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  1. That's fair. I think the difference I perceive is often in the application. "Pastiche," to me, implies an applied decoration that is otherwise not functional. Curtain wall is very WYSIWYG. Architects have aesthetic control over aspects of curtainwall, but otherwise it is what it is. I think the modern equivalent of pastiche would be things like wrapping structure with metal panel or something else to make it look "clean" and "slick," when just below the panel is an ugly mess of fire proofing, conduit, etc.
  2. There is one place where it would at least be an upgrade. 222 South Tryon.
  3. The only part of that I'm challenging is your assertion that academic criticism isn't leveled at modern buildings. I hear that criticism daily. Most modern buildings are built the way they are because of one reason: money. To execute good, well considered classical OR modern design requires more design fee and more construction cost, period.
  4. I use NC State Employees CU, which I've been very happy with. They don't quite have mobile check deposit, but otherwise their tech meets my needs. I also have a loan with Charlotte Metro: fortunately it's on auto pay, because they are definitely behind on their tech. Their website is super frustrating.
  5. No no no, it was a huge misunderstanding. He meant to move the RNC to Jacksonville North Carolina.
  6. My family have been CU devotees for decades. I married into a family that has always used one of the big banks. I am often expressing surprise at some of the stupid nonsense they put up with for that privilege.
  7. was she wearing a properly certified reflective vest? the driver already has enough to worry about, what with controlling a 2-ton machine.
  8. I don't think you have that much hair...
  9. It even shows a rendering of a greenway bridge to make that connection.
  10. The stone walls are coming back... just moved a bit
  11. What restaurant closed? Agreed - even at peak B Good seemed to be struggling. I have found my lunches there to be wildly uneven
  12. I'm confused, which part is the step too far?
  13. Hey, look at me! I'm secretly an NPR political analyst. https://www.npr.org/2020/07/22/893899254/down-in-the-polls-trump-pitches-fear-they-want-to-destroy-our-suburbs
  14. Because new buildings don't have plumbing and electrical, don't cha know.
  15. I got curious about the North Carolina in the big picture. Using the NYT tracker, the state is currently #25 out of 51 (inc. DC) in per capita cases, sandwiched between Virginia and California. For now, all of our southern neighbors are above-to-way-above us on the list. TN is the next closest at #21. The midwest and west make up the bottom 25 in per capita numbers.
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