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  1. I am surprised that East Main from Pine to the Denny's Building has not been repaved. I thought that was going to happen some years ago. Goes along with the East Main diet conversation. Those couple of blocks are really rough. Also hope all the streets that the Rail Trail extension follows will be repaved and not just patched.
  2. IMHO The compromise should be to open that one block of Main Monday through Thursday. But then close it on weekends. Went by there at lunch today and counted SEVEN eating/drinking establishments in that one block. Then you have the Peddler and Sophia's 20 feet down the street to also benefit from foot traffic. Looked like the new burger joint was doing well. (old Crepe factory) .
  3. According to today's newspaper Red, White and Boom will be held this year. Music on Main is also on tap starting July 8.
  4. Bronco's has opened at Pine and Main Shopping Center. Looks nice inside, bright and modern. Will try it next time in mood for Mexican.
  5. The YMCA of Greater Spartanburg is opening up the Willis Road Family YMCA. This is the old Westside Club. It is a lease agreement with the current owners of the facility. According to email I received tours of the facility begin tomorrow.
  6. Old news, but have not seen it mentioned. Converse is officially going co-ed fall of 2022 and will become a university. Although, they have had male graduate students for decades. Only a small percentage of high school females apply to a single gender college. Spartanburg Methodist College will start offering more 4 year BA degree majors next fall. I believe they will add six more. Obviously our colleges are a great asset. C
  7. Great list! I would add: Extension of the Rail Trail to Barnett Park. Repave East Main with bike lane s from First Baptist to Pine Street. More restrictive sign ordinance (similar to Clemson). LESS LITTER!!!!!
  8. The Standard has closed at Drayton Mills and will be replaced by Dray Bar and Grill. Reported in today's H-J: https://www.goupstate.com/news/20191126/dray-bar--grill-to-replace-standard-at-drayton-mills
  9. Sorry about the misinformation. Evidently the original plan changed.
  10. According to an employee Sidewall Pizza is scheduled to have a 'soft' opening this Tuesday. OPEN to public on Thursday.
  11. Stopped by the new downtown Peddler a few days ago to grab a beer. What I saw was really nice. The bar area was comfortable and welcoming with a fireplace. Did not venture upstairs to where most of the dinning seating is. Good addition to downtown.
  12. Probably 'user error' but, had what happened? IMO Todd Horne should have run for council before mayor.
  13. Heard rumor from two different sources. The corner of East Main and Pine Street is going to be redeveloped. That the Village Inn and Town Square building will be demolished. Has anyone else heard something? Maybe Mellow Mushroom would consider-relocating to the old Wild Ace pizza spot. (historic C&S building). Or move across the street to new United Community Bank building.
  14. Eat dinner last night at Bar1884 for the first time. Food was great, but service was fair. Lot of folks downtown!
  15. The lot where this small development was planned is still vacant on Avant Street; one block from Converse College. There is a new rezoning request for most of the entire block from the Marathon Gas Station on East Main to Garrett Street; including a number of lots on Oakwood Avenue. The request is from Ray Billings , J. Hiltabiddle Construction to change the zoning to R-6 POD s. They plan on building a townhome development. Not sure if this is the same group who planned the original units.
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