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  1. Sparkleman

    Spartanburg Photo of the Day

    Our flower baskets truly kick ass compared to ones in other towns!
  2. Sparkleman

    Downtown Projects & Developments

    Do any of you see any chance that Belk's might look into making a move back downtown? As I mentioned on the "Westgate Watcher" thread, it never really enters my mind to shop there as I hate Westgate and that Belk's doesn't get a lot of the higher quality merchandise that the Greenville store does. That said, a move back downtown into one of the buildings would get a lot of folks excited about shopping there again. Any thoughts?
  3. Sparkleman

    Westgate Watcher

    Maybe its just me but Westgate Mall has been on life support for some time now. I refuse to shop there as its just not a good mall and involves going to the west side with all the bad traffic. Belks is really the only store I would shop at and were they smart they would move back downtown to a somewhat smaller store.
  4. Sparkleman

    Sparkle City Eateries

    Nothing has ever succeeded here for long. Almost want a successful chain restaurant to give it a crack.
  5. Sparkleman

    Sparkle City Eateries

    Wild Aces closing in 3 weeks. Lease is up and don’t want to renew.
  6. Sparkleman

    What will become of the Coca-Cola building?

    Bowling Alley/restaurant & bar?
  7. Sparkleman

    Sparkle City Eateries

    Can anyone confirm this? I think this is a great idea (if true) for the Peddler to attempt to stay relevant. The location now is tired. Heck it was tired when I worked there in the 80's and no updates have been made. A good steakhouse could make it at Abby's as that,s a primo location The current location is not going to see any of the new traffic running around Main St or surrounding blocks.
  8. Sparkleman

    New County Courthouse & City/County Government Center

    Why save a building like the courthouse that has persistent mold and leaking roof problems and quite frankly is one of the more ugly buildings downtown? I could understand if it were or could be attractive, but it not. Just level it and start over.
  9. Sparkleman

    AC Hotel on West Main

    I was in Greenville yesterday and noticed the short ugly boxes mentioned above especially the Aloft. This was a miss on the part of Greenville. Also the west end is still pretty vacant albeit was a Sunday. I really think what they ask for in rent/leases will slow major growth in the future. I was also around St Francis hospital for the first time in a while and 2 whole street have had older houses torn down and the new ones that are coming start in the mid 400's. It appears a sort of gentrification is taking place here. I much prefer what Spartanburg in doing with the north side initiative where we are trying to include everyone rather than push them back or out altogether.
  10. Sparkleman

    Sparkle City Eateries

    Was in Mezcal last night and it is most excellent! Great upscale atmosphere (totally different from Willy Taco) without the upscale prices and great service. The owner likes to welcome everyone but is not overbearing. The food is mostly tapas but there are a few large plates. I can't wait to try the entire menu. Oh and the Margaritas... off the charts.
  11. Sparkleman

    Bon Haven to be demolished?

    What Spartan left out is that Dexter Cleveland is also a clown!
  12. Sparkleman

    Spartanburg Area Economic Developments

    All of that is completely fine with me. Trust me when I say, no one on the east side wants the traffic nightmares that exist on the west side and in Boiling Springs. Most folks I know grew up on the east side and still reside there. I know some that moved to the west side and then moved back for the simple reason is your friends really don't feel like dealing with all that traffic to just drop in on you like they used to do on the east side. I have nothing against the west side as that is where I work and the traffic on Reidville Rd is there at all times of the day as well as on Blackstock, Camelot, & west Main. I just would not want to live there unless I worked in Greenville.
  13. Sparkleman

    Spartanburg Area Economic Developments

    The Hillbrook market is sizzling for sure. Most brokers I speak with are complaining about how there is no supply of houses in Hillbrook currently to sell. I know of 2 houses around me with one being on the lake and one with lake view and they both sold quick and for record amounts for this neighborhood. I think folks are really starting to realize you get a lot of bang for the buck here. What I can't figure out is whether the new high school will be of any help or if the traffic may hinder things within the neighborhood.
  14. Sparkleman

    Downtown Projects & Developments

    I just heard from a very good source that Caldwell Banker Caine will be moving into the old Gilbert Shoes building (former home of hubbub). That will put more white collar jobs a little closer to the action than they formerly were.
  15. Any white collar jobs that you can stick in the current HJ building or a redesigned one would be a huge plus. It would be great if GDJ & Co. just leveled the building and put up an even bigger one of the hopes of bringing a big white collar outfit to the Burg.