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  1. They've actually rebuilt a lot of the sidewalks in the area of the station recently, but there's still about a half-mile stretch from 277 going north where the pedestrian condition is less than ideal. (There are sidewalks, just crappy ones).
  2. I'm not disputing the need for substantial work to the AAA bike network, but that map disingenuously ignores a hell of a lot of perfectly safe neighborhood streets. 100% separation from vehicular traffic in every circumstance should not be a prerequisite for an All Ages & Abilities bike route.
  3. For those of you that post-date the Ascot Inn's existence, it was on the lot between Midnight Diner's old location and Uptown Cabaret. Ascot Inn to meet wrecking ball - Charlotte Business Journal (bizjournals.com)
  4. In Charlotte's driving culture, I would be concerned about buses getting "trapped" in their pull-off and not being able to get back into the travel lane.
  5. he will always be Christian from Moulin Rouge to me.
  6. It took me a minute, but now that's all I can see in this image.
  7. IKEA probably brings in more county sales tax revenue than the Panthers.
  8. Oh? You'll have to let me know who that is
  9. Oh, good. We're not dead last. https://transitrecovery.com/agency/?id=40008
  10. We'll see if it gets approved. Cornelius voted in a pretty anti-development council last year.
  11. https://www.cornelius.org/772/Mills-Market?fbclid=IwAR2v_5R7yfy2Ri9WBpTtvhS7T8Ppg8ctLbVBF8LPu5k69PiNNnGPvXawOlw Project proposed in downtown Cornelius next to the close-to-opening Cain arts center. It appears they propose to save the facade of several existing buildings while removing what's behind the facade (including olde town public house).
  12. We only just got rid of the Rite Aid/Walgreens at South & East blvd. Guess we'll have to be patient
  13. Pretty sure a good chunk of it doesn't have full size shoulders. Some of the exits may also have inadequate merge areas. It's hard to fathom that adding shoulders is a good use of resources just to get an interstate shield.
  14. The list of chains they ruined is long. Marshall Fields is another stand out they wrecked. Macy's, Inc. - Wikipedia
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