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  1. How exactly does this compare to the other cities? This list of steps seems pretty straight forward to me. I was expecting something way more complicated the way you were describing it.
  2. Public universities should NOT be treated as, or act like, businesses, and it's a gross statement that we've let it get to this point. The betterment and education of society was never intended to be "but only if it lines someone's pockets."
  3. Case in point: my 77x just had to leave about 10 people at a park and ride because they can't have standing passengers on the interstate.
  4. f599220f9522a95a3716c35f90fa4551.mp4
  5. Who knows. They called out specific months from last year, which made it seem more legit. (But no less frustrating)
  6. Added July data to the March data posted in the past. Still seeing some healthy clawing-back of ridership, but still trailing far behind other systems. As repeated ad naseum, I agree that failure to staff and restore pre-pandemic schedules has really hurt the recovery in ridership.
  7. May I ask why you aren't naming these people? The board of directors is public information. The Y Mission - Leadership Team | YMCA of Greater Charlotte (ymcacharlotte.org)
  8. There's an addition in the works for Peacock Hall that will eliminate that parking lot. They also want to finish the daylighting of Boone Creek the rest of the way up Rivers St, but to my knowledge that isn't funded.
  9. Worse than Taco Bell. It's a Jack in the Box I think expanding their footprint into Hickory makes a lot of sense for many reasons, but I do have concerns about the way they've done it.
  10. Building up is a lot of what App has been doing, and of course they opened their Hickory campus this year. They're finding creative ways to densify the Boone campus and expand it - there's a big push onto the hill where the Broyhill conference center used to be, and they're continuing to add to older buildings, claim back surface parking, etc. I'd say App's biggest problem is a severe housing shortage, which is becoming Boone's severe housing shortage.
  11. The demographic realities are absolutely real, but I did want to note that Western reported an 8.8% increase in incoming first years this year (3rd largest class). Fall 2023 data isn't official yet, but you can see enrollment information for all campuses through Fall '22 here: Interactive Data Dashboards – UNC System (northcarolina.edu) It's worth noting that Western, Pembroke, Fayetteville State, and Elizabeth City State are all promise campuses with $500/semester tuition and resulted in spikes of enrollment for all of them. My $.02 is that UNC Asheville is in serious trouble. I have been wondering if there is any effort to add it to the Promise program.
  12. Huntersville politicians are likely looking north to Cornelius, where all the more pro-development council members were voted out in the last election because they approved several projects that the "loud" individuals didn't like.
  13. For a city our size, I think we still have far too few venue options of varying sizes. Many acts still skip over Charlotte because there simply aren't venues available.
  14. Timely, 99 PI has a new episode that talks about converting office to residential https://pca.st/episode/120a9b57-a0e0-4e2e-99d3-a9829117ad49
  15. I'm not sure when this was permitted for construction, but this project is in an area that is now zoned with a parking maximum.
  16. Hey now. Scott Jensen was delivering AI-quality content before it was cool.
  17. I believe I have heard something about the Blumenthal setting a record this calendar year for the number of show nights they have, or number of nights Belk Theater is in use. Something like that.
  18. Well that's unsettling. Commercial real estate apocalypse threatens economy and midsize cities - The Washington Post
  19. Honestly, whatever it takes to get people to slow. the f*. down.
  20. Someone suggested (maybe on UP, I can't remember where) that the Terrazzo is not allowed to fully cure because the airport has to put the spaces back into use in less than 24 hours. That might explain the concourses if they are doing overnight installs, but that would not explain brand new terminal areas.
  21. It's not impossible, but I'm willing to bet this particular building would be a poor candidate for it. You would need an entirely different HVAC system than what it has, the facade needs replaced, the elevators almost certainly need replaced and probably wouldn't be sized for residential, and I'm willing to bet that building has a crap ton of asbestos.
  22. It's this project. Mills Market (REZ 05-22) | Cornelius, NC - Official Website
  23. I'm waiting for them to figure out that filling a site with large throwable stones in the middle of Uptown was not a good short-term solution.
  24. Nah, the Chinese knock-off industry is now moving into brick and mortar.
  25. There's definitely some survivorship bias going on in this discussion. You could probably find mountains of bad ideas and projects that never got implemented from this group, and certainly there are "big ideas" we see today that are already trying to be replaced (see: transit center). It's also super fun and easy to propose ideas for other people to spend money on. Anyone can propose an idea. Pulling together the coalition and support to push an idea, find funding, etc is where the rubber meets the road.
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