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  1. At least I'm not being asked to sign Trump's birthday card anymore
  2. Good question - I can't find any useful info. The NCDOT project number is U-5806, but all I can find is "in progress"
  3. They lasted a pretty long time, all things being equal. I remember going there 6 or 7 years ago.
  4. Is there not enough ROW for them to even add in a concrete barrier wall? If 2-way traffic is not feasible, I wonder why they wouldn't make it two lanes in the same direction.
  5. So there's a dedicated page for the 485-74 express lanes projects: https://publicinput.com/I-485-Charlotte The thing that jumped out at me was a completely baffling proposal on Hwy 74 north of Albemarle: they want to do a single, reversible express lane. What could possibly be the logic there? There's already a lane in each direction, why would they reduce it to one lane?
  6. I would contact your city council person.
  7. Having financial trouble? Just can't keep your money under control? Try Truist, the new once a day suppository and get back to loving life!
  8. I don't feel like we give Gateway enough love as a great urban experience. It does everything we ask for: street level businesses and activity, mixed use office and residential, walkable street grid, and great public spaces.
  9. They must be forcing people out. The article cites Hearst, K&L Gates and PwC as current tenants. I'm pretty sure Gensler also occupies 2-3 floors.
  10. All the heat is in California this week. Records falling all over the place out there.
  11. Even the best plans tend to be useless after about 10 years. We might not even need transportation in a 100 years when we join the hive mind.
  12. The rule of thumb I've always heard is 10 yards per truck, so 120 trucks. For a job that big they may have some oversize concrete trucks they bring out.
  13. I think there are lots of paths that can be drawn to get to South Park from Uptown (like @Windsurfer's suggestion), the trickier part is getting beyond SP into the great expanse of South Charlotte. There are no vast tracks of land to develop, densities are very low, and none of the ROWs are particularly wide. It's not an accident that the old "wedges and corridors" framework only addresses SP as an activity node - serving the "wedges" directly with rapid transit is a real challenge.
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