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  1. What's going in next to Macs?
  2. *sips beer* go on...
  3. I just flew this route back from SLC. The plane was far nicer than most AA flights I'm on out of CLT.
  4. It's terrible in that there are no sidewalks from the ACRW tracks to Davidson. It's not so terrible in that Anderson is super wide and carries very little traffic. Bold Missy is the first real renovation and as such has shiny new sidewalks with nothing to connect to
  5. I've never been a big fan of their current logo, but it's certainly an upgrade from that "generic gas station" look
  6. Is that a new Harris Teeter logo? that looks awful
  7. It's especially impressive when you take into account that Charlotte doesn't have the geographic limits to sprawl that places like Seattle, Chicago and Boston have. Seattle in particular has hit it's boundary limit, any growth there is inherently going to urbanize it
  8. Do you mean front of house? I could see that being viable for meeting/conference/special event space.
  9. So by stupid lucky happenstance, I happened to catch a shot of the train being slowly rolled through 36 street station at lunchtime
  10. Coming into work this morning, it looked like they were gearing up to test to train north of 25th St. can any eagle eyed photographers get this boards first photograph?
  11. My review of the Bold Missy standard four is best represented by a picture of my finished flight. Honestly not bad overall for a week old brewery, I've definitely left brand new breweries with less nice things to say - everyone improves after the first few weeks though. The brown definitely needs a do-over, but the IPA is decent and the seasonal dubble was quite good. They do have a few items to work on - no one seems to plan on acoustic control until it's obvious you need it. I also predict they'll rearrange the bar at some point, the layout seems very inefficient for busy times. Their dogs are great though, I didn't even know they'd have food. (Or wine.) All in all, I look forward to going back. Mark it as the beginning of NoNoDa.
  12. How do you distinguish between art and aesthetics? who do you trust to make that decision for you? I might like a little neon pink in the city for some color, lord knows we complain about beige enough. maybe we should have banned all those tacky flashing led lights going up on all the buildings in uptown. In any event, you picked one of the areas in Charlotte protected by a historic overlay district.
  13. More or less. The city cannot (and imo should not) regulate aesthetics like that. Just remember, murals can be repainted. That disappointment is easy to fix.
  14. They'll all be owned by Marriott soon enough anyway
  15. Its a much more comfortable experience. More space, more capacity, more ADA friendly, faster boarding, smoother ride. The question is whether or not that's enough to justify the cost.