Industrial. I would think they'll probably move the stuff from Michigan Street there. Over two years ago we attended a planning session/charrette where we broke into groups and came up with our dream design for this site. It's nice to finally see something happening and I look forward to seeing if it ends up like anything we came up with at that event.
  20. The tracks are still used, so as far as I know it would run next to it.
  21. That sure is something. I could get a good laugh every time I go visit my parents in Grandville. "My goal is to build the nicest apartment in Michigan on this site." Really? I wasn't aware that was a very desirable location.
  22. Pretty sure it's burnt bagel crumbs from the place in Concourse B. It's significantly worse over that way. To some extent it's probably impossible to avoid some burnt stuff, but it does seem like they could clean it out more and reduce it a bit.
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