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  1. Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    I've only seen glass jetways in Europe - do any US airports have them?
  2. The Bad News Report

    I've seen some of the emails that trigger ransomware. I had one that was so convincing, but it was an unexpected email so I called the supposed sender to check. The sender's name was someone I often work with. They hadn't sent the email, but it sure had been spoofed expertly. I feel really bad for whoever triggered this problem because sometimes it really is hard to catch.
  3. Unified Development Ordinance

    Hopefully the new council will actually work toward appointing a permanent director of the planning department. McKinney has been interim director for quite a while now, which I'm sure is a very difficult position to be in from a practical and functional standpoint. Hands tied because of the interim part, but getting all of the flack because they won't put permanent leadership in place.
  4. Like the locations where the power goes out in the middle of the game
  5. Scaleybark Station Area Projects

    On one of those South Village maps there's a large track (I think used to be Crosland) that's labeled "Northwestern Mutual Site" ...?
  6. Charlotte Center City Streetcar Network

    Once upon a time, construction plans for the Gold Line could be found on the CATS website. Does anyone know where those might still be? I was hoping to reference it for some specific station layout information.
  7. Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    Ongoing renovations at First Citizens yielded this interesting aesthetic upgrade to the skybridge connecting the tower to it's parking deck. It's a small change, but very affecting.
  8. Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    If they vended Snickers bars we'd really be world class
  9. The River District

    I'm more offended at the blatant spelling error. Any developer worth their salt knows full well that it's spelled "olde towne"
  10. Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    It looks like this.
  11. Union County

    You say Sun Valley, but is that associated with any of the towns, or just the name of a shopping center? I'm always a little confused about the town areas/boundaries in that area.
  12. Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    It's a much bolder punch of color than I was expecting. I like it
  13. NoDa (N Davidson St Arts District) Projects

    It doesn't even have to be that they forego a parking garage, they could just make them a lot damn smaller. I would count that as a win at this point