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  1. These are the FACTS about the population trends for Augusta and Columbus repectively according to the US Census. Augusta-Richmond County 2000 pop 195,182 2006 pop 189,366 the "gain" you are talking about was a whopping 200 residents from July 1, 2005 to the latest figures from July 1, 2006.. but as you can see the overall population has declined by almost 6,000 ppl since 2000.. here's the table from the census website: http://factfinder.census.gov/servlet/DTTab..._EST_G2006_T001 Columbus-Muscogee County 2000 pop 186,291 2006 pop 188,291 with the exception of 0f 02 to 03 Columbus
  2. The fact is Augusta has lost population from the last census.. why don't you try actually doing real research instead of getting numbers from Wikipedia? Go to the census bureau's website and see for yourself. True Augusta gained slightly from the last year(about 200).. but overall the population has declined by nearly 6,000 people since the last census. That's not growth. I don't think there is anyone else on this fourm who has made more unsupported exaggerations about Augusta than you. post='901175'] Augusta gained in population last year. I already told you that on the other board. It w
  3. I agree. And for the record.. Warner-Robins is considered to be a part of the Greater Macon metro Area.. that's from The US Census bureau, not Wikipedia. For the record.. I would much rather have a thriving downtown area like Athens then a generic Mega Mall or lifestyle center.. or whatever they are calling them now. The silly banter back and forth between Macon and Augusta boosters is amusing.. Augusta and Macon.. which is better? That's like asking the question, Which is better? Hemmorhoids or Diarrhea?
  4. In any case Evans needs to develop an identity beyond just strip malls and subdivisions.. A true town center model need only to have about a quarter mile radius.. We will have to see if a true town center model emerges in Evans.. hopefully it does.
  5. The town center area encompasses a half mile radius around the government complex.. The Columbia County News Times has done many stories on how the commission has watered down the town center concept and scaled it back to allow the big boxes in...
  6. The most current census figures for Augusta has the population at 189,366.. as you can see that is very close to Columbus.. but if you look at the figures from the last several years Columbus has been gaining population and Augusta has been losing population..however Augusta did add a couple hundred ppl last year.. but Columbus is growing faster. If these rates continue Columbus will be the 2nd largest city by 2010.. but I mean really they are so close that it really will just be a bragging rights thing.
  7. How is stating the population statistics of a city taking a jab at it? The fact is Augusta's population has declined since the 2000 census by about 6,000... that's simply a fact.. you may not like it but it's true. It is true that the decline as tapered off.. in the last year the pop did rise by about a couple a hundred.. but it will take a few years of data to spot a trend and if the decline is over. BUt if current trends continue, Columbus will likely overtake Augusta by the 2010 census as the second largest city in Georgia. I have know idea what citydata forum is.. but this is a discussion
  8. Augusta has lost over 1,000 residents per year for the last 7 years. Won't be long till Columbus regains its status os second largest city in Georgia.
  9. Lowes.. Home Depot.. Super Wal-Mart.. all of those have been zoned into what was supposed to be the Evans Town Center.. The concept of the town center was continually watered down by the commission to allow the big box stores in. They still have to abide by certain architectural codes.. Wal-mart had to make some architectural modifications inorder to locate within the town center zone (such as a diferent paint scheme than its normal stores)..But when the idea of the town center came about, big box retailers and strip malls were not envisioned as part of the mix.. now that's mostly what they
  10. Columbia County is certainly growing at a faster clip then Richmond County (Richmond has lost population since the last census).. but I would not call the growth in Columbia County has "phenominal"... it's pretty much about the state average.. around 14% to 17% . You have places like Hall County, Forsyth County, and Cherokee County that are growing by leaps and bounds....doubling their populations in short periods of time. I also think growth in Columbia County will slow because of the credit crisis and housing crunch as homes in the area lose value. When you look at Columbia County as a part
  11. Actually I think the idea of incorporating Columbia County into a city has pretty much died. Earlier this year there was a straw poll in the primaries to guage public support and over 60% of the voters opposed the idea. Plus it just doesn't make sense. Columbia COunty in no way resembles a city... it is a suburban sprawl county. Even areas like Evans and Martinez, which some people mistake as towns, have no recognizable centers.. no main street , no downtown area.. just strip malls and sprawling subdivisions. There is a zoning area known as Evans Town Center which was envisioned to become an a
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