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  1. Yeah I was down there this weekend and was disappointed to see no further progress from the last time I was down there. There are a lot of different projects going on involving trails so I guess we just need to stay patient.
  2. In other news involving Cola companies, Pepsi has moved out of their long time location on Church Street and opened a new facility way out Bryant Rd to where they now have a Boiling Springs address. Not sure how long they were there but it was a long time but the building is nowhere near as classical as the Coke building.
  3. I had dinner there last night and it was outstanding.
  4. Excellent! Headed to El Paso this evening.
  5. Konnichiwa looks interesting. Love the vertical sign on side of building. Looks very uptown. Anybody got any intel on Dudleys? Its been closed the last week and a half.
  6. I grew up on Norwood Street on the block between Mills and Pine. Great street!
  7. If any of you know me by now you know I am all about lower taxes and I would be all for being annexed if there was something in it for me. However paying for the new tap (no problem there) then having to pay to have it hooked up (this is the major cost) is a deal breaker. If the city was really serious about annexing they would offer some kind of a deal here to the homeowner like paying half of what I consider a ridiculous amount to hook on to sewer.
  8. Where exactly is Four Mile Creek?
  9. Looks like a perfect spot for a ball field!
  10. With all the green space in the rendering, where is everyone supposed to park? Next door is Foster's garden world which to my knowledge isn't moving and behind is the old school which I doubt D7 is gonn part with.
  11. Did anyone ever figure out what the county ever did with the $25 annual road tax that they collected for some 10+ years and finally cancelled? That was another boondoogle that produced nothing significant as far as I could tell.
  12. I have lived in the Hillbrook neighborhood for 20+ years now and can only really recall 1 road being repaved in that amount of time (Hillbrook Dr) although there may be others. Since I grew up in Converse Heights and still have friends there, I can say that whole neighborhood has basically been repaved in that amount of time. I would not have a hard time being the last neighborhood to get paved because that's what it has pretty much been. I am not here to beotch, but to hopefully find some alternatives to the way the city has done business for the last 25 years or so. As everyone knows the roads in this city, county, and state are among the worst in the nation and no amount of tax dollars can seemingly fix it.
  13. I am really looking forward to this. Most folks have no idea but this will provide a major boost not just to downtown but to the city as well.
  14. I was thinking about this the other day as they one road paved in Hillbrook (Webber Way) is of such little importance I was shocked they even paved it as its a dead end road that houses some condos and townhomes. Surely Webber Rd would have been of more importance due to the traffic it receives but what do I know. If you look at the list closer it appears the city is trying to pave one road per intown neighborhood per year (of course Converse Heights gets 2 but that's nothing shocking at this point. To me wouldn't the smart play be to pave all the roads in one neighborhood one year and then do another neighborhood the next year and so forth and so on. Surely it would be cheaper as you wouldn't have to move all that heavy equipment all over the city and could concentrate it in one place. It would most surely cost less money as well. Just an idea but I am sure no one on council reads these boards.
  15. The infra-structure is a complete afterthought. It's all about the Benjamins at this point. I almost feel sorry for the folks that move in here and find out the traffic scene has them screwed.
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