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  1. It all looks very good to me. I think the main logo is absolutely brilliant. Never expected anything like this. As most probably know, there have been numerous minor league teams in the past that achieved national popularity because of some unusual new nickname. Don't know if the Knights have any way to duplicate that, but this new logo and color scheme should be very popular locally.
  2. Hornets name change already paying big dividends. I think it's about what many of us expected would happen.
  3. I'm glad to see that Charlotte is bidding for the 2015 ACC Baseball Tournament. It isn't as big as the basketball tournament, but it has become a pretty big deal as the ACC is now generally considered the best baseball conference in the country. It is hard to see why they wouldn't have a excellent chance to get it. Concerning the announcement about the opening date for the new ballpark, I hope that doesn't preclude them from scheduling an exhibition game with their parent team, the Chicago White Sox, near the end of spring training. It would seem somewhat surprising if they didn't do that. Those types of exhibitions are pretty common even when a team isn't unveiling a new ballpark. How bout an Atlanta Braves vs Chicago White Sox exhibition in uptown Charlotte? The Braves would probably consider it because of their huge fan base in the Southeast. A recent edition of the Charlotte Business Journal had some real good articles about the new ballpark that have just now become fully available to non subscribers. I've included the links below. Of course, no discussion about the Knights ballpark would be complete without a quote from our old buddy, Jerry Reese: Asked this week for his thoughts on the potential impact of the minor-league stadium, Reese answered, “You reap what you sow.” Uptown Site Gives Ballpark New Dimension Third Ward In Play Ballpark Reshaping Franchise
  4. I'm one who does believe that Charlotte could support Major League Baseball, but it's sort of a moot point. There simply aren't any teams available right now and no plans for expansion in the foreseeable future. People can talk about the possibility of relocation, but that's a real long shot. That's why I believe Charlotte's best chance to get Major League Baseball in the future is by building this ballpark and hopefully becoming one of the national attendance leaders. If they do that, I think we'll see Charlotte quickly emerge as one of the top expansion candidates just like it used to be. When Baseball finally decides to expand agian, I think Charlotte should have a good chance to get a team, but until then, we just need to enjoy this new ballpark, which I am excited about. The main negative you often hear associated with this ballpark is the parking issue. I see this a lot first hand with older family friends, senior citizen types who are not the the type that would take the light rail. As a result, they're very negative about the uptown location and don't act as if they're planning to go to any games in the new park. That's a shame because they're typically big baseball fans who used to go to a lot of games in the old ballpark known as Crockett Park. I hope the Knights can find a way to reach out to them, maybe through group sales or special promotions. Maybe if they can go with a church group on a bus they'll be willing to go to some games. Given the new developements in recent months, it appears likely that the Bobcats will probably change their name to the Hornets. If that doesn't happen for some reason, I'd love to see the Knights take the name. As most probably know, that was the name of our minor league baseball team for the better part of a century going back to 1901 in Latta Park.
  5. This morning I was watching some show on WTVI that deals with local business topics. I forget the name of the show but Eric Spanberg is one of the regulars on the panel. For what it's worth, everyone on the panel thought the ballpark proposal would probably be approved using the tourism tax.
  6. One does have to wonder if the Mayor's comments are a bad sign. The question is, would it be a deal breaker if the extra money isn't approved? Would that be the death knell for a minor league baseball park in uptown or would the Knights still be able to move forward on their own? It seems like I remember reading that there were two different plans, one a more ambitious plan that involved a restuarant and another that maybe was a little less costly. I'll be anxious to hear what they have to say on Thursday.
  7. I hope it works out. I grew up going to minor league games in old Crocket Park and have really missed having a team here in town. Here is sort of a fun reminder of just how deep the baseball tradition goes in this town.
  8. Apparently the grand opening for the urban section of the greenway, as they call it, is April 20. The greenway was very active yesterday during the middle portion of the day, especially near the Metropolitan and the newer stretch towards Target and CPCC. It was the first time I noticed the little overlook they've built next to the Duke Power building overlooking the creek, which I thought was a nice touch. I was also glad to see they have a pretty decent parking area near the Captain Jack statue.(photo below) Does anyone know what they're building at the old CPCC parking lot on Elizabeth next to the greenway?
