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  1. It's very walkable if you live in Hillbrook.
  2. Does anyone know the exact plan to connect the Rail Trail to Glendale? A lot of dirt and trees are being moved on Country Club Rd and the power poles are being moved back some 10-15 feet but it is happening on both sides of the road. Surely the path will only be on one sid eof the road, but its hard to tell as there are obstacles on both sides. Any help here?
  3. Is that the old Ruby Tuesday building?
  4. In my immediate neighborhood where I live the litter isn't bad but on the way in its terrible. So much so that I actually stopped on a Saturday and filled (4) of the big black bags and threw them in the back of my pickup.
  5. We need some of you guys on the DRB or planning boards.
  6. I just can't see it being used as a regular movie theater in a time when theaters aren't nearly as popular as they used to be post pandemic. I love movies and going to see them out regardless of what they cost but something happened to me after the pandemic. I saw Top Gun Maverick in NYC of all places with some friends but that has been it in the last 1 1/2 years. And its not just me as a lot of my friends are the same way. The fact that so many open via streaming I think we will see more theaters going away in the future.
  7. If Mast came downtown and put Local Hiker out of business, I for one would not have a problem with that. It's call capitalism. Have any of you actually seen the low level of stock LH carries? It's embarrasing and I refuse to shop there because I can't find anything that I want due to the selection being so limited.
  8. Seemingly Spartanburg has been and probably always will be a fickle market. When my Dad was growing up here in the 50's, the NuWay was the only bar in town. When I was growing up in the 80's there were 2 bars, the NuWay & Clancy's. Ironically within a half mile of each other. Wild Wing lasted about 22 years here. Far longer than I would have expected but when it first got here it was the only game in town. Spartanburg was a dead town back in 2000. These days there is way more competition and their wings have fallen off mightily. Main St Pub's wings or TNT are kings in the wing market. Plus I am sure some of this is pandemic related. I know I am rambling here but times change and habits don't last like they used to. People used to flock to Hardees but go by at Hillcrest and look at the parking lot. Empty all the time except at breakfast . Chick Fil A has quite simply eaten their lunch. In addition to Wild Wing, we couldn't keep a Hooters open, but Greenville and Anderson remain viable (I use that term loosely). I pray the time has come for Mast General to make an appearance in the Burg as that would be the perfect building, but I am pretty sure this will remain a dream.
  9. Anybody have a clue why it is taking Dudley's so long to re-open or is it not going to re-open? I don't see why something else can't open in there and just take Dudley's place as you have a built in customer base, a beautiful fully renovated restaurant, and a great east side location.
  10. Is there going to be enough parking? It doesn't look like it but maybe I am missing something.
  11. I'll go with what's been posted above but can we also work on the infra structure and add some road diets to slow some traffic down? Also so many roads need to be paved its ridiculous and I imagine its beginning to have an affect on the beautification of the town. So many of the roads are broken all to hell, huge pot holes, man hole covers either too low or too high etc. I am sure I look like a drunk driver going around town swerving all over but I am just trying to avoid a blown tire or front end shop.
  12. Since I finally had some good time off from work and the weather finally decided to cooperate, me and the wife decided to hit as many of the local trails as possible. Some observations and questions below. The Cotton Wood and River Birch are still the king daddys of the Dan trail system. They are very well maintained as well as marked and provide a truer hiking experience. The Mary Black rail trail from Country Club to Henry St is also a very good experience and the Fretwell area is really cool now that the coffee bar is open. Walked over to the still under construction Drayton to Beaumont connector and that looks promising as well especially once it gets tied in with the River Birch. The downtown extension of the rail trail is where things are well clunky is a good word. As others have mentioned, are they not going to repave the Converse St section? Also the pegs on the cross street lights don't work correctly in several spots and the Henry/Union intersection is a nightmare even when Henry St traffic is stopped due to folks constantly turned right off Union onto Henry. Not sure what the fix is here. Also is the extension meant to be just for bikes? If so that is not spelled out at all. I am assuming it is made for walking as well but are walkers supposed to stay on the sidewalks or trails on Converse St? I am happy where we are going with the trail system and feels like it is long overdue but the downtown section feels rushed and not completely thought out. Just my .02
  13. Yeah I was down there this weekend and was disappointed to see no further progress from the last time I was down there. There are a lot of different projects going on involving trails so I guess we just need to stay patient.
  14. In other news involving Cola companies, Pepsi has moved out of their long time location on Church Street and opened a new facility way out Bryant Rd to where they now have a Boiling Springs address. Not sure how long they were there but it was a long time but the building is nowhere near as classical as the Coke building.
  15. I had dinner there last night and it was outstanding.
  16. Excellent! Headed to El Paso this evening.
  17. Konnichiwa looks interesting. Love the vertical sign on side of building. Looks very uptown. Anybody got any intel on Dudleys? Its been closed the last week and a half.
  18. I grew up on Norwood Street on the block between Mills and Pine. Great street!
  19. If any of you know me by now you know I am all about lower taxes and I would be all for being annexed if there was something in it for me. However paying for the new tap (no problem there) then having to pay to have it hooked up (this is the major cost) is a deal breaker. If the city was really serious about annexing they would offer some kind of a deal here to the homeowner like paying half of what I consider a ridiculous amount to hook on to sewer.
  20. Where exactly is Four Mile Creek?
  21. Looks like a perfect spot for a ball field!
  22. With all the green space in the rendering, where is everyone supposed to park? Next door is Foster's garden world which to my knowledge isn't moving and behind is the old school which I doubt D7 is gonn part with.
  23. Did anyone ever figure out what the county ever did with the $25 annual road tax that they collected for some 10+ years and finally cancelled? That was another boondoogle that produced nothing significant as far as I could tell.
  24. I have lived in the Hillbrook neighborhood for 20+ years now and can only really recall 1 road being repaved in that amount of time (Hillbrook Dr) although there may be others. Since I grew up in Converse Heights and still have friends there, I can say that whole neighborhood has basically been repaved in that amount of time. I would not have a hard time being the last neighborhood to get paved because that's what it has pretty much been. I am not here to beotch, but to hopefully find some alternatives to the way the city has done business for the last 25 years or so. As everyone knows the roads in this city, county, and state are among the worst in the nation and no amount of tax dollars can seemingly fix it.
  25. I am really looking forward to this. Most folks have no idea but this will provide a major boost not just to downtown but to the city as well.
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