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  1. I agree. Either by luck or deisgn, Columbia kept a lot of it's proud railroad heritage, at least the freight depots and passenger stations. Seaboard Air Line Freight Station by Joseph C. Hinson, on Flickr Old Southern Railway Depot by Joseph C. Hinson, on Flickr
  2. Here's a shot of the old Seaboard tunnel on opening day -- Walking through a railroad tunnel.... by Joseph C. Hinson, on Flickr Seaboard Air Line Tunnel by Joseph C. Hinson, on Flickr
  3. FWIW, this is where I was sitting when I took the photo of the "backside" of the Columbia skyline. It was my favorite part of the job, not just getting to shoot video from the helicopter, but getting to take still shots when I had the oppurtunity. I don't work there anymore and I believe they had to cut the News Hawk due to budget.
  4. Much apprciate the link to my photo. This is my favorite shot of the Columbia skyline that I have taken however... http://www.flickr.com/photos/joethephotog/2467691808/ I call it a variation of a famous scene.
  5. Sumter furniture warehouse fire on 01/21/2008... Joe H.
  6. I'm a railroad enthusiast and while most folks try to avoid them, heck, I chase them! This shot was taken from the new portion of the Cayce Riverwalk. I'm close to the river and if things weren't so dry here lately, I'd probably be in the river even a year ago. The train nearer to us is coming into from Columbia from Hamlet, NC about to pull into the yard in Cayce. The train on the other trestle is Norfolk Southern train waiting on the CSX train to pass. It'll them head to their yard in Columbia having come up from Augusta, Georgia. Hope you wnjoy! Joe H.
  7. Thanks to the folks who have commented on the two shots I've shared. It makes me feel good when people like them. The sunrise shot was taken from the parking lot of the Habbitat for Hummanity store in West Columbia earlier this year. krazeeboi, I just moved here from Lancaster about a year ago. I worked in Rock Hill for almost four years back then. Joe
  8. As a train enthusiast and railroad photographer, I've been looking foward to the light rail opening in Charlotte for years. On Saturday, I took the wife and kids up and we rode from 485 to downtown and back. After that, we followed the line up to about Bland Station, but it was getting late and we wanted to go through Lancaster to see family on our way home. Very impressed with the train ride as well as the layout. Here are some shots -- I've trying to get back up there this week to shoot nearer downtown where the best photo ops are. Joe H. Col
  9. Hey, guys; Hope I can jump right in. I just wandered over to this site. I'm new to living in Columbia, but not new to Columbia itself as I've had friends and family here for two decades. This is a classic scene of Columbia made my own at about this time last year -- Hope you enjoy! Joe H.
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