  9. T Today I got my first look, at least up close and personal, at some of the newer parts of the greenway. I'm speaking of the stretch next to Thompson's Park and on down in the area of the Captain Jack statue. I was very impressed and actually like it better than the high profile stretch on King's Drive. Even in its unfinished state, it has more nuance and there is just something about the layout that I like better. There are still unanswered questions: I have no idea if they're planning to do any landscaping on the opposite banks of the creek, which has a lot of unattractive overgrowth or exactly what they're getting ready to do with all that construction near the Captain Jack statue. - looks like they may be about to build another large fountain.
  10. Today, Gwen Cook, gave me a brief update on the Sugar Creek Greenway and the timetable going forward. As mentioned above, work has started on the Charlottetowne to Elizabeth portion. Currently, the focus is on stream restoration, but they hope to start work on the retaining walls if they can get some decent temperatures. It will go under Charlottetowne, 3rd and 4th, and the goal is to have it finished by the end of 2011. After all this time, it's hard to remember exactly what they're planning for that section of the greenway. Looking at old diagrams from the Park&Rec site, they show an amphitheatre and various fountains and pools but beyond that I'm not sure. In particular, I have no idea what they're planning for the stretch of greenway that goes behind the Target store. Of course, over the long term, the Trail of History will be a big part of it. Meanwhile, things are gradually looking better and better on the Kings Drive portion as they continue to add more and more trees and finish building various features. Based on the information above, the Charlottetowne to Elizabeth portion should really be starting to take shape by mid summer and then we should be able to get a good sense of just what type of attraction this greenway will be.
  11. That's good to hear. Thanks for the info.
  12. I have a couple of questions related to the Sugar Creek Greenway that I wanted to see if anyone could answer: One, what is it they're working on at the site next to the Metropolitan. Second, what is it they've recently started working on back behind the Captain Jack Statue. I've driven by there a few times lately and noticed they've got the bulldozers out and huge piles of rocks and dirt. Is it possible they're finally ready to start working on other parts of the greenway? Just curious. We don't hear much news anymore about these things.
  13. Great photos. I've seen most of them before, but it's always nice to see them again. Below is an even older photo taken in 1873 at the Square by the photographer, Rufus Morgan. The white house on the far right was the home of Charlotte founder Thomas Polk, although it had been moved from its original location. It was the first house in Charlotte made out of treated lumber instead of logs and the house General Cornwallis had lived in while the British occupied Charlotte during the Revolutionary War.
  14. You may be right about the late summer/early fall thing. I recall reading something about the official grand opening being around that time, but I figured they might have a so called soft opening before that for people who want to walk on it or maybe enjoy the creekside plaza.
  15. I drove by the site today and it looks like the statue is already there but with a covering over it. They were working on the base or pedestal of the statue. They're certainly leaving the rest of the work, the landscaping and paving, etc, to the last minute, but I guess they'll have it ready two weeks from now. I'm anxious to see what it looks like in its natural environment and whether it has any sort of dramatic presence. If nothing else, this statue should serve as a reminder that Charlotte has been around a long time and that a lot of interesting things were going on here in those early days of our country. Regardless of the controversy surrounding Mec Dec, no one questions the Captain Jack part of the story. It's just a question of whether the document he delivered to the Continental Congress in Philadelphia was Mec Dec, the Mecklenburg Resolves, or both. In either event, it was a dramatic moment in our history and Captain Jack is well deserving of this honor. In other greenway related news, it's obvious they won't be able to complete the Kings Dr. portion of the greenway this month like they had planned. The slowness of this project has been baffling. That said, though, there are some definite signs of progress: I'm sure some have noticed the good sized trees they've starting planting along the street the last couple weeks and they've also started work on the clock tower. I can only guess when that portion of the greenway might be finished, perhaps mid June to early July?
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