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  1. Clarence Thomas's opinion also specifically calls out Obergefell (same sex marriage) as a ruling that should be revisited. Just in case anyone was confused about what the Republican party is after.
  2. tozmervo


    I think y'all are delusional. You could have a bus running on every arterial in south charlotte on 10 minute headways and they still will not get used.
  3. The cost part of this doesn't shock me that much. The amount of real estate acquisition for that perimeter solution is massive, and it was mostly elevated line. The ridership bump... eh? Maybe the modeling shows the new route will have 10s of thousands more jobs within 1/4 mile of silver line stations under this proposal, hence higher ridership. Either way, I think this is a terrible long-term idea. Unless that interline section can be made significantly more efficient and reduce the crossings, it will become a major capacity limitation. This also shortchanges Gateway Station majorly, though maybe they were seeing problems getting silver line ROW located appropriately next to the station?
  4. Trying to remember where I heard this, but it sounded like CATS wasn't at liberty to ignore the ULI recommendation. It sounded like there was some process in place where they HAD to go through this process after ULI suggested it.
  5. Cleaning historic brick won't be as visually satisfying in the way you think. They will have to hand scrub it all with special brushes and chemicals and then lightly spray it down with water. Actual pressure washing (ala www.reddit.com/r/powerwashingporn) will severely damage historic bricks and mortars.
  6. I'm seeing lots signs of our local/regional construction market starting to crack under inflation pressures. Projects getting downsized by 10-20%, being massively reimagined, etc. I haven't heard of anything be straight cancelled or shelved, but I suspect it's coming. Mechanical and electrical systems in particular are just destroying budgets.
  7. Are we going to talk about the palm trees in the rendering?
  8. Charlotte -> Wilmington Beach direct route FTFY
  9. Some aerial views of the old Cannon Airport: Abandoned & Little-Known Airfields: North Carolina: Charlotte area (airfields-freeman.com) Does anyone know of an accurate overlay of the old Cannon Airport on top of modern day Charlotte?
  10. I have zero faith the parking deck on this project will look like anything but trash.
  11. The below-grade transit concept is giving me Port Authority Bus Terminal vibes... which isn't a great thing. It needs to be really open, airy, and light or it will become a dungeon that makes people feel insecure. I'm having a failure of imagination in picturing how the public, semi-public, and private spaces interact with each other at the ground level and below.
  12. A project is starting later this year to make a stretch Monroe a hell of a lot more pedestrian friendly, with more stretches planned in the future. Monroe Road streetscape (charlottenc.gov)
  13. I was under the impression that the concourse E expansion was basically intended as a temporary measure until the remote concourse was built, then most of E would be demolished.
  14. In theory we're in line for a VW ID4. Check back with me around 2030 and we might have been able to test drive it by then.
  15. Aren't they also two very distinct cities though? Doesn't St Paul have it's own skyline several miles from Minneapolis?
  16. April slipped a little, almost entirely due to Local bus service. Not sure if there are regular seasonal affects in play (spring breaks, easter weekend, etc) without going back a lot further in ridership data.
  17. Good lord, does the planned I-74 route really take that baffling route swinging to Wilmington and back through Brunswick county?
  18. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 18, 2022 Legacy Commission Renames Stonewall Street Effective June 30, 2022, the LYNX Stonewall Station will be renamed Brooklyn Village Station and Stonewall Street will be renamed Brooklyn Village Avenue. The new street name honors the legacy of Brooklyn, a predominately black neighborhood located in Charlotte’s Second Ward.
  19. IMO, no. If I'm from Greenville and flying to Europe, I'm starting the trip in GSP, not taking a train to CLT to start there. I'd much rather see the European model of connecting the city proper (ie, where people live), and from that connection point have a good transit connection to that city's airport. Also worth mentioning that the airports for both Rome and Milan are another 30-40 minute train ride from those city's centers, adding at least a full hour to the hassle of dealing with airports at each end.
  20. (when the moving walkways are actually working)
  21. That's a good spot, not sure what's going on there. The early Cycle Link design video definitely shows it staying on the north side of 6th.
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