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  1. I know the city was in *cough* negotiations with one of the two however that was over a year ago.....
  2. Why not build something that incorporates parking into the building? I think GVSU is being greedy
  3. I think it looks pretty nice, but reminds me of the Microsoft logo.
  4. Is the Children's hospital rising out of the ground yet?
  5. I think that area would be perfect for some brownstones or a 5-7 story apartment complex, but I also don't like the fact they are tearing down the nicest houses on the street.
  6. This is a really exciting project! I hope it all goes through as planned and they don't try to scale it down any. Will this be as tall as Bridgewater Place/JW? Finally a high-rise away from the river. The potential for the area is fantastic. I also hope that something will be done with the sw corner of Market and Fulton. Could this also be why Secchia was buying up land?
  7. I also love this building, especially the details. I hope it can be saved. Not only would apartments/hotel/condos be cool, but there could be a bunch of retail on the first floor. So DeVos is just holding on to the building until the post office moves? What would it take for the post office to move? If a they received a private offer to pay for the move (similar to the Market Riverfront property), would they take it? It seems like they could open it up to bids sometime in the future. This is such a critical piece of property, if it get redeveloped it could turn the whole area around.
  8. I love how the blue of the Marriot adds to downtown as oppose to the typical orangish/yellow glow. We need more variety downtown
  9. It would be cool if they put some nice high density residental right near there for employees. You could park and ride to work, minus the parking part. However, it's probably not all that likely with all the industrial nearby.
  10. City OKs revised plan, buys parking spots "...the city commissioners OK'd a revised plan from developer Sam Cummings who wants the city to buy 149 parking spots out of the 260 he'll put there as part of the complex he's building." A short story on woodtv.com: http://www.woodtv.com/Global/story.asp?S=7892584 Not really sure what this sentence means: "First Ward commissioner James Jendrasiak questioned the parking purchase, noting the city decided not to rebuild parking spots."
  11. Just saw Grand Rapids made the national news.... The city commision bat scare was featured on Inside Edition. We're movin on up! We're among the likes of Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton!!!!
  12. From RGM: "$500K Green Grand Rapids targets the riverfront, a landfill, and other public space. Improving the city
  13. Looks like this thing is getting another push forward with Browfeilds. Rapidgrwothmedia is reporting that; "two-story structure will soon be a four-story mixed use development with 14 residential condos above commercial and office space. Beyer expects the one- and two-bedroom condos, ranging from 600 to 1,000 square feet, to sell for $120,000 to $160,000. Some of the planned amenities for residents include a fitness center, private balconies, a roof garden on the third level, and a rooftop deck on the fourth level." Full article: http://rapidgrowthmedia.com/developmentnews/state0131.aspx
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