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  1. I like how he referred UT as the "other site"
  2. Gearhart~


    TD, in that website, our mall looks like poo, next to the others.....
  3. I actually thought about going to that, how was it?
  4. Man, don't remind me, I have to go back there in a few days...
  5. Already posted this a while ago, but..... bored with photoshop.
  6. Cool, we all hung out there at the last meet up....
  7. Gearhart~


    That sucks about the Tallahassee Mall, I know they really need something right now..... I cant wait for a big mouth billy bass shop to come here though
  8. The painting was on the side of a random building across the street from the Florida theater, in downtown Jax.
  9. Ha ha , Fis has been very crabby.........
  10. I wish I still had that pic of TD driving in his old brown work van.
  11. I have to agree with TD....
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