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  1. Slippery slope. Hornets and Panthers are as corporate as any of the banks. The only difference between the Bank of America Stadium and a Bank of America branch is overpriced beer.
  2. I'll be getting 98% of a black spot in my eye in Romare Bearden Park.
  3. I can only find state level statistics - NC is 14th most dangerous on a per capita basis.
  4. I would settle for Studio Movie Grille not sucking.
  5. That's awesome... but for some reason I though the old Crisp building was getting 'dozed soon?
  6. Renderings of the Federal Courthouse design are now public. The new tower portion (160-170' tall) covers the entire existing parking lot on the fourth street side. It sets back a bit from Mint street to create a small pocket park at 4th & Mint. The existing historic building will get a complete interior renovation with preservation of the really beautiful old post office lobbies and courtroom. The front yard is getting a complete redesign, too, with some really nice historic nods and relocating the obelisk memorial back to it's original location off Trade Street. Both the new tower and the historic renovation have strong sustainability goals that include achieving LEED v4 Gold.
  7. This doesn't exactly answer your question, but is a fun map for NC geology.
  8. "I advised him to give up on his dreams."
  9. The world has turned upside-down! This morning I witnessed folks* parking in Uptown decks and taking the light rail south to Quail Hollow. *workers who probably had monthly parking passes but still
  10. This might be a stupid question from a devoted urbanist, but where the hell does everyone park for Montford businesses?
  11. Didn't watch it, did they explain how it may kill my children? With your tax dollars? Tonight at five?
  12. The movie Newsies came out in 1992. Given everything else, I thought they were just in keeping with the late 80s/early 90s theming. Edit: The movie Stargate also came out in the early 90s. Seems pretty clear-cut. '
  13. In a bizarre and cringey marketing move, they have hired "newsies" to work the corners of Uptown today yelling "Extra Extra, Read all about it, new building to change charlotte's skylines" (or something like that) flinging around some kind of promotional paper.
  14. You won't find me defending CATS management or project abilities, but- Construction contingency for most projects essentially acts as a cushion between the minimum amount of work and running out of money. In most cases, it's there to address unforeseen needs, holes in the design documents and holes in the construction estimate. But as construction progresses and the relative risks of running into those holes goes down, it can shift into more wish-list items that aren't "necessary" but are desired. This could be anything from extra benches at the stations to extra attic stock for the maintenance shed, or any number of things. In any event, I would rarely expect any contingency to be remaining by the end of a project, public or private.