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  1. GA Tech stadium and The Georgia Dome are both in downtown Atlanta.
  2. This is starting to sound like an arqument and I dont do those lol......there are more events than u think, I dont think you are being very diverse on where u read about the events we have in birmingham.....BTW you are getting a little too deep with the situation....My idea is great on all parts. I never not one time said anything about finacing on any of these projects and can care less, it's just an idea....all these will work they will just need good before hand planning......STOP BEING SO NEGATIVE! Use that advice for your life also.....thats whats wrong with this city already negativity..
  3. First off i'm only talking about what to do with stadiums: construction of them, the amount of seats, what to do with vacated land they will leave behind. Other UAB improvements are off the subject and is another topic. Do you have any idea of the amount of smaller attendance events are held at Legion Field (In a stadium that seats 70,000)? Dozens......iterally! lol. It would make much more sense for those "dozens" of aunnal events be held in the city and in a fresh new facility downtown (like the new UAB stadium) than canceling the events all together, moving them out of the city, or tr
  4. OK here's the plan....... 1. Start and complete construction on the domed stadium by the BJCC. 65,000-70,000 seats. 2. Start and complete construction of UAB's new stadium on campus. 35,000-40,000 seats, expanable (Start halfway through the domed stadium construction) 3. After all is completed....demolish Legion Field, build a community with mixed imcome housing (habitiat, federal housing, and smaller sized middle-class level housing; priced at $90,000-$150,000), also build some retail (grocey store{greatly needed in this area}, pharmacy, fast food and mid-sitdown restaurants, gas sta
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