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  1. tozmervo


    "...Rampart Street LYNX stop..."
  2. That would explain the real reason for the pyramid on legacy tower
  3. That's because this project is about to get cancelled. Mark my words.
  4. Agreed. And flat out shutting down the transit system would make things dramatically worse for those already at the bottom without addressing what seems like more likely sources of spread - packed home improvement stores, etc.
  5. I'm not inclined to be an apologist for Vi, but I also read that the city is being intentionally deferential to the county. The county runs the health department, so the city would not want to issue additional messaging that could just add to an already confusing situation.
  6. Pretty much every building over 5/6 stories is made of both steel and concrete, just put together in different ways. Both materials have complementary structural properties - they each can take forces that the other doesn't take very well. Concrete is also fire resistant where steel isn't, so it usually plays a roll in fire resistant assemblies.
  7. Going to a Saturday schedule through the week should have gone a very long way to stemming their losses, but I don't know if they have extra staff cleaning. Also, gas is ludicrously cheap now and one of their biggest expenses.
  8. I have dealt with Laz deck managers in the good times. It was about the same.
  9. with the caveat that I only have a little bit of non401k "fun money" in the stock market, I use Robinhood
  10. I don't know if there's reliable data to track on this, but I seem to be getting far, far more news about huge outbreaks of COVID in Tennessee than I am here. Whole nursing homes, hospital staff, etc. Are we undertesting? Underreporting? Or legit keeping things under better control than Tenn?
  11. I feel much busier working from home but conversely less productive. That alone is screwing with my mental health.
  12. Uhg. I has to cancel an allegiant flight due to COVID, so I now have a voucher with them. Really hope I can use that eventually...
  13. Yup, lots of unfinished work. They have cranked the paving machine back up over the past couple weeks to finish, I guess.
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