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  1. There's a few places around Yorkmont and Tyvola like Kosta's and Nana's, but that's probably the same drive from the airport (10-12 minutes) as Pinky's.
  2. UP is responsible for 90% of the r/Charlotte driver complaints.
  3. Each time the lanes get delayed, CATS has to push back the bus route changes to the next schedule change cycle, which is now February. They'll be able to make minor en-route changes, but not the full switch that adds a route to exit 23 and takes the busses in on Church St instead of Trade. They have to allow several weeks to communicate the route changes to passengers, prepare new signage, etc. With the moving target of an open date there's only so much prep they can do.
  4. I believe it's always been their policy to remove the vehicle from service and clean it, but if no one notifies the train operator or ticket checkers don't see it happen, there's probably no immediate way for CATS to know it's happened.
  5. I'm not quite sure where Gateway plays into that article? Gateway is intended to receive any commuter rail lines that are constructed, and the silver line route has a stop at gateway, as well as the gold line. I'm not sure how much more integrated you can get.
  6. The platform is the bike lane in this instance. It eliminates bike-bus conflicts & also prevents standing cars in the lane. It does increase the possibility of bike-pedestrian conflicts, but in this case I think that's an acceptable change (and a much safer conflict to deal with)
  7. Make no mistake, that weekend probably took two years and hundreds of people to plan, execute, and construct.
  8. CDOT/CATS has installed a pilot "floating" bus stop at 4th and Tryon. This primarily preserves the bike lane to make it safer for cyclists https://www.charlottenc.gov/Transportation/Programs/Pages/BusBikeLanePilot.aspx
  9. I had wondered if they might try to open the lanes (and new express exits) north of I-85 by Halloween - they've final paved a substantial amount of it. South of I-85 they still have a lot to do.
  10. I believe they are heavily dependant on summer high schoolers for staffing, so when school is in session I imagine they would be pretty short handed
  11. I hear Hunter might relocate to 11th and Brevard as part of an urban improvement project
  12. The atrium between the historic building and the tower annex
  13. We often debate the 99% rule. If 99% of people don't notice something cheap, does it really matter? It usually depends on a lot of factors: how close are you to the material or detail? Can you touch it? Do you interact with it? Does it truly achieve the overall appearance and feel of the nice product, or are there subtle aesthetic trade-offs? When complete, the Grand Bohemian may be very well detailed and finished, and 99% of folks won't notice (or care), but something will seem slightly off. Something will seem slightly not real or not correct. You can already see it on the back side: the panels don't come in sizes and configurations normal for stone, so it already seems "not quite right." It will also seem much flatter than it should. This is a problem in most economical construction. Deeper walls and thicker materials get valued down, so you suddenly have very shallow windows, shallower reveals, and thin shadow lines. It's a tell-tale sign of modern construction methods on a building that is trying to look older and more traditional. It will feel a little bit "plasticy" and Disney compared to more authentic materials. For those 99% of people? It's the difference between "this is a nice building" and "this is a gorgeous building that will stand the test of time." This is all gray area, and there's no clear right or wrong way to do it. EIFS is cheap and can get you a certain look, but it's also very environmentally tenuous and requires a construction crew with meticulous attention to waterproofing. And don't get me wrong: the "old way" is not always the right way (frankly, it's rarely the right way). There are more reasons than cost that we don't build solid masonry buildings anymore.
  14. Freightliner's business model is baffling to me. As you say, this happens every 2-3 years. Hire like crazy, then lay off like crazy.
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