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  1. Strange location to me as the proposed park is on a dead end.
  2. I'd like that solid tenant for the old Lockwood Greene building to be downtown instead of way the heck out there.
  3. Pretty sure they are looking for $1800-$2000 for the 1700 sq ft model. That's pretty expensive for any kind of a rental (house or apartment).
  4. Am I mistaken or did I see where these apartments were gonna rent from $1200-$2000? Good Lord are we trying to become Greenville overnight or something.
  5. Now all we need is a baseball field behind it!
  6. Does anyone know a friend or family that is living at Drayton now that can give an honest review? I have heard a lot of good things as well as some bad things (noisy), however I cannot get a personal review as I do not know a soul that is there. I understand that I know no of you but was just curious about what anyone else had heard.
  7. I noticed yesterday that there was a big destruction dumpster down on Kennedy St at the old Hardees. Not sure if work is in progress or getting ready to start. Anyone have any intel on this one?
  8. Another major white collar employer such as QS1 would really move things into high gear.
  9. SHS's new football stadium that will hold 7500 people is projected to cost $8.5 million but will almost certainly go over that number. Fluor Field's capacity is 5700 and it cost 15 mil in 2005 so 20-30 mil sounds about right. The location of Fluor Field is very similar to where a proposed stadium might go in the Grain District as both areas were awaiting expansions to the same parts of town (west area). Putting in behind the hotel would be a stroke of luck/genius.
  10. Below is the link for SAL attendance this year. Some teams did way worse than others however Kannapolis NC is probably hurt by its proximity to the Charlotte Knights. I am not sure we could consistently put 1500-2000 fans in the stands per night.
  11. I will be living at the Vietnamese joint! So darn glad we are getting one of these. Pho is also the greatest food in the world for a hangover!
  12. I saw last night in a tweet from one of our city councilmen that extra floors were going to be added to the AC. Can anyone confirm this?
  13. My wife tried to go to Downtown Deli & Doughnuts on Friday but it was too packed to consider waiting. One thing that really turned us off was 7 tables waiting for food, 1 table eating, and 10 folks in line. If you don't have more than an hour for lunch, don't go here no matter how good it is until they figure this out. Instead we went over to Nacho Taco. It too was crowded, but there was a table available. The waiter was very attentive but not bothersome. The food was very good. It had a different taste to it than Willy Taco as it tasted like street food or festival food. We will be back very soon and consider this a great addition to downtown.
  14. I too am pretty sure the developer has done his due diligence in this but the MB is a total sh*thole compared to Drayton Mill which was built like a tank and yes I have been in both (the mill plenty of times). Renovation is almost always more expensive than a new building. I figure most of the MB is not up to code, so a lot of the hook ups, framing, electrical, etc. will have to be torn out and replaced. Another factor is the HVAC system at MB consisted of window style A/C units, so all of this ill be new construction as well. I am not saying it cannot be done for 25 mil (and I hope its that or even less), just that I certainly won't be surprised if they run into cost overruns due to the current state of the building.
  15. The 1 question I have is: Is 25 million going to be enough money for this project?