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  1. I just assumed everyone in Seattle looked like Twilight characters
  2. While I respect a business like King's Kitchen, I'm afraid Noble's dubious stance on LGBT issues has added a little bit of salt to my impressions of him as a business leader.
  3. Like Finkle says, low floor-to-floor can be very difficult to overcome in a renovation. I wouldn't tear down a building for a bad elevator core location, but floor to floor could be a nail in the coffin. It would mean that no matter how much you dress it up, it will always be sub-standard office space with limited daylight access. With rare exceptions, most buildings from that era (60s/70s) are meeting the same fate for the same reason. Having said that, it's certainly possible to do a really nice renovation. Reskin the thing, reorient the entrance, all-new mechanical system (they do make some really nice solutions for low floors), etc. Light shelves can help bounce daylight back further into the space. But that could be a lot of money for what would still be less than ideal office space.
  4. You're all terrible. I'm just going to sit in the corner and keep my gutbombs all to myself!
  5. You're all wrong. First and foremost, we need Krystal.
  6. Awesome, tnx. It looks like 600 East Trade was used for a long time and unlike the 1905 city hall on Tryon, it's still there and used for city offices today.
  7. I had to swing by the CLT Government Center earlier today and it got me wondering, did Charlotte ever have a "City Hall"? Plaques at the GC said it opened in 1989, where was the center of the city government before then?
  8. This time of day it might have been going out of service as they wind down from 10-minute rush hour service.
  9. I've heard November floating around from a couple of people, though I don't know the reliability of that. I wouldn't be surprised if they try to open on the 10-year anniversary of the Blue Line grand opening, which was November 24, 2007.
  10. I would say the latter, but 4.27 acres is 186k SF and that document lists 230k SF of disturbed area, so the math isn't working out. Anyway, I wouldn't expect anything more than a wrapped deck with this one.
  11. The observer may not have a paywall, but I still feel like I pay dearly whenever their site loads.
  12. That's not quite the same song that I always think of.
  13. Just $.02, but a few weeks ago we were in Asheville - we went to downtown for lunch on Saturday and literally drove around for 20 minutes trying to find parking before giving up and going to Biltmore Village. Every parking deck was signed "full" and no street parking to be found, even on my usual go-to hidden streets and out of the way blocks.
  14. Cincinnati Pittsburgh SLC Denver
  15. Trainspotting. Hopefully ends up happier than the film.