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  1. As long as there is some kind of automated watering system, those plants will probably thrive.
  2. The ground floor of the first citizens building is being cleared out (leases terminated). Supposedly the entire floor is getting redone for more high-price restaurant space and who-knows-what. The salon and Jersey Mikes will be relocated, but unfortunately the Boardroom restaurant and convenience store (both of which were run by the most absurdly nice people) have been kicked out.
  3. @napoletanoart does beautiful work. I'm really excited to see what this will become!
  4. That's much cooler looking than I was expecting from those little balls
  5. It's a bear to photograph during daylight hours, but the little sphere LED lights along the façade of the Kimpton were being tested this morning. A continuing part of Charlotte's #rainbowseverywhere initiative
  6. Food Lion still wipes the floor with HT and Publix on prices, which will keep them my primary grocery store. Did your location get one of the recent renovations?
  7. never knew land development permitting could have such juicy drama
  8. You're a tech guy? Oh good. Can you tell me how to get the projector working?
  9. Looking over the maps on the NCDOT website, the only raised highway portions appear to be at intersecting roadways and a few of the larger creeks.
  10. It looks like they have sliding glass partitions to separate the perimeter offices from the interior open office area
  11. "The physician can bury his mistakes, but the architect can only advise his client to plant vines." - the notorious FLW
  12. isn't that east? Anyway, I don't see any townhomes. All I see are garages with attached apartments.
  13. Not sure where those are, what cross street is it near?
  14. Some info on that piece, "Quadrille." It's actually a 1996 installation.