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  1. looks like it's been pulled out into a "Rail schedule" specific page
  2. my final comment on the o/t - College still exists in Southend behind Camden/Mosaic apartments, basically as an alleyway.
  3. best stab an a similar angle. always hard to overestimate the impact of 277.
  4. You can see the still-existing CHA tower at South & Bland just left of center near the top of the photo
  5. at the risk of wondering off topic, there is site work under way at Parkwood/17th for the apartments there.
  6. Does Lennar have any kind of multifamiliy experience? I can only think of suburban developments associated with them. Considering this a win for the time being.
  7. One of the reasons Sugar Creek Station is located where it is was to try and provide an impetus to Asian Corners being redeveloped.
  8. You're like the chairman of the fed, your every word is scrutinized
  9. They do, but I suspect the $50 million cost of adding ten floors meant more to them than public opinion.
  10. ^ as posted by the CATS facebook page.
  11. I had never seen this before, but it's a masterplan for "University City Gateway," covering the large undeveloped tract across N Tryon from the UC Blvd Station parking deck. KJHburg's post a couple up links to an article about a developer buying one of the parcels that would fall in this masterplan area.
  13. For the record, what do you consider "opening"? Soft? Grand? First beer served?
  14. That massing seems to address a lot of the public comment concerns I saw and combine some of the best ideas of the different schemes originally presented. Tons of potential, I like it