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  1. This may not be the reason specifically, but at the same time: It is really hard to over-exaggerate how f*kd the construction market is right now. You're worried about some cheap plastic toy for Christmas? Contractors are panicking when even basic light fixtures are suddenly 3-4 month lead times. Fiber cement siding is unavailable until '22. Carpet and tile selections are extremely limited. You wanted long span steel trusses? Guess what, you're now redesigning to use something else. Etc, etc.
  2. tozmervo

    UP Forum Meetups

    Which square? Centra Square, Elizabeth Square, or Fourth Ward Square?
  3. Looks like it was just a ribbon cutting opportunity for the politicos.
  4. It shows up in the QOL survey in the dark blue parcel. There are significant swaths of the area that have zero full grocery stores available to residents without traversing several miles, for example West Boulevard.
  5. I mean, unless you're in one of the several substantial grocery deserts across Mecklenburg county, most notably West Charlotte between Hwy 16 and West Blvd. Charlotte/Mecklenburg Quality of Life Explorer (mcmap.org)
  6. Architect was joint Perkins+Will and C Design GC was joint Turner Construction and Rodgers Builders
  7. The bike parking is already required under most current zoning, this just goes into more detail. Frankly I like that this takes a lot of guessing and "grey" areas out of the equation. The fewer grey areas, the faster and more successful plan reviews will be.
  8. It is, but it's not ideal. True BRT will need a safer way for 77 express buses to get into Uptown. They have about a half mile to get four lanes over to exit now, and that's a bit harrowing given how people drive that stretch.
  9. Years ago, possibly on UP, there was a pretty rendering of this stretch of 277 redone as a European-style high volume boulevard. I've always thought that seems like it would be 100x more beneficial than capping the south side of 277.
  10. I hadn't really noticed this before, but the proposed Uptown segment renderings eliminate the Church Street exit from 277.
  11. I know this doesn't exactly address your concerns, but there is a pretty substantial study underway that looks at the broader metro and various transit systems/mobility options Connect Beyond - A Regional Mobility Initiative (connect-beyond.com)
  12. Not Charlotte-specific, but still more well done than most economic campaign videos. All In North Carolina - Economic Development Partnership of NC - YouTube
  13. tozmervo


    It's too bad none of that will help certain park scores since it's all privately held... Almost like that scoring system is flawed or something.
  14. TIL that US74 is officially "Andrew Jackson Highway" through the whole state except for Robeson County.
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