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  1. I think that's the cross Charlotte trail connector https://charlottenc.gov/Projects/Pages/XCLT7thto10th.aspx
  2. Free People is really into tobacco scented clothes these days. It's all the rage.
  3. They just wanted to make sure reader's didn't think these stores were going into the basement parking deck, obviously.
  4. Asheville got you too. 40 Wall St - Google Maps
  5. I actually had a really similar experience with a brother in town this past weekend. Friday night we did dinner and drinks at a bustling Latta Arcade. Lots of people out and about around the park. A line too long for cereal sent us to Krispy Kreme instead. (sorry not sorry.) Saturday we hit up CM and Legion in Plaza Midwood, Town Brewing and NJC in Freemore, a packed Heist Barrel Arts (with live outdoor music!), and ended on the Birdsong patio. Lots of liveliness everywhere, everyone seemed to be in really high spirits. Sunday we ended with lunch and drinks in NoDa at Salud and did about there. It was a beautiful weekend, and Charlotte really shined.
  6. Memorial Stadium is rapidly nearing completion. Hopefully it gets a proper grand opening! https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6788099345653796864
  7. Epic Chophouse. Birthday dinner capital of Iredell county.
  8. Public spaces certainly, but parks are rarely a strong feature of European cities for historic development reasons. Even some of the exceptions, like Parc Guell in Barcelona, started life as a private enclave that was only made public (or semi public) later.
  9. As a Prius owner, though, still so aggravated by the soaring numbers of catalytic converter thefts. I feel like my car has suddenly turned into a liability. Toyota hasn't been much help coming up with solutions.
  10. I finally made it to Town Brewing this weekend, and after went over to Not Just Coffee. I really hadn't appreciated how much construction is going on around Thrift/Tuckaseegee. Enderly Park must be under enormous gentrification pressures now. Also, great view.
  11. I've talked to many people who have told me that "shared desks" and "desking" are total illusions. I think it's also totally demoralizing. Like, "here's a temporary desk. Don't get comfortable. You're disposable to us."
  12. tozmervo

    UP Forum Meetups

    It's a date.
  13. Page 1 of this topic started with a riveting discussion of new Super Bi-Lo locations, and now it includes the demise of the brand. All remaining Bi-Los will close for good next Sunday. Last BI-LO Grocery Stores Closing in Charlotte Area & Across Carolinas & Georgia - WCCB Charlotte's CW
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