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  1. I used to hit up that Cluck'n'Cup for lunch periodically. It did a great lunch business, but I think failed to gain more traction than that because of visibility.
  2. For aesthetics they probably chose to give the more visible overpasses a more finished look. Those bridges also got the fancy leafy railings, the Craighead bridge just has basic tube guardrails.
  3. It's supposed to do that. Where they don't do finished paint (which has maintenance costs), it's designed to form a layer of rust that protects the rest of the steel.
  4. One big thing Raleigh has going for it over Charlotte is the benefits of being the state capital: all of it's major cultural institutions get some sweet taxpayer money & free admission. The Mint, etc, get some tax money via ASC but don't otherwise receive nearly the funding that the NC Museum of Art does.
  5. Sugar Creek-area progress...
  6. I end up in that outback ever now and again and it's always packed
  7. There are a variety of reasons - the existing facility is significantly underutilized already (compared to the traffic it should get) and houses a lot of operations the library would like to relocate out to cheaper real estate. It has terrible street presence on all three streets it fronts, including the main entrance. The daylight access is pretty bad throughout quite a bit of the building, which isn't something that can be easily fixed. Overall, it's not well suited to many modern needs of a library - labs, meeting spaces, etc.
  8. Tada! An RFQ has been released to select a design team for redevelopment of the Main Library, $93 million, 110,000 SF.
  9. Hopefully CATS will get their S together and unveil a far improved express bus network to take advantage of the toll lanes. Like, express busses per exit, not one that serves all exits.
  10. prefacing the fact that I am not a structural engineer, the pier depth is more closely tied to getting to stable geology so the building doesn't sink. It also keeps the building stable by resisting the "toppling" effect of wind and some seismic forces. Seismic design - for structure - is more about material flexibility and the connections between foundation and columns, columns and beams, etc. Perfectly rigid structures (masonry, welded steel connections) have no flexibility and will fail in a major seismic event. That's why in California, Japan, etc you often see buildings isolated from their foundations, so the foundation can move around beneath the building and the building is otherwise steady. That's also why the Japanese built out of wood and nails for centuries - it's flexible construction. Outside of structural concerns, seismic zones also trigger higher requirements for façade support (ie, brick and other panels shouldn't fall off the building), ceiling/pipe/mechanical duct support (ceilings shouldn't collapse on occupants), elevators and a few other things.
  11. Canada, eh. Anyway, seismic requirements take a variety of factors into account - locations, building type and construction type chief among them. A hospital has stricter structural requirements than an office building, for example. Charlotte seismic requirements are quite low otherwise, Columbia has stricter reqs and Charleston has very steep requirements. Otherwise code is most interested in preventing fire and keeping buildings standing during a fire. Wood is combustible. Steel melts (no, really). Both are great in earthquakes. Concrete sucks in earthquakes but is great in fighting fires. Combustible structures can only be so high per code and there are only so many ways to "protect" wood against fire.
  12. Bold Missy's newsletter today said they hope for an April opening
  13. So I commute down part of N Tryon to Church, and over the past year kept seeing bits and pieces of this project I didn't know was going on (or that the pieces were connected). It appears they're getting close to completion, but Church St will be closed across CSX eliminating a crossing. It will result in a bizarre little stretch of 2-way Church Street (that they did add a bike lane to)
  14. dang, sorry to lead you astray. maybe there's an Agenda Five article on "top billiards tables" in the city
  15. Still waiting for Greek Isle to reopen somewhere. Just sayin'.