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  1. Zackman

    Rouzan TND

    It appears that the Library in Rouzan has been approved for final design documents. Here is a link to the completed proposal that was presented to the Library Board earlier this week Rouzan Branch Design Development Presentation. Here is the Final Design
  2. Zackman

    Rouzan TND

    Just a quick update. Ground clearing began this week on the old Ford Property. Seems all the permits, etc. are in place to begin construstion of the Library once the final proposal gets approved by the planning commission. Then the act of donation will be signed by the Mayor. Then the final design will have to be approved by the Library Board. Phase 1B (Library) goes before the Planning Commission this Monday for final approval. A few of the Southside CIvic Association Board Members just can't let this happen and willl put up a fight at Monday's meeting. They are leaving no stone u
  3. It's great that you are discussing this on the forum. However, I would strongly encourage everyone to send their thoughts and comments to the library board. There are a number of people who believe downtown is no place for a library. I personally think they are wrong, but that is my thought. Anyway, please take a few minutes and let the library board know your thoughts concerning the down town library. Oh, also encourage your friends, co-workers, etc., to express their opinions too! You can email the entire board by using the email address [email protected] Y
  4. Wow, good news. A Hilton Garden Inn in Perkins Rowe should be a good fit. Nice hotel without being too high end. Isn't there a Hilton Garden Inn right across from the Mall of Louisiana?
  5. Not so sure about that given the zoning, but even worse would be another lifeless one way in one way out subdivision. Just what Baton Rouge needs. Anyhow, what do you y'all think about the fear and smear campaign against Perkins Rowe. Was it effective? Or do you think the people of Baton Rouge are more open minded and willing to give the court system a try?
  6. I think cajun was referring to the pressure on WAFB imposed by those who don't want Rouzan. They're trying any angle they can think of to stop the development. (sorry about getting off topic, just wanted to clarify).
  7. The problem is the that the Baton Rouge press is not use to this size of a project and the associated lawsuits. This is really bad press... What would you do if you were a developer thinking of entering the Baton Rouge market? I also find it curious that WAFB names Spinosa instead of JTS as the target of the lawsuits.
  8. Zackman

    Rouzan TND

    The Library Board is scheduled to review the new library today for Rouzan. Sounds like they've worked out the parking and maintenance fees with the developer. Hopefully things will go through and construction will begin soon.
  9. Zackman

    Rouzan TND

    The creek is scheduled to be enlarged into a pond/lake (actually closer in size to a pond). This is for water retention, to mitigate the flooding problems in the surrounding neighborhoods during heavy rains. We, along with some other supporters or Rouzan, go to see the developer on occasion. They are very happy to meet with neighbors that are willing to listen and work with them. I think Rouzan will only enhance the charm and character of the surrounding neighborhoods. The bridge Cajun references is a 19th century arch bridge found in Europe. Something like...
  10. Zackman

    Rouzan TND

    From the Baton Rouge Advocate... [url=http://www.2theadvocate.com/news/34444364.html]Rouzan
  11. Zackman

    Rouzan TND

    Like Richyb stated, it will be much more of a village feel then Perkins Rowe, which is very urban. Most of the land will be used for single family townhomes around the village center and single family detached homes outside the town center. When you say Camellia drive in Lafayette, I'm assuming you are referring to River Ranch, which should be similar to Rouzan (both are TNDs). Rouzan is scheduled to have a Library, Church and school, none of which is found in River Ranch. Also, I would not expect any mega mansions like there are in River Ranch. I think the best example for what Rouzan
  12. Zackman

    Rouzan TND

    I wish I knew why our newspaper is so anti-Rouzan. I know they have to sell papers, but the spin they put on this development only hurts Baton Rouge and angers some already misinformed residents in the area. The fact is that 80,000 sq ft was for a "boutique" hotel, which was to be located adjacent the new lake/pond. The other 20,000 sq ft was for commercial (office/shops) on the one acre just bought. It looks like JTS has pulled the proposal altogether from the planning department.
  13. Zackman

    Rouzan TND

    The Metro Council approved the donation of land for the new Library at last nights meeting. I think most people will be very happy with the details of phase 1 and hopefully the developer will be releasing detailed drawings and rendering to the public in the near future.
  14. Zackman

    Rouzan TND

    I thought it might be appropriate, with the Planning Commissions overwhelming approval of Phase 1, that a dedicated thread be started for discussions and updates about Rouzan.
  15. Baton Rouge takes another step towards entering the 21st century with the approval of Rouzan's 1st phase. http://www.2theadvocate.com/news/29515579.html It's too bad that the advocate didn't publish Kathleen Callaghan's other comments, which included her saying something like she thought the opponents arguments were disingenuous. Living in the neighborhood, that's actually an understatement from the comments I've heard from a few of my neighbors over the last few years.
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