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  1. I actually walked into the mall today for the first time in at least 2 years. Damn what a depressing place it is now. I needed a pair of Oakley's so I stopped at the sunglass hut. I picked them up and remarked to the guy about how times had changed. He said that the mall is going to close this fall as it doesn't make money and the owner CBL is bankrupt. Most of those stores are not a big loss, but the Belks store is still a main go to for the older crowd. I have mentioned on here before that I believe the play would be to move back downtown and make the store more upscale. I guess we will soon see what the future holds.
  2. Anything that changes the current configuration of CCR is a win in my book. Its easily in top 10 of worst and most dangerous roads in town.
  3. The city (and county for that matter) seems to be on an endless tear regarding new housing. Seemingly every spec of available land is being used for new housing. I think that's great but I also think we need to maintain what we have and I don't see any evidence of the city doing that at all. If you look at any of the major in town neighborhoods (Converse Heights, Hampton Heights, Duncan Park, Fernwood, Hillbrook, Beaumont, Drayton, Woodland Heights, etc.), I never see any signs of maintenance anywhere other than Duke Power independent contractors cutting limbs away from power lines. The sidewalks in neighborhoods lucky enough to have them are crumbling, the storm drains are crumbling, and the roads, well I could talk about that all day. I see no sign whatsoever that the city is even interested in repaving roads in the city anymore. Driving through the city these days is an exercise in avoiding pot holes or man holes covers that have dropped. Its pretty frustrating and not a good look at all.
  4. Just contact D7 Darelle, they'll be more than happy to throw our tax money at this dilapidated POS.
  5. Is there any way to know or find out what the occupancy rate is at places like Church St Lofts, Montgomery Building, Drayton Mills Apartments, etc?
  6. Renato made it pretty clear that he was moving out of downtown due to what he called sky rocketing rents. 10K a month sounds pretty extreme to me so I don't blame him. Word is that he may land down at the old Clancy's building on Union St. I think that could be very cool and I am sure the rent would be drastically less.
  7. Since I moved into my house in Hillbrook back in 2007, the city has been trying to annex me. I bought a house that was "outside" the city limits but just in a figurative way since some but not all of the houses around me were in the city. I happened to have a septic tank and while not pristine and new it still functions fairly well. This is where the city can annex though is when your septic tank fails, it is illegal to fix it and you must tap onto city sewer and be annexed. All the plumbers in the county know not to fix a Hillbrook septic tank unless it is on the other side of Zion Hill Rd. That said I would welcome annexation if the city would pay for the cost to tap on. That cost is 10K plus whatever it costs to fix your yard/driveway after its torn up for the pipe to be run to the street. If they would be open to that, I am sure that 6 houses could be added to the city's tax rolls.
  8. I was talking with a well respected downtown business owner the other day and the question of restaurant health came up. I asked him how many restaurants won't make it back from the Covid 19 crisis. He said that he knew of 5-7 downtown that were already on the ropes before this thing really got cranked up and most others really only had enough money to make it a couple of months AFTER laying almost everyone off. Not sure how its going to break for a lot of folks downtown especially at FR8yard and bowling alley, but hope they find a way around it. Unfortunately I feel this crisis has stopped the Burg's momentum dead in its tracks although it felt things were beginning to slow a little anyway. I am not sure there is an answer for how a restaurant survives going forward although if you are built for take out like TNT hot wings or New China, you haven't missed a beat.
  9. I was driving out Cannons Campground Rd yesterday past where Floyd Rd runs into it and a lot of acreage on the left side has been cleared all the way down to the cemetery at Plainview Dr. There are Morgan Corp trailers all around so this probably isn't going to be residential. Any idea what is coming here?
  10. I heard a couple of things around town this weekend. Nacho Taco (name may change) is moving into the old Mellow Mushroom. Renato is moving out of downtown in September after his lease is up (there is a bigger story in Goupstate about rents downtown raising). His building owner is raising the rent 17% and Renato doesn't think that's fair. He has enough of a following to survive anywhere in Spartanburg so he will be fine. I vote for a move to the east side where he would be very well received. Tate Meatworks is booming since the move to the stand alone location on the corner of Avant/ E Main. I was in there on Saturday and it was hopping. Grant says sales are up across the board since the move.
  11. I would think an Aldi or Lidl would be a slam dunk to replace that Sav-A-Lot and do really good business. Not exactly sure why they haven't already done so by now. There are a ton of folks on the south side where the closest grocery is 3-4 miles away or more.
  12. I went yesterday for lunch and it was very good and crowded. Unless they really screw it up this place looks like it will stick.
  13. I was driving down Kennedy St yesterday and where the old Hardees had been torn down sat a giant excavator. There was a huge pile of asphalt that had been dug up as well as asphalt scattered everywhere. Could this be the beginnings of a new foundation for something?
  14. Will it be called "The Leader" or some derivative of that?
  15. Not sure if posted here or not but Tate Meatworks is moving about 3/4 of a mile east down Main St to the corner of Main and Avant into their own building. Grant has a really good thing going and its about to get better.
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